How to Hack Any Bank Account in Nigeria in Less Than 2 Minutes [Tutorial]

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What’s up guys, I am back to show you guys some of the ways I have discovered to become rich in 2021. In this article, I will be showing you in detail how criminals hack a bank account in Nigeria. To contact me, follow me on Instagram; see below for more information.

This post aims to show you how it is done, so learn to protect your account and don’t make mistakes.

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Nigerians are one of the most careless people in the world. So if there is anybody you can dupe, it should be Nigerians. So last week, I was able to hack a bank account in Nigeria for an experiment, and I collected 30,000 Naira from the account. Nobody could arrest me because they had no idea who did it. But since I did it for fun, I returned the money immediately and warned the owner of the account not to try it again.

I will be showing you in the article how I was able to hack the account, and you can try your own. I forgot to add this as some of the bank frauds you can do from your home without stress.

Remember that this post is just purely educational – if you are caught, you will bear the consequences yourself.



There are several methods to steal money from someone’s account, but I will be sharing my method, which is the simplest method. If you try my way and it doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will show you how else you can do it.

Are you ready?

Let’s see how to hack a Bank Account in Nigeria



hack a bank account in Nigeria

A Hacker

Like I explained earlier, there are several ways to how to hack a bank account and withdraw money to your account, but others have lots of risks.

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The Phishing Method

The simplest method to hack a bank account in Nigeria is to show you the steps now, and it is the latest method in town.

I created a Fake Website

This costs me money to build, but it was one of the steps I knew would help me hack someone’s account and transfer their money without BVN.

On this website, I was selling expensive perfumes for as cheap as 500 Naira. On this website, you are required to purchase anything you want online, and it will be delivered to you.

At the backend of this website there was where I could collect every detail that was registered on my website.

I promoted the website

I started to promote my new site. I promoted it to attract people to the website and start buying. I went on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Whatsapp groups, everywhere I saw people gathered.

People Started to Buy, and I collected their Details

When people saw how cheap the things I was selling were, they started to buy in bulk. Remember that this is a “fake website,” so I could intercept their card details, phone number, date of birth, every single thing about them, I knew all of them.

After they finished buying and left, I would supply them the perfume – which was also of low quality and download their details.

I continued till I had so many card details on my hands, then it was time for operations. I had all I needed to hack a bank account in Nigeria.

Avoid some banks with strong security

Some banks like UBA, Fidelity, and Zenith Bank have a robust security system, so they might not sometimes work if you are trying to hack someone’s account.

Sometimes when you want to make transfers to a payment gateway like Paystack, Paypal, etc., they might send the owner of the card an OTP (one-time-password) to their phones, and it will spoil everything you have done.

The secret is to keep trying till you see the one that works for you; you can no go ahead transfer the money.

You don’t have to be a professional scammer to do this; you only need the tools and learn from someone.4



The Message Method to hack bank account using BVN

Most times, you would see some specific text messages telling you that

“You need to update your BVN, or your account will be blocked. Call 080xxxxxxxxxx to help you update it.”

That is also another method you can use to get your client’s details and how to hack a bank account and withdraw money. In this situation, you would need to get the following;

  • A bulk SMS application.
  • Phone numbers of people (you can buy from people who sell)
  • A laptop (where you can make instant transactions)
  • A card verification software (to know if the card number you are collecting is correct)
  • Internet connection.

How do you do it then?

  • You open the bulk SMS website and type in this message;

“This is a notification from the Central Bank that the account is currently being hacked. To secure your money, please call Mr. Taiwo (Your account manager) on 080xxxxxxxxxx to assist you further.”

  • Then you send it to the phone numbers you’ve bought from people.

Then you wait for responses.

Some ignorant ones will start calling to check if it is true; you have to sound like a professional. There are three things you would need to collect from them;

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVC (the number at the back of their ATM).

Once you have all these, tell them you will get back to them and assist them further. All you have to do is go online and start buying whatever you need to buy online.



Through a payment gateway (like Paystack), you transfer their money and re-transfer it to your account.

Job Done!!!

The disadvantage of this method is that people are becoming wiser about giving out their details to anyone who sends them messages. So it might not work again.


The Keylogger Method

This is one of the easiest ways to hack a bank account in Nigeria. Malware is distributed into the system of the victim through files or documents sent into the system. The aim is to gather much information about the system of the person you are trying to hack his/her account.

There are lots of malware that records what your victim is typing, which then sends information back to you. Let’s say you send malware into the computer of someone, and they go online to buy something. The malware will record the card details, login information, and everything that would make them access your account.

If the person has an online banking platform on their computer, once they log into their platform, you will get their details and make money from their accounts. This time around, you don’t even need their BVN – because you already have all the information.

The only way people can prevent Keyloggers attacks is to have a steller antivirus and ensure that it scans your system. A good antivirus will disarm keyloggers before it causes damages. If your bank provides any form of second-level authentication, you can use it before it does damages to your system.


The Banking Trojan Method

This is another brilliant way to hack a bank account for those who can develop applications. It is a straightforward way to get information about users who use bank apps to make transactions. Let me show you the steps to use the bank trojan to hack any bank account.

  1. You will create a mobile application replica of any bank in Nigeria (Make it look similar)
  2. Now you will host the mobile application on the internet. You might not be able to host the application on the Google Play Store because they will block the application.
  3. The application will have a back end, where you will receive the login details of everybody that download the application.

Once you have their log in details, you can download the main application and access their accounts from the real application.

How to Hack Atm Card in Nigeria

There is no straight forward way to hack an ATM card in Nigeria if you don’t know the person’s pin. The only way to get money from someone’s ATM card is to get the card’s details.


Once you have the card details, it becomes easy for you to collect money from the card without letting the owner know you have collected money.

Like I said initially, most of the Nigerian websites use payment gateways that demand OTP, so it isn’t a good idea for you to do that.

So like I suggested, if you have someone’s card and you want to hack an ATM card in Nigeria, take the card and use it to buy things on foreign websites. Most of the foreign websites don’t demand OTP, so you are safe.

Also, it will even take days before the transaction will reflect.

Note: Don’t ever use your real name while buying something with someone’s ATM. They will track you and find you. So be careful. This is another way to hack a bank account in Nigeria.

How to transfer money using BVN and Account Number

For every scam to be successful, there are so many people involved in the scam. This means that it isn’t only the person with your BVN that is involved in the scam. When scammers have your BVN, they can use your BVN to access your account, but they will need a 3rd party to do that for them.

There is also the software the most banks use; once they insert your BVN into the software, they can retrieve all the information from all your banks.

There are Two Ways to transfer money using BVN and account number, but I will explain just one of the methods.

With your BVN, they will get the following;

  • Account number
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Secret Question and Answer
  • Email

Once they have all this information, they can easily change your pin and use it to commit fraud on your account.

They will also need an insider to complete the transaction, which isn’t difficult to get.

Before you give someone your BVN, think about it very well. Someone can use your BVN to access your account and transfer money. Your BVN should be kept secret, and nobody should know about it except you.

Two Ways to Transfer Money Using BVN and Account Number

  1. Secret Software
  2. Insider job

I will only explain the insider job as a means of transferring money using BVN and Account Number.

Insider Job

When scammers have your BVN, what they do is basically establish a link with someone inside of the bank. If they have the software, they can easily use your BVN to find your name, date of birth, account number, phone number, etc.

Once they have this information, they will reconnect with their contact inside the bank. The contact will use your information to find your other details and hand it over to the scammers, and they will clear your account. But you have to trust whoever will act as your insider to avoid being arrested for fraud.

I suggest you should relate with your friend (i.e., if you have any close friends in the bank). But if you don’t have one, then act wisely to avoid getting burst.


How they do the Transfer once they have your Information

  • Internet Banking
  • Cheque Scam

I will be explaining most of these methods very soon. If you want to know more, please keep dropping your comments and tell me things you will want me to write on soon.



This is not how to become a yahoo boy, so you will need to practice and practice until you become perfect at what you do.

I will still add more information to this; if you are confused about how to start, you can ask questions in the comment section, and I will reply and explain to you. Do you know what happens when a hustler has someone’s account number? Read what happens now.

Till we meet again, keep hustling like a Smart but Lazy Hustler!!

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