How to Hack PayPal and add Money Fast!!! [Working 100%]

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Last Updated on May 21, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to Hack PayPal and add Money Instantly

Simply put, it’s not possible to hack PayPal as an organization and add money because PayPal doesn’t store money in their portfolio as banks do. But if you want to hack PayPal and add money to another PayPal account, I will show you how it is done.

I don’t know if PayPal has fixed the bug, but it was working perfectly right before now, up to the point of writing the article and tutorial.

This article would be a short one, and I won’t be explaining it in detail. But if you are smart, you will understand what I do or how I do it.

Requirements to Hack PayPal and Add Money

Set up Two PayPal Accounts

You will need two accounts to be able to achieve this. You will use the first account to pay the second account, and that way, the process will happen.

Create a Fake Bank Account

You will need to set up a fake bank account in someone’s name. I am talking about a real bank account, not like this “dummy bank account” used for pranks and showing friends virtual money.

The fake bank account should be linked to the second PayPal, but shouldn’t be the same as the first PayPal account, to eliminate final traces.

Buy the PayPal Money Added (PPAdder).

how to hack paypal and add money software

The PayPal Money Adder Software Interface.

With the PayPal Money Adder, you can flush money into a PayPal account by generating refunds from several accounts and sending it down to one account. This tool is relatively new and only used by my team and other big wigs in the Darknet.

Initially, the minimum amount to be sent with the PayPal Money Adder was $50,000. Still, the developers have made it quite easy to send even $1,000 into any PayPal account using this tool.

It generates money once every 4 months and can’t be used by more than one person. So if you buy it, you should only use it, or else it will get blocked.

Steps to Hack PayPal and Add Money

Verify your Receiving and Sending Account

If you want to hack PayPal and add money, then you need to do the necessary verifications.

Without verification, you can’t send nor withdraw the money you’ve added into PayPal, and they will still block it.

Like I explained in “how to trick PayPal into giving you money,” your account must be verified to be considered legit.

Verification means paying a certain sum of money, which will be reflected as an alert sent to you by PayPal. You will copy a code that was sent and input it into a box in your PayPal account, and your account gets verified.

This is to show PayPal that the PayPal account is linked to a legit Bank Account.

But for the sake of this tutorial, don’t worry because you can’t be caught, nor will PayPal tamper with your bank account funds. But if you also want to bypass PayPal’s phone verification, I have explained it here.

Set Up the Receiving Account in another Name

Before you flash money into this account, make sure that the other account isn’t your original account. If PayPal suspects that both accounts belong to you, you might get prosecuted.

So to cover your tracks, you set up the recipient’s account in someone else’s name, and that’s all you need to do.

Use the PayPal Money Added to Add Money to the First Account

As soon as you’ve verified all accounts;

  • Download the software from the Smart Lazy Hustler Team.
  • Install the software into your computer
  • Connect it to your PayPal account
  • Setup the Instructions
  • Click on “Create Money


how to hack PayPal and add money

PayPal Money Adder


Don’t make the mistake of clicking on “Buy Now,” as you will be paying someone else your money, which is bad for business.

Move the Money to Second PayPal Account

As soon as the money reflects on your first PayPal account, quickly move it to the second PayPal account. This should happen like you are purchasing something from the second account to avoid getting your account blocked.

Also, make sure you aren’t leaving any money in your first account – transfer everything to the second and leave the first one at just $1 or less. That’s one strategy to hack PayPal and add money to your account.


Withdraw from Second Account to Bank

The final step would be to withdraw from the second account to your bank account immediately. Remember that the money added works like the flash fund tool and doesn’t last long.

If, after a while and PayPal discovers that the money is gone, they will find ways to get their money back.

From your bank account, make sure you don’t leave money in that bank account also, or you should move it to another bank via manual withdrawal.

How to Get the PayPal Money Adder Software

The only way to get this software is by buying from my team here at Smart Lazy Hustler. We sell it by permission from our dark web hacker. No other person sells this Software apart from us.

Payment is only by Bitcoin.

The price is $50 in Bitcoin.

Once you pay, then you send a payment proof to [email protected]

Then a member of my team will send you a link to you download the App.

Method of Payment

You can pay to the following Address – 1nPtkVa9gSfHRBkoUcxwZdb8tpt1wZvWL


You can log into your Binance Application.

Click on Pay

Scan the QR Code below

Then complete Payment.

bitcoin payment

QR Code for Payment


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