10 Ways to Make Money Illegally as a Hackers [Updated Guide]

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Most hackers are rich because they are in great demand. But some of them want more than just monthly paychecks. They want to control their earning and make them limitless, thus creating the idea of making money illegally. So if you are a hacker and seeking some illegal ways to make money, I will show you how hackers make money illegally in this post.

One of the significant ways hackers make money illegally is by credit card data theft and sales. According to Statista, wire transfer fraud resulted in losses amounting to 439 million U.S. dollars happened alone in 2019.

The majority of this amount was taken by hackers who are always on the prowl and looking for security lapses from credit card owners and companies.

Asides from credit card data theft, there are also other ways hackers make money illegally, and we will be explaining all the strategies below.

10 Ways Hackers Make Money Illegally

how hackers make money illegally

Compromised Email Address Sale ($20 – $200)

Selling compromised business email addresses in several online black markets is one of the most significant illegal revenue sources for hackers. The list is not only sold to online retailers and marketing companies, they are also sold to scammers who are involved in the BCE scams.

The scammers take these emails and infiltrate a company, where they can track payment messages, change the bank account details where payment should go into theirs and get paid – instead of the original recipient.

Companies, businesses, and individuals lose over Two Billion Dollars on BCE scams worldwide every year.

Most hackers don’t take a large chunk of these amounts since they are only interested in selling the emails and data to scammers involved actively in the scam.

On a typical online black market, one thousand emails will cost within the range of $20 to $200, depending on their quality. With an increased volume of emails, scammers are sure to earn massive amounts.

Ransomware Attacks (Price is limitless)

These attacks are also known as crypto lockers, and they are viruses that encrypt data from the personal computer of a victim. Without the key, the owner of a computer can’t access the files on the P.C. again.

This is a blackmailing attack and can be used to extort several thousands of dollars from the victim. To develop these extortion and blackmail tool could cost several thousands of dollars but gives hackers huge returns once they launch them on their victims.

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According to some sources, a city in the United States paid hackers approximately $900,000 to retrieve their data. As a hacker, you can earn millions of dollars monthly if you target a suitable victim.

Malware and Botnet Sales ($100,000 – $500,000)

This is another popular but less common method that shows how hackers steal money. Once there’s a security breach or exploit, cyber-security experts release patches and updates, which leaves a never-ending race between hackers and online security experts.

So once a hacker discovers a new breach in a network or security of an application or enterprise, they sell them to other hackers and use that means to make money.

One of the prevalent malware that helps hackers make money illegally is the keylogger. This malware is used to infect and get hashes from crypto wallets on the computer of the victim. It steals their passwords and automatically sends crypto coins to the hacker’s wallet.

Social Media Hacking Services ($30 – $50)

This is one of the minor services that “genuine hackers” provide. Often I see young social media users looking for a hacker’s services that will help them take over their friend or partner’s account.

This is also a good way hackers make money illegally, but since the price offered most times are tangible, most hackers don’t take the job.

If you are an upcoming BlackHat hacker, this would be an excellent way to start and earn some money.

Information Trade ($200,000 – $800,000)

Information trade is simply selling information about governments, people in business, celebrities to people who want it. When you hear about attacks on these people, you wonder what happens to the information?

Put, as a hacker, your job is to steal this information and sell it to interested buyers. Stolen data can be used for intelligence or extortion – but most of it is traded on information exchanges.

There are quite a few legit information exchanges globally, used by intelligence agencies and media outlets to get information. This information costs from several thousand to millions of dollars.

Selling Courses ($50)

When you are too good and feel you have too much knowledge to share, you start training others. A new tactic for hackers who haven’t landed a big paycheck is to post tutorials on groups.

They target novice hackers who are interested in learning more tactics and exploitation strategies. These new hackers then use their recently acquired methods to extort hundreds and thousands of dollars from small companies and individuals.

Government Mercenaries (Depends on your pricing and expertise)

Some hackers are employed, especially by government forces to create breaches and exploit confidential information from their enemies. Through the back door, the government hires these hackers to track down other hackers, steal personal data from opposing countries, or even economic and industrial espionage.

They are hired legally or remain anonymous till they complete their mission. If you are interested, here’s how to get started.

Is WhiteHat Hacking also Lucrative?

Whitehat hackers, who are also known as good hackers or security defenders, are paid well, but it can’t be compared to what blackhat hackers make while working on illegal jobs.

Any hacker that makes money illegally is considered blackhat because you have to do dirty jobs to earn money illegally.

Big corporations usually employ whitehat hackers – Apple, Banks, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and co, to secure their networks and protect their information. Whitehat hackers have a salary range of $90,000 – $350,000 yearly income.


Hackers make money illegally by doing most of the above services I have outlined. Still, in some cases, they get a bit of help from insiders who are already within the organization.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of hacking, you should take this 15-minute course on hacking and get an overview of what it takes to become a hacker. Then you can take other advanced techniques to become better. That way, your chances of earning millions of dollars become big.

Till the next article… keep hustling!

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