Download hookup format for yahoo [Read and Learn] – Works 100%

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Download hookup format for yahoo

If you have a male client that already likes you, and you are using a female profile, no need to stress yourself to bill your client. All you have to do is use the hookup format for a client and make him send you money.

Most rich men want to be sure that you are genuine before sending you money to come over. In this article, I will show you how to make sure that it works. There are specific requirements you need to have before using this hookup yahoo format.

One of the reasons your G-game isn’t strong is because you don’t make proper plans before using a format [see list of formats here]. You should have all the resources ready for every format you intend to use and not be caught unawares. So, what are the requirements for using the Hookup Format?

hookup format for client

Tools for Using the Hookup Format for a Client

To get started with the hookup format, there are specific resources you should have at your disposal. These resources will help you have seamless billing and make it easy for your client to trust you and send you money.

A sexy black girl

There’s no need to use a white girl if you will end up using the hookup format to bill your client. The reason is that your client will always request video calls and face calls. So, I suggest you use a fine girl around in situations like this, who will always be available if needed.

That’s why you should always have a clean, cute, fresh girl in your click when you are running a business like this. Whenever the client is looking for some naughty play, you can always contract your girl to handle it for you.

A Good Phone

You wouldn’t want to use an android phone for recording because it would make your skin and background become like nonsense. An iPhone XR upwards is needed for this job, so if you don’t have one, you can always borrow it when your client says he wants to get naughty.

No matter what, never use your laptop or an Android phone for this job. Laptop webcams are vast, so that they would expose your environment to your client.

Instant Messaging App

I will advise you not to use WhatsApp nor give out your personal information. Once you’ve given out your details, you no longer have much power. You can create a fake Instagram account – click here to see how to create one here and make it look like a legit one.

Then you can have chats with your client and do all sorts of video calls and chat over there. But never lose your guard and give out your personal information. It will kill attraction and wouldn’t build up the urge to get to see you.

If you can’t use WhatsApp, you can set up zoom or even use Snapchat. These are messaging Apps with some Se*ual drive attached to it.

Steps to use the Hookup Format

The most important thing is setting up your profile. That is how a client will know what you are up for.

Your profile should ooze someone who loves being naughty and getting paid for it. You can have other attributes and characteristics, but being naughty should be your main point.

Set up a Naughty Profile

Anywhere you are interested in getting your client from, let them know that you love being naughty. Many men might pretend like they don’t care, but deep down, they do and would want to have a taste of you.

I usually love using this line when setting up my profile “I am open to meeting you anywhere.”

It will show them that I am mobile and can travel anywhere just for their satisfaction. And when a client knows you can do such, they become more interested.

Bomb Clients on Platforms

Next would be to start bombing clients on social media platforms if you can’t bomb on social media, head over to dating platforms and start sourcing for clients.

Initiate a simple chat with them, then let the flow be natural. Be open about yourself and what you want. That way, you can save a lot of time from time-wasters. You can click here to see how to get clients from Instagram.

Exchange Social Media contacts

Don’t exchange emails; they will readily detect you as a scammer. When a client asks you for your phone number, tell them;

“I am not comfortable giving you my phone number right now. Maybe when we get to know each other a Lil bit better, I promise to give you my digits. For now, we can chat on IG and get things going from there.”

This is a simple and effective way to kickstart and start nurturing your client for billing.

Know your Client Better

Next, you need to start asking questions to know if the hookup format will work for your client. You can ask questions like;

  • Are you married?
  • You have a nice sexy body tho, when last did you have s*x?
  • What are your favorite positions?

Asking questions like this will put your client in the mood and will want to explore much about you. Then you can exploit them. You should be creative and bring up questions that you should ask.

Bill, your client

Billing your client now should be the simplest thing if you’ve build trust (see Trust format for yahoo by clicking here).


Next would be billing him, and you can do it in two ways.

  • He can send you money, and you send him some premium pictures (Pictures of the girl’s body).
  • Or he can send you money, and you visit him.

Hookup Billing Format for a Client Sample

Hey Mark,

I would, I love the conversations we’ve had, and you seem like a nice guy. Besides being friendly, you have a nice body, that I think of you every single time. I would love to come to visit you – if you don’t mind and at least cure my curiosity about what is in my head about you.

I am a straightforward lady, and I always go for what I want. I stay in the south side of Chicago, and trust me; I can be damn naughty if you make me to. If you want the same thing, we can talk about how to both get what we want.

Let me know what you think.

Once you send this, next, you gauge their reaction and bill them.

Hookup Billing Format Sample 2

I would love to come, but I am short on funds at the moment. If you can help me complete my fees, I will be so glad. I can make some quality videos of myself for your initial troubles and send them over to you for your pleasure.

That way, you know that I want this, and I want you in me.

Can you be of help in terms of helping me fund part of my travel fare?


Now you have an idea of what the hookup format for a client looks like, I have other formats available, and you can also download the hookup format for yahoo by sending an email to [email protected] and I will give you a link.

If you have used this format before, you can share your experience and let others learn from it.


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