How to Ask Rich People For Money (Online or Offline)

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Do you want to learn how to ask a rich man for money? Let me show you how to do it the right way. The majority of people born into the world are born poor, while some are born into a rich. However, some poor people may later become rich when they become mature, and while some rich people may fall into the lower class because of bad decisions or unfortunate circumstances.

As an individual, when you are born, you cannot get to determine whether you are going to be rich or poor. If you are born into a developed country as a poor man or woman, the chances of being rich are higher than if you are born into an undeveloped or developing country.

Meanwhile, it is not certain that if you are born into a developed country as a poor man, you will become a rich man when you mature.

Just before you continue, you must also understand and know the psychology behind convincing people to give you money



The truth about Wealth and Being Rich

Wealth in the world, as we all know, is not in equal share as the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. A research study conducted arrived that less than 1% of the world’s population controls about 99% of the world’s wealth making the 99% others made to feed on 1%.

Also, there are many rich people out there who are philanthropists and do charity work by donating to the less privileged. Individuals now see the reason to ask a rich man for money.

In this world we live in, we require money to take care of our daily needs. If the money we make every week or month is not enough to take care of our needs, then the question of how to ask a rich man for money will arise. It is important to have good communication with the rich man you intend to ask for money before asking the rich man for money.

There are several ways to ask rich people for money, but you have to be very careful so that you do not get declined by the rich man.

Let us then take a detailed look at how to ask a rich man for money.

The steps include:

  1. Know the rich man you want to approach

Before proceeding to ask for money, you should get full information about the rich man before you approach him for money. In this way, you will be aware of the rich man you want to ask for money from is either stingy or generous. Note that no matter how rich a man is, if it is in his character to be stingy, you will never get a penny from him.

Once you have attained whether he is stingy or not, you can then proceed to either ask the rich man for money or not.

Also, you will have to find out if the rich man you want to ask for money from has a good character or not. Rich people are proud, and you should not expect anything less if they exhibit their proud nature. You should know it is in their nature to be proud since not everybody can attain or reach their standard. After arriving at all these, you can then begin to plan on how to ask a rich man for money.

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  1. Introduce yourself to the rich man

The next step for you to take if you wish to ask a rich man for money is to introduce yourself to the rich man and discuss it with him. There is no way you can request a rich person for money without the person knowing who you are to him.

Rich people do not give money to those they do not know. That is why you will have to introduce yourself to the rich man and establish a good communication level with the man before proceeding to ask for money.

Like I said earlier, rich people can be proud, so do not be weighed down when the rich man begins to give you his life story or what he has done with money all his life. You are there for only one thing: to ask him for money, so stick with the plan.


  1. Visit them often and show concern

When you begin to visit rich men often and show concern, they will feel loved by you, and they would be willing to do anything within their means to ensure it stays that way. Rich men crave attention because they want to be noticed by many people due to their wealthy nature.

You can show concern by sending the rich man a text message, calling him, sending him e-mails, and going to where they are in person. However, while visiting them and showing them concern, do not make the mistake of making it look awkward by disturbing them at all times.

Visiting them two times in a week is enough rather than visiting the rich man every day, as it would look like you are desperate to be friends with him.


  1. Begin to write down why you need the money

You do not want to ask a rich man for money, and you are not sure why you need the money. You must endeavor to practice and write down what you plan to do with the money you want to ask from a rich man.

He will not just give you money for nothing whenever you come asking; He will rather ask you what you plan to do with the money before he gives it to you.

When you begin to stammer, or you are not sure why you need the money, the rich man might change his mind and decide not to give you the money anymore while he might have previously had the intention of giving you the money at first.

Practice within yourself why you need the money from the rich man and write down your plans if need be to speak with all authority when you begin to ask the rich man for money.


  1. Ask for the money from a rich man

There are various ways through which you can communicate with a rich man and ask him for money. Whether you are asking a rich friend for money, or just a random person, there are several ways to achieve this.

You can either decide to send the rich person a text message, call him, send him an email and visit him in person. The best and most advisable way to ask a rich person or friend for money is to visit him in person in the right location and ask him directly for money.

The other ways are not all that bad, but the chances of getting the money from them after asking are not as high as being compared to visiting the rich man in person.

While asking a rich man for money, state why you need the money and promise to pay it back whenever you make money back, when you do this, they who will give you the money will have high confidence in you, and he might even give you more then you requested.

Never make the mistake of acting smart by lying to the rich man about why you need the money from him. He might do his research, and if you are lying, you are likely to face his anger as you will be made to pay for your mistake.

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Remember to be polite while you talk – after all, they run the show. Be humble because you are seeking something from the rich man, and he has the right to give you or not.



  1. Thank him and be appreciative whether he gives you or not

Whether he gives you the money you request, or he doesn’t even look at you, you must show gratitude. Perhaps, next time might be better when you try again.

However, you still have to appreciate him and be thankful because it is never easy for anybody to give someone money. When you thank and appreciate the rich man, he will be tempted to provide you with the money you are asking for a day or week after.

Meanwhile, if the rich man gives you the money you requested immediately, make sure you reach him in any way while still thanking and appreciating him for what he has done for you.

  1. Introduce a Business

You can win a rich person’s heart to give you money when you ask by bringing a business.

That rich man wants to get even richer and is looking for avenues to channel the money for guaranteed returns.

Find a business idea related to what you know can pay back if good money is invested in it. It must be a business idea that you understand how it works to get the rich to sign in. If you have no business idea, do not use this option; it’s for entrepreneurs only.

Where to meet rich men to ask for money?

You can’t start thinking of how to beg rich people for money when you do not know where to meet them. You can meet rich men to ask a rich man for money in the following places:

  • Clubs
  • Parties
  • Expensive areas
  • Social media
  • Offices



One of the places where to meet rich men is in the clubs. Clubs are most active on the nights where rich men go to relax after a busy day job. Clubs are also the right places to meet a sugar daddy – i.e., if you are interested in meeting one.


how to ask a rich man for money

Meet a rich man in rich locations



You can also ask a rich man for money when you see them at parties. Wealthy people often get invited to a lot of parties to sit at high tables because of their wealthy nature, and you can take advantage of that by asking them for money.

Expensive Areas

Rich men are classy, and they do not live in the same area or location where you can find poor people. Whether you live in the US, UK, Canada, around your location, you can identify those rich places. When you visit those expensive places, you can see the right people to ask for money.


Social Media

Note that some rich men can be seen on social media but not all rich men. For example, if you have a rich man on Whatsapp, you can decide to chat him up and present your problems to him.

Twitter and Instagram are other types of social media are typical places to see rich men you can easily manipulate to send you money

Offices are also one of the places to meet rich men for money. There is no doubt that the head of companies and organizations are rich. You can then go ahead and ask the rich men for money when you visit their offices.



It is not easy to ask a rich man for money because of our human nature of being proud. However, when a certain situation catches up with us, it is inevitable that we must ask a rich man for money.

This article should, however, be an eye-opener for people to everyone who uses the internet begging to make some cool cash every day. You have to throw pride away and make your money. Meanwhile, you can attract rich friends to your life.

Rich people love investments, and you can introduce them to an investment like binary trading.

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