How to Become a Successful G Boy

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Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to be a successful scammer

I will show you how to be a successful scammer with the methods I have implemented over the past few years. In the last few years, I have generated more than $100,000 in cash from all my scam-related activities on the internet.

Like I will always say, “this isn’t too good, but I will show how to be a successful scammer.” You may be wondering why I am willing to give out such information; the truth is that holding back this information will do me no good.

I want to be the only blog in the world that teaches everything about scamming on the internet. So I bet you should sit, get your pen and paper, and write as you read this tutorial.

Scammer, according to the urban dictionary, is one who does anything possible to steal from others. In this case, we aren’t going to steal from people. We will only provide services that are worth the money they will send to us.

If you pay adequate attention to this post, you will also learn the techniques to be a successful scammer and start making money.

how to be a successful scammer

Are you ready to become a scammer?

4 Skills to Become a Successful Scammer

Before you think of becoming a successful scammer, there are certain skills that you need to have. These skills are what exactly will make your job easier for you. The skills are;

Ability to think out of the box

Coming out with new formats like the dating format, military format, 419 scamming format should be able to do without requesting help. When you discover that your client is not falling for an existing format, you have to conjure something else to make them do what you want them to do.

Smooth Talker

As a scammer, your job is to build castles in the air for your client. You must be able to make them feel on top of the world. If, let’s say, I see a woman who sincerely needs love; it is up to me to position myself as a lover boy.

You will have to smooth-talk her into believing that you have so much about love to offer. When she finally falls for you, then you can strike immediately.

Get information easily (Social Engineering)

If you are going to do the “wire wire scam format,” then you should know how to get people’s information from them.

Social engineering is all about getting information from people, even when they don’t want to give you the information.

Be Original

The mistake that most G boys make is not knowing how to be original. For example when I post formats here for people to learn, I do not expect that they copy everything. Instead, G boys copy all the messages the exact way to scam clients.

Well, you don’t copy the guide, Instead, you follow the format to create yours.

Regarding the pictures you need for work, make sure you do not use random pictures from the internet.

You can create your picture and use it for your work. Most persons prefer to use Photoshop, etc.

You must be believable

Making people believe you are one of the things you must learn if you are looking for how to be a successful scammer.

Two people can send me the same information, but I can choose one person over the other because of the way the information was presented. The way you present your information is very important to your scamming business.

If you don’t make people believe you, you’d never become a successful scammer. That is just a simple fact.

Do you want to learn how to be a successful scammer? See the steps below;

Research on your client

scammer research on a client

Learn to know about your client

When I visit any dating site and pick on a potential client, the first thing I ask about is their social media handle. Once I know their social media handle, it becomes very easy to know every other thing about them.

I will get to research about them, know what they like, what they hate, their birthdays, and what makes them happy.

When you run extensive research on your client, you will know how to manipulate them and get what you want.

Be friendly – but not too friendly

When you get too friendly with your clients, they begin to suspect things about you. You should be friendly only when getting to know them initially. Don’t rush the conversation – so as not to raise an eyebrow.

Keep everything formal and simple till you bond very well with your client. You have a plan, so stick to the plan.


Have a Format

Before you say the first “hello” to a prospective client, you must have a blueprint and strategy to follow. For every response your client would give, you must have a counter response for that. You just don’t engage your client in discussions without having a blueprint.

A blueprint is just how to be a successful scammer. Without a blueprint, strategy, or format, you will end up making mistakes that will cost you your client.

There are many formats to follow, but I recommend the dating format or military format. This is because they are quite simple to use and can work for anybody.

You can either decide to use the Nigerian prince 419 formats or you can set up an online illegal business and do some sharp runs. Anyone you want to enter will surely make money for you.

Groom your Client

The secret behind grooming your client is making them believe you. I have seen instances where the scammer will send his victims gifts, money, or do something free for them first. This will help build trust and pave way for you to strike.

If you are trying to scam someone in a business transaction, doing something free for them the first time will help you scam them easily.

If you are using the dating format, sending your clients gift you buy from Amazon and shipping it to them will help you also scam them easily.

There are many tactics to follow, so know the one that works for you and uses it.

Throw in the Bait

I assume you must have known your client weak spot; it is the time to utilize it for your own good. Throwing in the bait means giving them a Greek gift, which would be your weapon of destruction.

a scammer's text message

A Scam Text Message to a Client

If your client is a businessman who is looking for business ideas to make money, you can sell them a scam business.

If your client is an old woman who is looking for a lover, you can make yourself available for her.

Or if your client is a sexually starved young man, the best way is to present yourself as a randy girl and suck his money dry.

There are many ways to follow, but you must identify what your client wants before you strike.


Be patient with them

One of the ways people identify a scammer is to test their patience. When you have offered them the Greek gift, you should be patient. Don’t rush them to take decisions, allow them to do it themselves.

Engage them in other meaningful discussions while you allow your ideas to sink in naturally. One of the best ways is to start a discussion that is related to what you offered them.

Let’s say you asked your client to invest in an “imaginary” gold in your country.

If after one week you don’t hear anything from them, you start a discussion about Gold like this;

You: How much is an ounce of Gold in your side?

Client: I sincerely don’t know, but I know it would be expensive

You: But have you seen people become rich by investing in Gold?

Client: Sure… yea, Gold can make you rich.

You: wow… I wish I can just invest in this; it is selling so cheap in my country and people are buying it in large quantity. Some group of villagers discovered it mistakenly, and they are selling it off without the notice of the govt.

Client: Are you serious about this?

Then you continue until you make them send money to you to invest in the Gold.

Tools you need to be a successful scammer

There are certain tools that you need to be a successful scammer. These tools will certainly make your job easier. Then what are these tools?

A Proxy

This is to hide your IP location from getting tracked. Sometimes you might be chatting with someone who is technologically sound. It is your duty to make sure that you don’t get busted.

A Canadian PayPal

A Canadian PayPal doesn’t need much stress to cash out your money. It doesn’t need the CC/Bank Account verification, so you can easily withdraw your money without getting caught.


You wouldn’t want to make mistakes while chatting with someone who knows English than you do. So it is advisable to have a grammar error detector to help clean up your English.

Different Formats

When one isn’t working, you can easily switch over to the other one to bill your client. Having so many formats is necessary to be a successful scammer.

Now you have known how to be a successful scammer, you must know that the application is what determines if you would be successful as a scammer or not. I wish you all the best in your scamming hustle, and I hope you don’t get caught.

Stay safe and woke.

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