How to Become a Con Artist Professionally

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Do you intend to know how to become a con artist to join the wagon or discover how con artists get to do it? Friend, to be a con is not necessarily a process but an art. Your ability to apply your thoughts and obtain expectations leaves your mark (victim) bulging.

how to become a con artist

To become a con man does not mean you are lazy to work for money. Nope, you are not lazy; you are just being that man, that woman going after the rich purses of others to get rich quickly.

A professional con artist should be able to cheat the system by swindling their way to wealth. A con artist attracts money, especially with the positive energy, and gets their mark to blindly trust them.

You want to be able to manipulate, trick, cheat, scam, and persuade someone to believe your lies. Of course, this means deception, fooling people, and making them think making money is even easier than they thought even though you are after theirs. You can be Sorokin who completed nearly four years of the sentence and was released on parole, or even a more successful con artist and get away with it.

Is it illegal to be a con artist?

I do not hate to break it to you because the answer is what you are thinking right now. Yes, a con artist is a criminal offense because you defraud people which is against the law. But if you must be that con man, you should probably go ahead with it because many victims fail to report swindlers, thinking instead that they were merely outsmarted or whatever.

How to Become a Con Artist

Are con artists born or made

To become a successful con artist is no walk in the park. You must have that can-do attitude, the ability to make the move without thinking negatively. You do not want to be scared of even jail because your confidence can make you get away with it. Below are the steps to become a con man:

  1. Plan and Practice

In arts, you can improvise but you do not improvise in con trick. You learn the ins and outs of this art or whatever confidence trick you want to pull on your mark. You must be well-versed, orchestrated, and even overly prepared to get away with swindling someone.

Think about, predict or anticipate every possible happening in the future. You know even as a pro, you can fail sometimes, so a beginner is most likely to make mistakes. But you want to minimize your chance of making these mistakes.

You would also want to consider the following questions:

  • Can you get rid of your conscience and replace it with confidence?
  • Can you do away with feeling embarrassed? You want to be the boldest person there ever was.
  • Will you ignore the plea and cries of your victim begging they need the money you swindled? You cannot give the money back, otherwise, you are not fit to be a con artist.
  • Can you become anyone or anything the situation wants you to be? Suppose the situation wants you to pinch a dying man, then you must do it.

You need that poker face too. You do not also want to think “jail” at any time because thinking about it, such a horrible place to spend the night, makes you gradually give up on becoming a con artist.

  1. Use the Right Appearance

A scammer is someone that can appear like the US president without an escort. You want to be able to assume the position of Britain’s queen to make people trust you.

Suppose you intend to run a banking scam. Of course, you want to appear even finer-looking than the bank manager. If you are tricking someone to think you are a contractor, you want to become that trustworthy contractor.

You would need the jargon of the profession to get your mark to believe you are a professional in the field in words.

  1. Be Confidently Innocent

The ‘con’ in con artist is “confidence” so this means believing in yourself is a must-do. Secondly, you must be innocent-looking when you lie. It not just telling your marks the lies, you want to render your lines with smoothness and ensure utmost coherence.

How much does a con artist make

While you talk your target into doing what you want, remember they are looking right into your eyes. Sometimes, they will fail to listen to you while assessing you. They want to be sure they are dealing with a sincere person.

  1. Look Rich

A female or a male can be a deceptive con artist that nobody can suspect. Suppose you are a female, you can become alluring when with your mark, beginning with your dress. Ensure a girlish pose that thrusts out your chest while your 8-figure is all your male mark sees. You could wear a virginal mini-dress with a matching neck-ribbon, and perhaps a replica gold necklace and a Rolex wristwatch.

You also need a fake social account such as Instagram. The account should use your con name, a fake name, with all glamorous photos making you look rich. The places you pose must be expensive-looking. You can have a decent Photoshop artist do the magic because these magical photos steal your mark’s sense of judgment. They can only think they are dealing with some Arab princess.

The same concept goes with a male con artist. Nope, no six-packs required to get your target drooling in trust. Just dress rich, and get yourself the best photos and a new name.

  1. Find a New Expensive Location

Go somewhere you have no family, no or fewer friends, or anyone you have known in the past. Of course, it means going somewhere a bit far from home. Yes, you need money for the travels, but swindling is an investment too. As a beginner, you do not have to start big, though. You can begin with petty scams, gather the currency, and set out somewhere not nearby.

Where do you go? The most successful cons go to rich places where you can claim to be an oil magnate heir. But first, settle in the city, map out the best locations, obtaining overdraft worth hundreds of thousands, bounce cashed cheques from one bank account to another, and many more.

Irrespective of your gender, seduce or talk your new rich friends into funding your luxury holidays because you are having trouble moving funds and your card is in another explanation.

You also have to seem generous and arty. Make fake promises; you can promise to lease a historic building such as the Church Missions House on Park Avenue South. Fill it with cutting-edge art, installations, pop-up shops, and food.

  1. Plan Your Exit

You need a quick exit plan even before you engage your mark. In this case, by the time the mark figures out your deception, you would have been long gone, deep in the thin air, leaving the victim in the “had I known” state of mind. Your plan must get you out of the mark’s life just as easy as you snapped into it.

  1. Mark Someone

Now you need a mark and is the mark that makes you a swindler. The mark is the heart of this game, without one, you have no one to con. Unfortunately, not everyone is a worthy mark but every rich person is a perfect mark. You cannot tell a cautious rich person from a careless or easy-to-deceive one. This means it is a game of chance and expectations, but you are safer when you know when to withdraw or disappear when your shot misses the pinpoint.

How it Feels to Be a Con Artist

Is a con artist a mere artist, and not necessarily what society makes of them–a thief? Perhaps, a con artist is that scrupulous individual that tests people’s intelligence. When someone gets swindled it means they completely lost consciousness of reality and the, sometimes traumatic, experience in the hands of con forces them to thread cautiously another day.

A con man is only after their desires. They learn the deceptive language of poetry and get the mark to enjoy every bit of the conversation. The hard work of a beginner con artist is learning about the mark, your target. You are always after the weaknesses of people to improve yourself and get better at swindling/scamming and getting away with it.

Conning is art but what art? It studies human behavior, teaches you how to communicate convincingly, and forces you to be innovative in the hardest circumstance. It is an aspect of sociology and many other fields that deal with humans and society.

Your reasoning is your perception not just how you see people but also how you see yourself and what you want. You are after eliminating that feeling of being financially insecure, and of course, earning financial freedom. To you, it does not and must not matter how your victims feel. Their weakness is your drive, and their fall is your win.



How much does a con artist make?

A con artist can make up to $30,000 per year depending on the con trick pulled on victims. As a beginner, you target a few hundred dollars until you can invest into looking good and deceptive enough to swindle in thousands, and perhaps millions.

Are con artists evil?

What is a con artist personality

Not all con artists are not evil per se. Some care about your feelings but that does not stop them from fulfilling their desires. They still assist the homeless and visit orphanages to assist with your money. They have families and are rather loving fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers. Yes, a con artist is a thieve, except that they trick unsuspecting marks into giving them money.

Final Thoughts

It is okay you want to learn how to become a con artist, and that does not make you a bad egg in society’s basket. But you do know there is a consequence, and you might never receive that pity when caught.

You are not a con artist, you are made. Nonetheless, scientists could be right that genes make you want to con to make money while your environment gets you into it. Your gene could be to blame, perhaps another swindler who leveraged your carelessness.

Before you go conning, you might be interested in pickpocketing a watch, shoplifting at stores, cashing a fake check at Walmart, etc. This website has a whole lot in store for your swindling adventure.

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