How to Beg for Money Online and Get it – Learn my Tricks!!!

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Back then, it would have been easy to come out online and type “I wish someone can help me $10 just to feed,” and you have people scrambling to help you.

But with the emergence of yahoo yahoo and other scams, everyone is skeptical about helping. In this post, I will be showing you how to beg for money online. If you follow my steps, your chances of getting that money would be very high.

It all starts with identifying the best platform to use; then you figure out the target audience and the best way to communicate with them.

I will be discussing how to beg for money online; then you can go ahead and explore all the tactics I will share.


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How to Beg for Money Online


How to Beg for Money Online and Get Help from People

Begging for money online and getting people to help you is simple. But it would be best if you learned the art of convincing people to give you money. This blog aims to allow you to make money with minimal effort, and I believe this post will contribute to that.

But before you start learning how to convince people to give you money, here are some quick tips to let you beg for money online and still get it.


Choose the Best Platform

There are so many social media platforms out there, but not all of them can give you the leverage to beg for money online. To achieve something as sensitive as begging for money online from strangers, you should use a platform that gives you a level of trust.

Social media platforms where you have close friends and contacts are an excellent place to start, which is why I recommend platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other Forums like Reddit, Nairaland, etc.

Just look check any of these platforms where you are quite active with lots of followers, then use it and achieve your aim.

Choose the Best Sympathetic Reason

Why are you begging for money? Your reason should be enough to break any strong-hearted person down.

It should be strong enough to avoid you getting insulted. The reason should be so solid that even those who won’t give would show so much sympathy for you. That is how strong your reason to beg for money online should be.

Here are examples of strong Reason that are emotional

  • Your sibling was chased out of school because you can’t afford the school fees due to non-payment of salaries from the government.
  • You just lost your job, and you need money to survive.
  • A family member is hospitalized, and your credit score can’t get you a good hospital

Just think of a brilliant reason that would make a cold-hearted person emotional.


how to beg for money online should start with good reasons

Choose a good reason why you are begging for money


Any reason that revolves around you spending money on frivolities shouldn’t be conceived. You will only get yourself bullied and insulted online.

Craft a Nice Asking for Money Message

Do you want to increase your chances of getting a large number of people sending you money? Then craft a solid asking for money text message in a polite way. Even without this message, you can still get donations if your reason for asking is highly emotional. But presenting it in a reliable way can make a whole lot of difference.

I have written on some asking for money text messages you could do with and get the required result. That should act as a stepping stone if you have no idea how to craft an asking for the money text message.

Just carefully compose yours and push it out there for people to read. Just make sure you aren’t sounding authoritative, or it is your right to beg for money online. Just remember that no one owes you anything.

Drop a Total Target Amount and a vague amount for contributors

Since you are just begging for money, you have no right to people how much they need to donate to you individually.


“It is wrong to say, “I need $100 from five people on this platform.”

It is only wise you put a total target of the money you want, then people can contribute whatever they feel they can contribute. In crafting out a message like that, you can write something like;

“No amount is too small; anything you can give, please give and support my family and me.”

A small threshold is advised for a start, and then you can increase it as soon as the donations start rolling in from givers.

Send Personal Emails to the Rich

After composing your best asking for help text message, it is also ideal you send emails to the rich and influential ones on that platform. If not emails, you can equally send them Direct Messages (DMs) to further increase your chances of getting a positive response.

After seeing your public outcry and your direct message in his inbox, I believe any well-to-do person will respond. This is a perfect trick to beg for money online and get the money.

Tag Family and Friends

If you have family and friends on the platform where you are begging for the money, it is also ideal to tag them. It will help solidify your claims and erase any form of doubt from people who might be skeptical about helping.

It is just as simple as tagging your family or friends on Facebook or Twitter, or even Instagram. Then the social media algorithm will handle the rest for you.



Show Proofs and Claims

If your child needs the money for surgery, then you should attach a doctor’s report to your post. If your child is out of school and you need money to send him back to school, attach the school fees receipt.

In some cases where you are out of a job and need money to survive, simply showing your current picture, as well as your sack letter, can do the magic for you. If someone doesn’t give you money, you might even get a new job from an employer on your timeline.


Don’t beg offline, Beg online


Drop Gentle Reminders and Keep them Updated

As long as you’ve done all I have recommended in this post on how to beg for money online, you will surely get donations. Maybe not up to the required amount you seek, but there are ways to reduce the remaining balance.

Keep donors updated and gently reminding those who haven’t donated to do so and help. All these should be proven to show you aren’t just bluffing. A simple message like this would be ideal;

“Thanks so much to the community, we have successfully raised {insert amount} for {insert purpose of donation}. Please, if you haven’t donated, please help save a life by sending your money to {insert recipient’s details}”

Then you attach proof of people who have donated and thank them.

As simple as this, it will motivate others to donate.



Outsource to others to help if you can’t

Lastly, if you can’t do all these, I have said, you can speak to influencers on your platform to help you. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, some people can help you pass on this message and get others to donate to your cause.

They might request some personal details or financial inducements. So if you can meet up to their demands, then go ahead and strike a business with them.

Use Donation Websites

Some websites can help you carry out your campaign to beg for money online. There are lots of them (both scam and real). But you can have a look at some of the legit ones.

Just follow their instructions and get started.

What to Avoid When Begging for Money Online

Below are the things you should never do when begging for money online:

Mention What People Should Give

Your first mistake is instructing people regarding the amount you expect from them. Since you are begging for money online, it should be the donor’s decision to you a specific amount. By telling someone you can’t accept less than $1, for instance, you give everyone an excellent reason not to give.

When I begged for money online, I stated the amount people should give to meet the target. After 48 hours, nobody replied, except a heaven-sent person. She replied that she couldn’t give because I know what I want, and I should get it.

Immediately, I understood why they say, “A beggar has no choice.”

Telling People to Give or Not be Blessed

When you tell people to give to be blessed, you’re insinuating that you’re an extraordinary human being.

Since you are so special, why not make money instead of asking online?

Never tell people to give to be blessed or to give to attract favors. Besides, the world is now filled with mistrusts, and people are no longer willing to help, especially when you’re a stranger.

Always go straight to the point, explain you need the money and thank potential donors.

Replying Attacks

In most countries, typically underdeveloped countries, internet users will attack you for begging. They may say or write hurtful words, but you must not respond.

Regardless of whether you want to explain that you are real or not, ignore their comments.

Over 90% of the people visiting your timeline or thread are interested in the characteristics that should make them trust you and send money to your bank account. The slightest mistake, and they are off.

Claiming You Hate Working

I decided to give money to random people online, and I came across a certain fellow claiming working is not for them and that they do not like stressing out.

I skipped sending money to the person because he discouraged me. If you are such a person, desist, or you won’t receive money from people online.

Not Calling to Action

A simple call to action is to include your bank account details. Do not leave the potential donors wondering how they would make the payments.


In summary, we have seen how to beg for money online and make sure you get it. Just make sure you follow my steps and don’t leave room for any suspicion whatever.

You can check other articles if you are interested in reading more or joining the smartlazyhustlers community by following me on Instagram.



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