How to Cash a Check Without ID

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Did you lose your ID, or want to cash a check without an ID to remain anonymous? Then knowing how to cash a check without ID is all you need, and this article covers the many methods this can be possible. That you want to cash your check with no ID does not mean you want to cheat the system but if cheating the system is the case, good luck with it.

how to cash a check without ID

Normally, a cashing institution will require your ID to cash a check. Banks also need to verify your identity so they need your ID, not just to know you but also to meet the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation policy.

Millions of Americans do not have an ID of any form. A report shows about 11% of US citizens (over 21 million Americans) have no government-issued photo ID. The government is trying to fight these figures, and get many citizens to obtain an ID. That notwithstanding, there are perfectly legal ways you can be able to cash a check without using an ID.

Normally, you need either your driver’s license, work ID, school ID, military identification card, state identification card, or passport book/card, etc., to cash a check. In the absence of these forms of ID, you want to cash your check ID-less.

How to Cash a Check Without ID

If you have no acceptable form of verifying your identity, you are still able to cash a check legally. Below are ways regarding how to cash a check without ID:

  1. Endorse the Check to Someone Else

You can endorse the check to another person to cash it on your behalf. You simply sign over the check to someone that you know and trust them to cash the check for you with their ID. This process creates a third-party check.

However, some banks may still require ID verification that the original payee has authorized signing over the check to another person. In this case, they may request your photo ID.

  1. Use Any Form of ID

It is typical for banks to require your photo ID before they can allow you to cash your check. However, some banks do not have a standard list of what they consider ‘acceptable form of photo ID’. This means that most other forms of acceptable IDs in your state can be applicable and acceptable by your cashing institution. Ensure to check with the bank for other documents that may be required to cash a check if you have no photo ID.

  1. Cash with an App

You can cash a check with a mobile app. In this case, the app must be installed on your device and linked to your bank account to cash the check using your existing ID. You only have to install the appropriate mobile application and connect either your prepaid card, bank account, or PayPal to it.

You will have the option to scan to cash the check. Depending on the app, you may be able to receive funds within minutes or days. Some of the apps you can consider to cash a check are Netspend, Ingo Money, Brink’s Money Prepaid, and PayPal, etc. There are many of them you could use to cash your check without an ID.

  1. Deposit the Check in Your Bank Account

You can deposit your check into your bank account if you have no ID to verify your identity. However, this method may take some time, typically 3-5 business days, to process, and you must wait for your check to be cleared to be able to access your cash.

If you deposit a cashier’s check, you could be accessing your checked money the next day. Some banks, including TD Bank, allow you to access up to $100 on checks you deposit into your bank account. If you deposit more than $100, you will be able to access the balance when they become available. The bank only has to verify that your signature matches with what you have on the check for you to qualify to withdraw the cash with no ID.

  1. Use a Cashing Where You Are Known

You can use your frequent cashing store to get money from your check. This method supposes that the cashing institution knows you and, is willing to cash your check without your ID out of trust. This is not always the case but works if you have a good relationship with the cashier.

  1. Cash Through the ATM

What other forms of ID can I use to cash a check

You can cash your check without a photo ID using an automated teller machine. Assuming you have a checking account or a prepaid debit card at your bank, you only have to put your check in the ATM and cash it without ID. At Regions banks, for example, you can be able to cash up to $3,000 from your check. If you have an outstanding balance, you will have to deposit it into your checking or prepaid account.


Can you cash a check at Walmart without an ID?

Walmart has a strict policy and does not allow you to cash a check without an ID. However, Walmart has many acceptable forms of ID you can use to cash your check, including most government-issued IDs that have your name, address, and birthdate, driver’s license, passport, etc. You can also call your local Walmart to find out what qualifies for an ID.

Can someone else cash my check?

Yes, someone else can cash your check with their ID when you endorse it to them. The person may have to have a bank account to cash a personal check for you. You also want to ensure that the signature and name on the front of the check match yours. If someone cashes your check without an ID, then it will be difficult to trace them, so an ID is always required.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the methods suggested above, you cannot simply work into a check cashing store or bank and cash it without issuing your photo ID. If such is the case, many will lose their checks to criminals who would simply walk into a cashing institution and cash a check. Money smugglers will also launder more money and get away with it because their ID will not be required.

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