How to Cash a Fake Check at Walmart

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This article reveals how to cash a fake check at Walmart, which is similar to cashing an original. The process is similar to cashing a check at the bank, and Walmart pays cash instantly.

how to cash a fake check at Walmart

Check cashing requires ID verification, and it is more secure at Walmart. But regardless of Walmart’s robust security and information verification systems, you can still cash a fake check in any of the stores.

Many people claim it is “next to impossible” to cash a fake check at Walmart. “Determination” and a well-done job does not say the same when you know what you are doing. Moreover, you are not the first and won’t be the last to cash several thousand dollars across Walmart stores with fake checks.

Let’s look at the methods for cashing fake checks at Walmart and get away with it briefly.

Does Walmart verify checks before cashing?

Yes, Walmart verifies checks before cashing, but someone can bypass the verifications if the checking details match. Walmart only pays money to people that checks are made to and would verify your identity before you can cash out. Of course, you need a valid photo ID, including a driver’s license and national ID. When Walmart employee receives your fake check, they process it electronically using TeleCheck, which accepts checks. If you beat TeleCheck systems, that means your cashout is successful.

Checks You Can Cash at Walmart

Walmart does not accept all checks, especially to combat fraud. Below are the checks you can cash at Walmart:

  • Cashiers’ checks
  • Government checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders at Walmart
  • Payroll checks
  • Retirement disbursement checks
  • Tax refund checks

When making a fake check, make sure to limit it to any of the check standards above.

Can You Cash a Fake Check at Walmart?

Before you learn the steps to cash a fake check at Walmart, can you even cash a phony check at Walmart? Yes, you can cash a fake Walmart, but you want to be so good at whatever you do, including making a fake ID that looks real. You must make sure the account information match to bypass the TeleCheck systems Walmart implements to verify ID.

Most would say it is impossible to pull a fast one on Walmart, but apart from the verification systems, Walmart employees are just another fallible human.

When writing a fake check to cash at Walmart, make sure the ID matches and create a fake ID similar to the ID you’re paying to on the check. You also want to be sure that the account you are faking has no unresolved issues because it is a red flag for the verification systems too.

How to Cash a Fake Check at Walmart

Walmart does not require registration to cash a check. However, Walmart often requests a valid photo ID and an endorsed check. The photo ID could be a driver’s license, passport, ID card, etc. Meanwhile, follow these steps to create a fake driver’s license that works. You will also present your SSN, though.

Below are the steps regarding how to cash a fake check at Walmart:

1. Use a Friend

To cash a fake check at Walmart without getting caught, consider using a friend. Typically, you do not tell the friend that the check is fake, and it could be a teenager.

Besides, you can sign over a check to another person to cash. Depending on the amount of money the person is checking out, you must give them a commission to entice them. It could be between 15 and 30 percent of the deal, since they’re endangering their integrity.

The only difficult part is that the person you meet must be ill informed. Walmart will, of course, verify the check, so it is not so easy to cash the fake check. If the person is unaware of the steps to cash a check, you may tutor them.

In essence, the only way you can cash a check and get away with it even if unsuccessful is by using someone else.

2. Frame Another Person

You can also frame another person to cash a fake check at Walmart. In this regard, you pin the blame on someone else since you are using their ID for the checkout.

You are merely visiting Walmart with a fake ID, and your appearance should be similar to the ID you want to misrepresent.

Meanwhile, Walmart can tell a fake ID, especially if you do not design it properly. However, this method is easier if you find and use a misplaced random ID. You may have to perform a background check to discover the SSN of the ID for verifying the transaction, though.

In essence, since Walmart only pays the ID that the check references, you want to make sure to impersonate the ID good enough. Try avoiding Walmart cameras too; you do not have to wear a covered hoody or look suspicious.

3. Use a Fake ID

First, you walk into Walmart and approach the customer service department or checkstand cashier. You are requested to submit a photo ID, and when it is confirmed, they cash the fake check.

Typically, Walmart verifies your identity before they let you cash a check. The ID verification must match the check ID, and the SSN you enter in the PIN pad is also verified electronically.

Walmart will examine your fake check for signs of fraud following the set standards. The Walmart employee then gets information that verifies the electronic codes and matches the check to the writer.

Can Walmart tell if a check is bad?

Yes, Walmart can tell if a check is bad or not. Walmart uses advanced machines similar to that of banks or checking centers. The whole transaction is done electronically, and the systems show whether a check is real or fake.

Apart from Walmart’s verification systems, a typical Walmart staff or cashier can tell a fake or authentic check. You want to make sure to replicate a check good enough to cheat the staff.

Also, Walmart uses Certegy or TeleCheck systems to verify the fake check you write. Typically, these systems verify information, including routing number, account number, transaction amount, etc., to verify the check. When they detect that the check is fake, you can’t cash it.

What is the check limit you can cash at Walmart?

You can cash up to $5,000 at Walmart per fake check. However, between January and April, you can cash up to $7,500. Walmart charges $4 for $1,000 transaction amount and $8 for transaction amount starting from $1,001. If you create a fake Two-Party Personal Check, your cashing limit is $200, and you will be charged the maximum fee of $6.

Note: You can’t cash a check at Walmart in New Jersey

What happens when you cash a fake payroll check at Walmart but didn’t know it was bad?

When you cashed a fake check at Walmart and did not know it was bad, the police will come after you. You will be charged with fraud, although you were unaware of the fake check. The police can trace you because of the ID you provided for verification, except you provided a fake ID to cheat the cashier and verification systems.

Most cash registers are now small computers or electronic. When you receive a check and know it is fake, do not cash it, except you know how to cheat Walmart security.

The problem is that whether you know it’s a legit check or not, you are liable. Walmart might even call the police on you at the spot.


If you are a scam victim, you may not suffer a jail term, but you must repay Walmart and additional fees while the scammer goes scot-free.

When to Back Off

Walmart, like many top stores, uses services such as TeleCheck and VariCheck. If you notice these branded signs on the Walmart store registers, it will be difficult to cash the fake check. For instance, when TeleCheck does not see the account number you provide in the fake check, the transaction is declined.

Final Thoughts

Though cashing a fake check at Walmart is possible, I would not recommend it. Instead, you can learn to cheat a self checkout. Alternatively, you could learn to pickpocket a wristwatch, which attracts a lesser penalty.

If you’re suspicious of being a victim of a fake check, you can verify the check is legitimate by checking it with your bank to see if it checks out. The bank can look up the routing numbers too. Hey, I also covered the steps to shoplift items and get away with it!

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