How to Cash a Money Order Without ID

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How to cash a money order without ID? Normally, you will need a valid photo ID (driver’s license, national ID, etc.) to cash a money order. But if you have no ID, you may be able to cash your money order without it.

How to cash a money order without ID

Money order institutions such as Western Union allow you to cash a money order without your ID. However, these money order cashing institutions each have unique policies. MoneyGram does not seem to allow you to cash a money order with no ID. Some states or countries might also be against cashing a money order without an ID, so you want to refer to your state laws.

It also seems unlikely that an agent will release the money to you if you have no ID or official document that has your name and photo. If this is the case, then people will easily smuggle cash and get away with it.

Can someone else cash my money order?

Yes, someone else can cash your money order. If you misplace your money order after buying it, someone else can cash it in their name through the institution that issued it to you. They can be able to cash your money with a fake ID and without a bank account. This means check cashing store will cash your money order without the need to visit the bank. It is for this reason that ID verification can help to identify the person who cashes your money order without permission. Suppose they bypassed issuing their ID; then the money order is gone.

How to Cash a Money Order Without ID

Thankfully, if you have no ID, you can be able to use an available option to cash a money order. Below are the ways you can cash a money order with no ID:

  1. Endorse Your Money Order to Another Person

You can endorse your money order to another person who has a valid photo ID. It can be your relative or a friend you can trust. Money launderers also use this method of endorsing a money order to get money mules to help them move and legalize dirty money. The mule might never be traced since they would most likely use doctored ID.

  1. Ask the Sender to Use a Passphrase or Test Question

If the sender has not sent the money order yet, then you can tell them to request to add a passphrase. Let them consult the money order institution to know whether they allow the use of a passphrase in place of an ID.

Note that the amount of money you are receiving also determines whether the sender will be allowed to add a passphrase. Some destination countries may not allow the use of passphrases, so they may not be able to add them. Also, you want to be sure that the checking points in the country allow the use of passphrases. You can ask the nearest checking point.

As the receiver of the money order, ensure to find out the sender’s passphrase. You can call the sender to know their passphrase, and take note of it. Do not make the cashier suspicious when you go to cash it at any institution. In this regard, the passphrase substitutes for the ID, so you cash the money order without an ID.

Alternative Ways to Receive Money Without ID

If you have no ID, you can inform the sender to consider using the following methods:

  • It Should Be Sent to Someone with an ID

Since you have no ID, the sender can send the money order to another person with ID. You can ask anyone that you trust and that resides close to you to receive the money in their name. The sender can also enter the name of the person in the money order so that there is no need for you to endorse the money order when it arrives.

  • Deposit It into Your Bank Account

They can deposit money into your bank account directly. If you have no bank account or you do not want to use your bank account, then this method is not for you. You can also have the money sent to someone who has a bank account to cash it for you.

  • Receive an Item to Resell

The sender can send an item that you have to resell. This method can be cumbersome and may not require your ID. Also, the item is delivered to your address but this can take some days. The good thing about this method is that you can sell the item for money, which makes you anonymous. Some money launderers use this method commonly to move funds around without getting caught.

  • Order Gift Card

A gift card is another way you can receive money from someone if you have no ID for a money order. They can send you debit gift cards from Amazon or any provider and have them delivered to you directly.

  • Receive Money Through Mail

It may be perfectly legal to receive money through the mail if it is a small amount of money. However, note that the money will pass through several hands and might go missing or someone can open it and take out the money. Most mail services advise you to receive a money order instead so that your money is safer. Meanwhile, you can refer to this guide on how you can receive money through the mail.

  • Use PayPal

Instead of a money order, you can be able to receive your money with PayPal. PayPal is an instant mobile money service that lets you receive money to your e-wallet. PayPal allows you to receive money without an ID. You only have to confirm your email address for your account to be activated.


Does money order require ID?

Yes, a money order requires ID. A money order is only valid for the specified recipient. In this case, you are the recipient, and the cashing store or institution wants to verify that the right person is receiving the money. You verify your ID using your military ID, passport, driver’s license, national ID, or any valid photo ID. That means a driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID that matches the name on the money order.

Why do money orders need ID?

The simple answer to why money orders need ID is so that the right person receives the money. Also, if a money order does not require an ID for verification, cash smugglers will leverage such weakness to ruin the country’s economy.

How do I cash a Western Union money order without ID?

You can cash a Western Union money order without an ID, inform the sender to use a test question, and have the clerk checked the Pay without ID box. The test question thus substitutes for your ID and the cashing store or institution around you will let you cash it. Make sure to find out the security question.

Final Thoughts

Usually, a money order cashing office will require some form of government-issued photo identification. But in the case where you do not have an ID to verify that you are the money order recipient, you follow the suggestions above. The first option to consider is the passphrase so that when you submit the correct passphrase, the cashier will pay the money.

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