How to Commit Identity Theft with SSN

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It is not weird that you want to know how to commit identity theft with SSN (Social Security Number), what is weird is the person you victimize. Although ID theft gets you the win, it traumatizes your victim.

how to commit identity theft with SSN

To commit identity theft with SSN, get an SSN and run a background check on it. Hide your internet identity, including using a VPN or proxies. it is preferable to use IPs that do not belong to you.

Stealing someone’s SSN is almost like possessing their stolen bank account information. A stolen SSN allows you to have a bank account in another person’s name. Of course, this is the identity theft we are talking about.

You could have used your SSN but it points back to you, meaning you can be traced and arrested for any illegal activity you carry out. the person whose SSN you steal to commit identity theft will also be held responsible for whatever you do with their SSN.

What Is a Social Security Number?

Social Security Number is a nine-digit number used for tracking identity. This includes the wages earned for someone’s social security benefits. The use of SSN is one of the reasons why illegal immigrants do not enjoy social benefits like citizens.

When someone applies for government benefits or a job, SSN is typically required. This allows the government to verify your identity and track your Social Security earnings.

You can somehow get an SSN even if you do not live in the US. You could also be able to work without SSN. In this case, you have to consider options such as looking for under-the-table Craigslist jobs. Unfortunately, the employer will use you as cheap labor since they are doing you a favor.

SSN is usually found on the Social Security card. If you steal someone’s SSN card, they will report to the Social Security Administration directly. This will hinder any chances you have to commit identity theft with the SSN.

The idea is just for you to stay undetected; the SSN owner must not know that their SSN has been compromised.

How to Commit Identity Theft with SSN

As mentioned earlier, it is not rocket science to commit identity theft with SSN. Below are the steps regarding how to commit identity theft with SSN:

  1. Get the SSN

First, you need SSN. I covered the steps you can follow to get SSN from someone even if you do not stay in the US.

Of course, you want to play smart enough not to make the target suspicious of you. When you have the SSN in possession, move to the next step.

  1. Run a background check

When you have your target’s SSN, you want to run a background check on them. Get to know your target better. Suppose your target is an old person in their 70s or 80s, the chances are higher that you will easily outsmart them. Some elders are not so protective of their identity and are considered vulnerable in every country.

A background check will reveal further helpful information about the person whose SSN you have. You might jump on the smallest information that could help you in the future while committing identity theft with the SSN.

  1. Hide your identity online

You do not want to be tracked, especially in the case where the owner of the SSN reported it to the authorities. This compromises anything and everything you do online with the SSN, including applying for loans.

The online presence of a thing is really serious because getting caught for identity theft warrants several court charges. Honestly, simply changing your IP address is not enough not to get caught. Other mechanisms can be employed to trace and arrest you irrespective of where you stay.

  1. Stay off the cameras

You want to stay off the grid if you reside in the US, especially after your first identity theft commits. This will raise an alarm, getting the victim to work. The government will not let this slide, they will give it the fight to catch you.

This means you do not want to repeat the theft with the same person, perhaps, you can return for the person after the wave is down. The big question is “will the event escape from the victim and the authorities so fast”?

  1. Email bombing

When committing identity theft with SSN, you want to stop the SSN holder from knowing what is going on. Most of your activities with their SSN will be sent to their email, you do not want them to see the emails.

In this case, you must send many emails to their inbox to stop them from seeing the emails showing your activities with their SSN.

What you can do with stolen SSN

What can I do with someone's SSN

When you possess a stolen SSN, there are a number of things you can do with it. Below are the things you can do to commit identity fraud with SSN:

  1. Crime cover-up

You can cover up a crime with a stolen SSN. This means when you get into a mess, it does not point to you, your victim becomes responsible for your crime.

Your SSN victim can be arrested for your crime when the law enforcement finds traces of their SSN. They will wrongly have a criminal record for something they did not do. This record can stop your victim from getting a job, loan approval, or any other thing that requires a criminal background check.

This is not worth it, so have a rethink about getting someone else into a mess you created.

  1. Sell it on the dark web

You can sell SSN online; the buyer uses it to commit identity theft or something crazier.

Many transactions take place on the dark web where illegal hustlers buy and sell SSN. This can fetch you anything between $50 to more than $100. The outcome of a background check is what determines the value of an SSN for identity theft.

If a background check reveals that your target has an excellent credit history, this means taking loans and other stuff in their name will be even easier. Therefore, this SSN has a higher value and sells for a more expensive price.

If the target has bad credit, the value is low but does not stop the SSN from still being used to commit identity theft.

  1. Receive medical care

You can use stolen SSN to receive medical care in another person’s identity. This also taints your victim’s medical records.

Unfortunately, an inaccurate medical record can be lead be fatal to both the person committing the identity fraud and the SSN owner. For instance, your medical history could be different from the SSN owner’s own. You can be given the wrong treatment based on the medical history listing the blood type of your victim.


With SSN, you can also take advantage of your victim’s health insurance coverage. But the question is “is it worth it”?

  1. Steal benefits

The commonest thing illegal hustlers do with SSN is to steal benefits. You can steal benefits using another person’s SSN, thereby, taking up their identity. Note that stealing your victim’s benefits depletes their resources and prevents them from getting the needed assistance.

  1. Open bank accounts for money

You can open bank accounts for money with the stolen SSN. As I mentioned earlier, SSN is almost like bank details. It allows you to collect loans or credit cards in the name of your victim.

Unfortunately, this can damage your victim’s credit history because they would not know to repay the loans you take with their SSN.

Note that the loans you take illegally with stolen identity are tied to the SSN, so they will appear in their credit report.

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Final thoughts

You have to be like a professional con artist to be successful in committing identity theft with SSN. You do not want to live large, stay low all the while.

Sadly, you cannot sleep with both eyes closed. Always be on the lookout, especially when using the internet because security agencies will try to trace your activities and locate your home. It is easier if you do not live in the US but anything can happen and the authorities come for you.

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