create a fake US bank account

How to Create a Fake Bank Account Online for Loading and Withdrawal

How to Create a Fake Bank Account in 3 Steps

Before you read further and learn how to create a fake bank account online, do bear in mind that the essence of this article is strictly to educate. The writer, the editor, and the poster do not in any way support nor condone any act of fraud. This is simply an eye-opener to enlighten the public on how most of the fraudulent activities occur. 

For one reason or the other, we all want to know how to create a fake bank account online. While others create to prank people, others use it smartly for fraud – for those who want to become yahoo boys. In my own case, I did this not long ago and it worked and keeps working. It is surprising because I keep pranking people with my fake bank account I created online and they keep falling.

I simply can’t fathom your desire to learn how to create a fake bank account online. But one thing is sure, it is a learning process that does not at all require monetary resources. I mean that in the course of it, you’ll lose no money and during the process, you’ll lose no dime.

Can we get started already? Wait, wait and wait! Give me a little space to breathe the breath of wonder again! I am so short of words because this fake account boosting keeps working like magic! I mean, ‘very seriously’. I don’t even have a talisman to power my abilities on how to create a fake bank account. It’s unbelievable that no one, not even an intellect can.



So, that’s by the way, let me simply share how to create a fake bank account with you. It should also be listed at one of the best simple scam jobs to make money.

Your ‘thanks’ would not measure up to this goodness, but guess what? I don’t even need it.


create a fake US bank account

A Fake Bank Account Opening Page


Why People Create a Fake Bank Account Online and What they use it for

If you stumble here as an ordinary web surfer, then you are probably just surprised by what you are seeing. Well, “is it true there is a way to create a fake bank account online?”, you may ask.

As an answer to your sincere question, there is. In fact, not only is it possible but you can drag briefcase weight with Bill Gates. Your question now has an answer. So, proceed with me alongside other smart brains to see why you should create a fake bank account.

  • It allows you to lie about making money transfers.
  • You can make funny pranks with a fake bank account(s).
  • A fake bank account allows you to modify your account balance.
  • Becoming a very rich fraudster is possible with a fake bank account created online.
  • The ladies will become yours due to the size of your account balance.
  • With a fake bank account, you could even scale through organizations that request your balance to grant you a service.

Apart from the mentions above, there are many more things you could pull with a fake bank account. Maybe when the occasion arises, you’ll also rise to it. But for now, just witness how to create a fake bank account for free.

How to Create a Fake Bank Account

There are very few ways on how to create a fake bank account online. These ways are hidden in a way that only very few people know about it. However, on my course of wanting to see how I can improve my bank account, I discovered the working ways.

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The truth is that knowing how to create a fake bank account was not what I had in mind. My intention was to figure outside jobs to do to make my bank account grow.

I’m glad this is what I ended up with because it has contributed to my changes. So, let’s begin with the deal.

I have some methods that you can use to achieve this. All of the methods you’ll find are the ones I use and so, I guarantee you 100% success. Just be smart and follow my lead. Who knows? It could be what you will be living on tomorrow.

Cloning a Bank Site or Making Yours

This is the first pattern on how to create a fake bank account online. I do not recommend you to spend your time here if you intend pranking. People who should read this one must be people who intend to take this knowledge to another level.

By another level, I am referring to stuff like fraud and other powerful reasons.

To follow this route, you will need to spend some cash. While you are about to lose some cash, bear in mind that it is worth it.

If you create a simple website, your friends or whoever will not trust you. For this reason, you need something like that of a bank to make it real.

Are you sure you want to read further? Better be, because you are about to read something critical. First, I will cite the essential elements to use in cloning a bank website.

  • Knowledge of the bank’s website for cloning (design).
  • The URL – For instance, if the website name of the intended bank is ‘’, your selection should be something like ‘’. You can make any selection but ensure that it’s almost synonymous with the website you want.
  • Download a website cloner.



For the web cloner tool, I’ll suggest HTTrack but you can pick any tool of your choice. As a person who intends to run it alone, you’ll do more. Just read and understand the tool you want to use before you proceed. As for that of HTTrack, I’ll guide you on it.

Using HTTrack to Clone Bank Website


using the https tracker to create a fake bank account

Create it using the HTTP tracker and generate a sample


The first thing to do is to install. To install, go to System and then select Add/Remove Software. In the Find button, enter ‘httrack’ and install the necessary packages needed. Or, type Sudo apt-get install httrack. Locate the /usr/bin directory. The bin directory should be accessible in kali like /usr/bin.

Now, from kali, hit httrack –help.

The –O represents ‘output’ which guides HHTrack on the location to forward the website.

You will find something like ‘usage: httrack <the URLs> [ -option] [+<URL_FILTER>] [ -<URL_FILTER>] [ +<mime :

Under <the URLs>, enter the bank site name.

Under [+<URL_FILTER>], enter the location you want the copy to be sent. Ensure that you have enough space on your hard drive. This is because you do not know how big that bank’s site might turn out. You can now proceed to test what you clone from the directory that the clone is present.

Now, if the bank website URL is, input /tmp/webscantest/ When the link opens, you will be viewing exactly a copy of the bank website you want.

A Successful Fake Bank Account Creation Online

After cloning is done, you are just halfway done. Proceed to erect your site. If you are unable to clone successfully, refer to a web developer. There are lots of them in the world. Even Fiverr can link you up with a decent web developer.

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If you intend going through a web developer, provide them with the theme of that bank site. Or better still, send the person a copy of the clone template.

But if you don’t want to clone another banks website, you can use a customized URL.

After successful creation of the bank account online, tweak it anyhow you want via your dashboard. Customize it to look real and input figures that you feel like. It’s quite easy but a bit stressful though.



You Could Clone a Bank App

This is even easier but requires some level of expertise. If you’re an app developer by profession, this might be a walkover for you. But if you are not, consider putting in more works and hiring a professional.

In this case, pick the bank you want and initiate the cloning process. There are various reliable tools out there that you can use to achieve this. When you have your fake mobile app ready, log in your fake account as moderator and set the balance to any figure.

Once people see that it is a bank app, they’ll quickly believe you. When my girlfriend saw my bank account balance, she scolded me for not telling her about such. And as you might guess, I explained everything to her and she was like ‘wow-wow-wow’.

One thing to note about having the clone mobile app function online is that you’ll require an underlying app link. In this case, creating or cloning a bank website might still be necessary.

Download a Fake Bank App

Using a fake bank app is another way on how to create a fake bank account online. This way is the last because it’s actually very cheap and easy to use. The only thing about this method is that it can be very obvious. For instance, although you can tweak the figures and all, it will limit you with certain things necessary things.

There are so many of these apps out there. Some of such apps are Money Prank app and Fake Bank Account app.


create a fake bank account using a bank app

Use this to prank your friends


For the Money Prank app, you can find and install it from Google Play Store. This app allows you to tweak your fake bank account figures into whatever digit you wish. You can change the currency symbol to what you want and even carry out fake transactions. Surprisingly, the Google Play Store allows, so you can just head there for the app.



The Fake Bank Account app isn’t on the Play Store and it is just 2.9 MB. Unlike Money Prank, Fake Bank allows extra super features supporting how to create a fake bank account online. For instance, it allows you to do the following:

  • Select a currency. If the currency you want is not available, you can message them to include it in the app.
  • It gives you an account number.
  • So many banks are there which means that you can set your fake account to various banks.
  • The bank balance figure is unlimited.
  • You can make fake transfers.
  • It supports even ATM withdrawal features to make it look more real.


Apart from these few mentions, Fake Bank Account has many more realistic fake account features. Go check it out and achieve your aim, but do not use to hurt anyone because it’s wrong.

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