How to Do Bank Fraud without Getting Caught – Working 100%

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Last Updated on January 11, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to do bank fraud without getting caught – working 100%

Right here in this post, I will be uncovering some common bank frauds and how they are done. For those looking for how to do bank fraud, I will expose the working principle of how scammers steal money from your bank account.

For those who are interested in protecting their bank accounts, this post will also show you how to stop bank fraud from happening to you. Whichever reason you are reading this post, just make sure you understand. If you don’t understand the process, do well to leave a comment, and I will explain further for you.

How to do bank fraud is very simple, but there are different ways. While I will explain the three popular ways to do bank fraud, you can then choose which one is more suitable for you. Then you can go ahead and execute.

If you don’t have the knowledge to do some of these types of internet banking frauds, then you have to learn.

So below are some of the ways to do bank fraud successfully;

how to do bank fraud

A bank scammer


Now, this is one of the simplest ways to do bank fraud. It is simple because you already have all the client’s details. You might be wondering how that is possible; that is exactly what phishing does.

Phishing is a form of internet banking fraud where the scammer tries to steal valuable information such as credit card details, card number, user ID, and passwords of his/her victim.

How does phishing happen?

  • You create a fake website that looks like that of a bank
  • You gather a list of possible emails and phone numbers
  • Send bulk information asking them to update their accounts

Once unsuspecting victims log into the fake website that impersonates another organization – most times, I prefer an e-commerce site or a banking site and input their card details.

Their details are stored at the backend of the “fake website,” where you can easily have access to them. With the details of the unsuspecting victim in your possession, you can now go ahead to do bank fraud with their details.

  • All you need to do is just to collect their card details – which you already have
  • Visit any foreign store on the internet
  • Start buying things that you like with their credit card.





Unfortunately, since you can’t transfer the money in the credit card to your account, all you can do is continue making purchases till you run out of funds. Phishing is simply one of the best ways to do bank fraud.

Card/ATM Skimming

This is a very simple way to get credit card details without having to go creating a fake website. Card skimming has shown that how to do bank fraud can be as easy as anything.

It is one of the ways to do bank fraud, which involves copying and capture of magnetic stripe and pin data on credit and debit cards. This type of bank fraud can occur at any compromised EFTPOS machine or any bank ATM.

Once the card details are captured, they are encoded onto a counterfeit card and used to make fraudulent account withdrawals and transactions.

When you buy a skimmer, typically $30, the next step is to find a POS or an ATM. It is preferable to use a POS because you may get caught at the ATM gallery.

You can contact a POS marketer or get POS and start the POS cashout for people. Insert the skimmer to record the card details instantly. It takes a few minutes, but you have to hope for non EMV chips to be inserted for the skimmer to work.

After the day, get the POS machine and retrieve the skimmer. Connect to your PC and collect the card details.

The next step is to clone the card. You can get a virtual card or write a track 1 and track 2 card with the skimmed details and use it to withdraw at any ATM or POS.

Make sure you do not transfer the money to a personal account to avoid getting caught. You may buy online with it if you do not want to cashout. It’s not also advisable to shop online because you may encounter OTP verification.

Account Update Fraud

This is quite a broad language regarding bank fraud, but it is one of the most efficient ways for unsuspecting victims.

The steps for this type of fraud are very simple but require your ability to convince people to tell you their details.

  • Collect Random Numbers
  • Send them bulk messages with a warning that their account might soon be closed
  • Ask them to update their information – most likely their BVN.
  • Put a number they should call
  • Use several social engineering tactics to collect their account details when they call.

Just make sure that you dispose of any SIM card used during the course of discussion with your unsuspecting victims. This would avoid you getting tracked down by the law enforcement agent.


Virus Trap

This is an advanced way to do bank fraud – especially for those who are technologically sound. The virus trap is a way of loading a virus and Trojan into a victim’s computer without their knowledge.

The primary aim of this is to get their system compromised and collect as much information as you can. Most young people perform several transactions with their computers, and it would be an excellent way to get their bank information from them.

There are some smart ways to get your viruses and Trojans into their system.

  1. Create a free app and ask them to install it
  2. Design a virus filled website and ask them to visit and download movies.

Whichever option you go for, the aim is just to make sure that you transfer the virus straight into their systems. Trojans appear as genuine applications and then embed themselves into a computer to monitor and collect information.






EFTPOS Skimming

The EFTPOS skimming is one of the smartest ways to do bank fraud without getting caught. Unless the customer is very observant, then your chances of being successful are 95%.

A foreign device is implanted into the EFTPOS machine. This device is capable of capturing and copying card and pin details processed through the machine.

The good thing about POS skimming is that it can only be detected when a customer requires physical inspection. But the good news is that most customers don’t even bother.

You might want to purchase this skimmer and insert it into your POS. Just in case you don’t have a POS, there are several fraudulent ways to get one.

  • Open up a shop or work in a shop where there is a POS available
  • Insert the skimmer into the POS without being seen
  • Make sure you distract your customers before trying to steal their details
  • Skim their cards and return them to them playfully and friendly.

One of the reasons why this type of bank fraud is dope is because you can’t get caught. But just make sure the customer doesn’t catch you skimming his card.


You can do bank fraud by carding, and so far, you do not move funds to a personal bank account, you can’t get caught.

Most carders use bank drops while others prefer to move funds to bring sites, gift card sites, fake charities, etc.

Meanwhile, to understand how carding works, see my carding tutorial.

You may not understand the article Immediately, but after some time, you will.

Carding has been in existence since the early 2000s, and only a few hustlers know how to card. We have thousands of carding methods including Zelle carding, Nike carding, etc. While some carding methods allow you to cashout funds to a bank account, some methods such as Airbnb carding will enable you to book free vacations. The gift card method, on the other hand, fetches you tons of gift cards for free.

Carding is done using CC, and it refers to credit card details. It is a difficult illegal hustle to do bank fraud, but if done well, you won’t get chargebacks. Moreover, you can card any website that is cardable no matter the country.

To card as bank fraud, you need a VPN to keep you anonymous, CC (credit card details), the website, shipping address, or bank drop. Note that some carding methods like Amazon carding and Apple carding require a shipping address.

Note that CC details include CVV, credit card number, and expiry date.

Bank Logging

I know you’ve never heard of bank log bank fraud. Bank log bank fraud is the use of bank logins to cashout. Typically, you cashout to a bank drop or mobile wallet. If you know what you’re doing, you won’t get a chargeback after that.

Bank log information includes banking email address, bank app PIN, username, and app password.

Once you obtain these details, you can run any cashout and load the account. Bank log also supports ACH transfer, but it takes up to 3 days, which is not advisable. To avoid chargeback, bank loggers use a prepaid card for their hustle.

You can purchase bank logs via the dark web or use stolen bank login details. If someone refuses to give their bank logins, you can use a keystroke logger or keylogger to get them.

First, get a keystroke logger software. You can search online for any keylogger software and install it on your target’s computer. Next, log out their back apps and clear browser cache and cookies. When they intend to log into the account, it saves their keystrokes to the software, including the login password.

Retrieve the software or set it to send all keystrokes to your email automatically (premium keyloggers only).

Finally, locate the session history in the keylogger software to uncover their bank username and password. If they entered their email address, you should find it there too.


So if you are still looking for how to do bank fraud, I have given you the best ways without getting caught. If you still need more information, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, and I will reply to you.

Stay safe, and don’t get caught!

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