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Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to easily get someone’s password

Are you in need of someone’s password? And you want to get their password easily? Then this article is for you. In this article, I would be discussing the steps on how to get someone’s password quickly. Getting someone’s password without the person’s consent is illegal, and it shows that you are breaching the person’s privacy. However, we would still discuss how to get someone’s password easily.

Some people who fix their password short or who fix their password to the point whereby it can easily be guessed are at serious risk because their private information may be tampered with by another person. This is one of the illegal ways to make money because they will have to pay to get their accounts back.

The steps on how to easily get someone’s password to include:

easily get someone's password

Tools to crack someone’s password

Install a Keylogger

Keylogger is an application which is hidden and operates in the background of a computer’s operating system. A keylogger can be gotten from several search engines when searched for. While a keylogger is being in use in a computer’s operating system, it takes note of every single time anybody types in a password.

This means that the person, who wants to get another person’s password easily, will have a list of many usernames and passwords of the people who have previously logged into their accounts. It is very much advisable to choose effective keylogger and download it. There are some of them which are free, and there are also some which you can pay.

Remember it is a hidden application and take note and download the original application because there are scam sites out there looking to deprive you of your hard-earned money. It is important to also set-up the keylogger in the best possible manner so that there will not be regrets afterward. However, if you want the application to be in the foreground, you can opt to put it that way.

But basically, the majority of the people who wants to get someone’s password often opt to put it in hiding mode. One of my close friends who hacks his girlfriend’s Facebook account to find out if she cheats on him often gives me the low down on the importance and benefits of installing a keylogger.


This simply means running through words to find out each one of them that is right. However, this seems so stressful and nearly impossible to achieve because it is based manually. In addition, there has been an improvement in that computers now can seek for the right password. This method is kind of easy to perform because of the time limit it takes to achieve.

Using John, the ripper

This is one good way to get someone’s password easily. Though, it is mainly a command line for the use of Linux. It is a built-in default password gateway.


Ophcrack is one of many password cracking applications to get someone’s password. It is a tool majorly used for windows. A Linux and Mac systems can also use it to get someone’s password. Ophcrack can go as far as cracking LM and NTLM.


Lophtcrack can also be used in place of ophcrack. It makes use of brute force attacks, just like the previous one mentioned, to generate and predict passwords correctly. You can get window passwords from hashes in the SAM file as well as the Active Directory.

Lophtcrack stopped operation in 2006 but later rejuvenated in the year 2009 to become one of the best password cracking tool.


This is one of the most used passwords cracking tool as well. In addition to its password getting ability, it is also within the line of cracking web form authentication when used together with other tools. It is, however, a potent and very effective tool to get any password and crack almost all degrees in the online world.


This is an online way to crack passwords of different kinds. It does not require you to pay, and it can be gotten on both Linux and windows. It also allows getting passwords in HTTP (Basic Authentication), POP3, FTP, SMB, Telnet, and others, which may include INAP, NNTP, NetBus, and so on. The application has not been updated for some time now but that does not mean you cannot update it yourself.


You can phish for password using the phishing method. Phishing is the act of tricking someone into providing their information, including passwords, without being aware that you are a scammer.

You can phish your victim in many ways. For example, if you want to collect a bank account password from someone, you must present to be messaging from their bank.

You can phish either via text messaging, phone call, email, etc. Phishers prefer text messaging because it conceals their identity. Phone calls can be used to phish, and it works on the uneducated older adults.

When you meet the target, pretend to chat from their bank if you’re targeting their bank account password.

You’ll need a phone number similar to the bank’s customer care line. For instance, if the customer care line is +223456, the fake number to use can be +123456.

Next, tell them that they have issues with their bank account and that their bank will be disabled if the issue continues.

When they accept, request their bank password to confirm their bank account before you can rectify the issue.


Pharming is similar to phishing, but it includes the use of a pharming website to collect user passwords.

Typically, the website is designed as an e-commerce site for selling cheap items. As people log in, their passwords are stored in the database.

Pharming targets password such as credit card password, and it does not operate selectively. That is, it can collect the PIN of any credit card details a buyer registers on the website.

When you read the article I embedded regarding creating a phishing site, and you’ll understand this method better.


Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is also one tool which can get you someone’s password. Though, it is specifically for windows. It can crack different hash types, which may range from NTLM, NTLMu2, ND5, wireless, Oracle,  MySQL, Server, SHA1, SHA2, VoIP, Cisco, and so on.

Cain and Abel have the capability of cracking passwords of different kinds while making use of dictionary attack, rainbow attack, and as well as brute force. It has an interesting specification which grants you the ability to choose your desired password length and character set when you make use of brute attack. Also, it serves as an interesting ARP poisoning and NiTM tool.

The article above contains a detailed explanation of how to get someone’s password easily. If you are seeking on how to easily get someone’s password, then look into this article, and you would be glad you did so.

Brute Force Attack

As the name implies, the brute force attack is a system that collects multiple passwords used to attack a person’s password at once.

Somehow, this method for getting someone’s password is becoming extinct because most sites use reCaptcha to stop bot attack or multiple login attempts from a single IP.


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