How to Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order

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This article discloses how to fill out MoneyGram money order correctly. If you do not fill your money order correctly, problems will arise with payment, and it might not even be processed or accepted.

how to fill out MoneyGram money order

A money order is a safe way to send money to people and you pay it upfront after buying it. This means you cannot easily cancel the payment almost like you would not for a credit charge. The amount cannot also bounce like a bad check. You also want to confirm that the person or organization you are making payments to accepts money order. Inform them about it before you proceed. The government, including the DMV, also accepts money order to process fines like speeding tickets, or registrations, including title renewal, license replacement, etc.

How to Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order

This section explains the steps you must follow your money order properly:

  1. Find a MoneyGram Branch

First, locate the nearest place to buy a MoneyGram money order. You can use your online search engine like Google. You can also use the MoneyGram website to find their branch by ticking the check box that matches the services you want. You can choose between Send Money or Pay a Bill, depending on what you are filling your MoneyGram money order for.

You can also see the various locations on the map or follow the site’s direction to get to a MoneyGram branch. Note that you that MoneyGram allows you to choose to purchase your money order from any institution, including the post office, local businesses (grocery stores), banks, or any Western Union or MoneyGram branch.

  1. Purchase a Money Order

The next step is to visit the MoneyGram branch and buy your money order. Request a money order for your amount or the amount that the recipient is expecting. When you buy a MoneyGram money order, you are charged a small processing fee. They also accept cards (credit or debit) or checks for buying a money order.

  1. Fill Out Money Order

The next step is for you to fill out your money order. When you buy a money order, it is cash itself. In this case, if you lose your money order, someone can fill and cash it themselves. Note that someone can be able to cash an already filled money order, so you must not misplace it.

Fill in the following:

  • Recipient name. On the first line, you will find Pay to the Order Of/Pagar de la Orden De. Here, write out the name of the money order recipient. Make sure to confirm the recipient’s name and must be their official name and not sobriquet or nickname.
  • Sign your money order. Below the line reading Pay to the Order Of, you will see a line that reads Purchaser, Signer for Drawer. Now, write your signature on this line. Yes, the signature must be your official signature.
  • Enter address. Under the signature section, you will see a line labeled Address. Enter the address of the person that bought the MoneyGram money order. It can be your address if you purchased the money order. The address can include your city, state, and postal code.
  1. Remove Your Stub and Store It Safely

On one side of the money order is a stub that you can detach. The stub is your transaction receipt that is useful for verification purposes, including when you want to investigate cashed money that you can confirm was cashed but the recipient said they did not. You also use it to track your money order status if it is lost or stolen. Detach the stub by bending along the perforated line to detach the money order stub safely. Finally, ensure to keep your stub safely until you can confirm that the recipient cashed the money order.

Filling Out Your MoneyGram Money Order Online

Who signs the purchaser line on a MoneyGram

If you cannot locate a MoneyGram location, you can be able to fill a MoneyGram money order online. Sometimes, you want to save time by using the online method. You also want to communicate this to the recipient. Let them know you will use the online method to send the money order to them.

  1. Visit MoneyGram Website

You can navigate to or download the MoneyGram mobile app. Click the menu option and select Send To from the field. Choose the country of your recipient. Beneath the Receive Option, select Pick Up Any Agent – USD. Under the next field labeled Amount, enter the amount of money order to send to the recipient. You can enter .00 at the end of the money order amount you want to buy to show that you are paying your recipient without a cent. So, you will have something like $50.00 for fifty dollars.

The MoneyGram money order amount you sent determines the transaction fee and the sending method you want for processing the payment. For instance, if you use your credit or debit card to pay for a MoneyGram money order online, it can be processed within 10 minutes. However, if you use your bank account to make payment for the MoneyGram money order online, it can take up to three (3) business days to process it.

  1. Create MoneyGram to Send Money Order

If you do not already have an account, you have to create one by clicking the signing up button. On the Sign Up webpage, enter your name, phone number, billing address, D.O.B (date of birth), and the final 4 digits of your Social Security number. Meanwhile, you might be interested in how to get SSN as a non-citizen.

While signing up, if you do not want to receive promotional emails from MoneyGram, you can untick the option for “Yes, I would like to receive promotions and special offers from MoneyGram”. Finally, create your account password. You can enroll in MoneyGram Plus or click “No…” to skip it.

  1. Enter Recipient Information

The next page might ask you to enter the recipient’s contact information. Ensure to enter their first and last name, and their state. Follow up the screen prompts to answer MoneyGram’s questions and complete the money order online.

  1. Complete Your Money Order Online

Finally, enter your payment information. If you want to pay with your card, enter the card type. MoneyGram will accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. Next, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV number.

You can also choose to pay with your bank account. You need to enter your bank name, type of account (savings or checking), routing number, and account number. You can find the routing number on your check at the bottom of the check, it is a long string of numbers. The next string of numbers is your account number and the third is the number for that specific check.

Finally, confirm the information you provided and complete your money order. You can inform the recipient about it. They can even cash the money order without their bank.

Final Thoughts

This article has carefully discussed how to fill out MoneyGram money order correctly. Make sure to buy your money order from the proper MoneyGram location or their website. If you buy a MoneyGram money order from random street vendors, you could be sending your recipient a fake money order for cashing.

Finally, note that you cannot change the payee name after filling out a money order on the line labeled Pay to the Order of. However, you can be able to fill out a MoneyGram claim card to have your money order refunded for a fee, typically 15 dollars.

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