8 Secrets to Get Money from a Sugar Daddy Client Online

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Last Updated on January 18, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

I have spoken to lots of sugar babies, and frankly speaking, a majority of them have a sole question demanding an answer. The ‘question’ is how they can get money from their sugar daddies. Well, in this post, I will show you how to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

How to get a sugar daddy to give you money is simple when you provide massive value to his life. We are not talking about a one-time exchange of pleasure; I mean a sugar daddy that will help you anytime necessary. Just like getting money from a married mansugar daddies are no different.

In this article, whether you are a guy trying to catfish a sugar daddy, or a sugar baby looking to learn how to squeeze out more money from a sugar daddy, you will find help with this article.

how to get a sugar daddy to give you money

A Sugar Daddy with a Beautiful Sugar Baby

Discussing financial compensation is significant because it helps overcome future grievances and regrets. I have met a couple of sugar babies who regretted ever meeting a sugar daddy online. Now, you may be wondering, how do I make it seems like I am not a gold digger or even a whore. The truth is that the psychology behind convincing someone to give you money remains the same.

How do you go about asking for money from a new sugar daddy you just met without sounding demanding, whining, or stressing him out?

If you follow my tips and recommendations, you will discover how to get a sugar daddy to give you money without meeting. Just follow my steps, practice it, and you will become a money magnet.

P.s. Some tips here are dangerous, but if you have the guts, you can always try!

8 Ways to Make a Sugar Daddy give you Money

For these recommendations to work, you have to put in a combination of almost all of them. How you apply them should be dependent on the stage and level of companionship you have with the sugar daddy.

Applying these tips will make you less predictable and more attractive. Let’s get started.

Show confident interest in his Life

Have you seen Hollywood movies where a young girl seduces a rich man? Do you realize the way she carries herself, shows confident interest in the man, and getting acquainted?

The simple analogy with this is that you must be confident about yourself and show him that you just want to know him better and nothing else. If you indicate that you are interested in knowing him better, he will open up exceedingly.

Most sugar daddies are bored and need a sugar baby to remain in communication with at some point. But most sugar babies don’t understand this.  So, by implementing this, you’d be among the 1% of sugar babies who are interested in the lives of their daddies.

Nothing beats a confident sugar baby who makes people believe that she knows what she wants and how to get it – even when they don’t know.

Give him Attention

It is a crucial practice regarding how to get a sugar daddy to give you money. Men, just like women, love it when they get unsolicited attention from their women. Also, sugar daddies love getting attention from their sugar babies. But I will tell you always to make sure you regulate the care you give out.

There is something called ‘saturation,’ and once the attention you give is excess, it becomes ‘disturbance.’ Give out a little bit and keep a bit for yourself and probably other guys who can assist you financially.

When you have his attention while he becomes addicted to you, it becomes an excellent time to strike.

It might look simple, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Being a successful sugar baby comes with putting in enough effort. And when you genuinely give out attention to your sugar daddy, money comes flowing in even when you don’t request the cash.

If you do this well, I assure you that you’d get a sugar daddy to give you money without meeting in person or online.

Building a Connection

Building an Emotional connection with a sugar daddy to get money from him

A Sugar baby at a Cocktail party

Building a connection means getting to know your sugar daddy on a whole new level. You see, this is an emotional trick to get a sugar daddy to give you money always. So once you ask, he responds immediately and positively.

How you build a connection with your sugar daddy is by asking him provocative questions and listening attentively. The aim is to find out what both of you share in common. You find out what tickles him, his interests, hobbies, what makes him feel good about himself, and what makes him laugh.

If you go a step further, ask about his values and the essential things in his life. The aim is to acquire all information that you need to execute your game plan.

Once you have this information, you can become that favorite girl that supports his interests, values and calms his fears and insecurities. If you master this, even if you meet any sugar daddy online, you will know how to get a sugar daddy to give you money online.

Stroke His Ego

Almost all men have ego problems – and wise girls have exploited this to their advantage. If you need to get a sugar daddy to give you money, then you have to sell him to himself. Expert seducers in the past achieved this by using flattery. For instance, you should tell him how good he is in bed, his wealth, and how perfect his character seems. Tell him that he is an expert at taking care of a woman.

Once you put up the genuine act, you’d notice the transformation in him. It will happen because he would always want to please you and get more compliments. If you stroke that ego properly, the money will flow to you.


Give Your Sugar Daddy Gifts

Do you know what they call a Greek gift? It is a gift that comes with ulterior motives. One of the ways of manipulating anyone into giving you money is by giving first. That way, you’ve invested first into their emotional bank, and they owe you!



Whoever gives first dictates the pace of giving and receiving; the type of gifts you give your sugar daddy shouldn’t have to be expensive. You just want to build memories in his head that you can use to manipulate him. Even as a stingy man, you can still get money from him by using gifts.

When you give him a gift, you’ve achieved three core things in his life;

  • You made him happy
  • Created a memory
  • Shown him that you care about him
  • Demonstrated that he is unique to you

No matter what you gift him, just by the action, you’ve shown yourself to be a giver and not an ATM. It would force him more into trying to reciprocate. It is a simple but yet effective way to get a sugar daddy to give you money!

Give Your Sugar Daddy Your Support

From the experience of being a sugar daddy to a girl, I would tell you that nothing pisses a sugar daddy off more than a girl who is continually being a pain in the ass. When you are a constant source of stress and drama to your sugar daddy, he will most likely be looking for how to get rid of you.

Your aim should be how to support him and encourage him when he is down. Think of yourself as his source of constant joy and present yourself like that. Your sugar daddy might be going through a tough patch; make sure you don’t add to his stress.

By not burdening him with your problems and listening to his emotional burden, you are providing massive value to his life.

To let you know, he might have a wife who is also a constant pain in the ass for him. Getting you as a sugar baby would probably be his escape route from nagging and complaint. Even if you aren’t close to him, by being an excellent baby, you can get a sugar daddy to give you money online.

Ask for Money

Let’s be frank here; some sugar daddies are pure a**holes. No matter how much you’ve tried to manipulate them, they will not just yield. Now, what it means is that you just have to ask for the possibility of receiving it.

If you want to get a sugar daddy to give you money online, you have to ask – only after you played your part well,

If you want a sugar daddy to give you money without a meeting, you just need to ask – follow my rules and play your part.

Asides from the tips here, there are no other gimmicks to make your sugar daddy give you money; you just have to ask. If you can’t do that physically, you can also see some powerful asking for money text messages to help you achieve the same aim.


So now that you’ve understood the psychology behind how to make your sugar daddy give you money, all you need to do is practice and keep practicing. The more you practice, the better for you.

Everything might not work out fine initially, but persistence is the key. Trust me; once you land a big whale, then you’d look back and smile. To get a sugar daddy who gives out money quickly. If you do, be thankful. While in the hunt for a high-paying sugar daddy, make sure you avoid sugar daddy scams. Lastly, you can earn from boyfriends and girlfriends while hanging out sugar babies.

Till next time, Mike Bush says BYE!


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