How to Get Bank Statement for a Closed Account

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How to get bank statement for a closed account? When you have financial issues or are in a situation that requires your old, you will want access to your old bank account. Fortunately, this is not difficult at all. Anyone can be able to request their bank statement for a closed account with the appropriate proof of ID.

How to get bank statement for a closed account

The bank will request a processing fee to access your closed bank account, but some banks will not do this for all types of accounts. Also, if your account was blocked, you may not be able to obtain your bank statement until you resolve the issue.

You can be able to have access to your closed bank statement because state laws mandate the banks to make them accessible for a stipulated amount of time, typically 5 years. If you are obtaining a bank statement for a deceased’s bank account, you will need additional documents and proof of ID, including the death certificate.

Can you still access bank statements from a closed account?

You can still obtain bank statements for a closed bank account from your bank. Your bank does not immediately erase banking data when the account is closed. They keep it for up to 5 years or more and charge a fee to provide you with the statement.

How to Get Bank Statements for a Closed Account

You can get a bank statement for a closed bank account in the following ways:

  • Find Out Your Bank’s Requirements

First, know what your bank requires. Your bank’s policy and procedures might not be the same as that of another bank but the difference can only be slight. You can call the cash, visit them in person or send them a letter to know what steps and documents you need to get the closed bank account statement. You can find out the processing fee as well.

  • Contact three Physical Bank Branch

Depending on your bank, you may be able to request your bank statement copies directly at the bank branch, over the phone, or in person. Your bank will also require your valid photo ID (drivers license, passport, national ID, etc.), account information (account name and number), etc.

If you are requesting a bank statement from a deceased bank account, you will have to prove that you know the deceased person. This means you will submit the deceased death certificate (no fake death certificate), and any additional documentation before the bank lets you access the account statement.

  • Give the Date for the Account Statement

Can I get bank statements from a closed account Barclays

You can be able to request your account details from 1 year ago, 2 years ago, or even 5 years ago, etc. Provide the bank with the date range you want them to produce.

Banks are mandated to keep your account records for up to 5 years after you close your bank account. Anything longer than this, it is up to your bank and whether or not they keep bank records for more than 5 years.

  • Collect Your Bank Statement

Depending on the bank’s policy and procedures, the bank can able to pull your records, print and send them to you immediately. In some cases, it might take some days for the bank to investigate and verify the documents you submitted before they can make copies of your closed bank account available.

Banks typically archive records for closed bank accounts, so a staff member needs to retrieve the record and might take some time. The bank can send the bank statement to your provided email address or forward the printed documents to you via mail. In some cases, you can also visit the bank branch to obtain copies of your bank account.

  • Online. Depending on your bank, you can be provided online access to the closed bank account. Your current email address can also be collected by the bank to forward you copies of the bank statement. In this regard, you can view and print the statement for the purpose you want.

What to Do if You Can’t Access Your Old Account Statement

If you have waited for more than 5 years and your bank lost your records, or your bank lost the records before 5 years, you can explore other alternatives. For example, you can consider using your older printed bank statement. You can also check the email of the closed bank account for softcopies of bank statements the bank sent monthly. Simply search the email address with the name of the closed bank account and go through them for the bank statement of the month you want.

You can also use receipts from transactions to make up for the purpose for which you need your closed bank statement. This would include your pay stubs, deposit slips, etc.

Also, if you sent checks to your account, you can get them. Banks are required to keep these copies for a period of up to 7 years, so you can request them instead. Go to your bank branch or request the copies over the phone. You can also write the bank to request them.

What Happens if Another Bank Acquired the Bank with Your Closed Bank Account

If a bank fails and another bank acquires it and all the data. The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) can also take over the funds and banking data until another institution acquires it. In this case, if you have a closed account with a failed bank that closed, the current management of the bank will be able to retrieve your account statements. Find out if the FDIC manages the failed bank and contact them to obtain a copy or copies of your account statements.


Do banks keep records of closed accounts?

The bank keeps records when you close your account, or an account is closed for some reason, for up to 5 years or more, depending on the bank. Some banks keep a closed bank record for up to 7 years before getting rid of them.

How long does a closed bank account stay on your record?

Banks are mandated to retain your checking and savings account data, including identification, contact, and tax information. The FDIC regulations mandate banks to keep closed account records for 5 years after the account is closed. Some banks allow up to 7 years before the archived records are deleted permanently.

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Final Thoughts

That you have closed your bank account does not mean the bank has deleted all the records. The records are still there for reference purposes and instances when you are in a situation that requires your old bank account statement.

Go on, get in touch with the bank and explain that you need the statement of account.

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