How to Get Cash with Just a Credit Card Number

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How to get cash with just a credit card number? It appears unrealistic but look at it again. Perhaps we should read it another way: how does a thief get money with just a credit card number? Now we can answer this.

How to get cash with just a credit card number

Many people believe you cannot take money from a bank account with just credit card number. Reason? Because security is tight. Well, someone can always get around the system to remove money from a bank account with just credit card number.

Typically, you need a physical card and the PIN to withdraw money from an account. It can be circumvented, such that you cash out from an account using just the card number. Even some bricks and mortar stores let you buy things without your physical card. This is where e-commerce websites come in. Perhaps, you are not aware of a system called carding. You can read all about carding here.

From another angle, if you mean you have only the card number without the CVV, expiry date and card holder’s name, you cannot get cash from it unless you generate the remaining details correctly. If this was the case, nobody will request credit or debit card for whatever other reason.

How to Get Cash with Just a Credit Card Number

There are quite a couple of ways you can get cash with just credit card number. Think about the apps now available online that let’s you go cardless. Also, when you purchase from an online store, do you take your physical card there? No, you do not—everything ends from your room. Just you, your card details and the site in question.

Below are some of the ways you can get cash with just a credit card number:

Use the Card Number without OTP

Suppose you possess card number and you have no PIN, you can be able to get money from the bank account by using an e-commerce website to shop without your OTP.

But if, as mentioned earlier, you do not have the CVV, expiry date and card holder’s name, you must generate it correctly or forget about it. The card number alone is a code that can be cracked for hidden information if you know what.

Refer to my simple guide on buying stuff online without OTP. Learn a few things and then combine your abilities to come up with something that works for you. Not all sites allow shopping without OTP though. You also want to be sure not to go shopping on a phishing website.

Using the Bank App

Typically, banks do not allow you to merely access and get cash from a credit card virtually. They understand the risk the account is into if they lose their app. But this does not stop banks from offering the cardless cash withdrawal. This means you can withdraw money without a credit card. You only need access to the mobile device with a bank and the bank app that supports cashless policy.

To get the money with only credit card number, you must set it up within the bank app. Typically, whatsoever code the bank app gives is temporary. So the next thing you need is a cashing point that supports the cashless banking policy.

Typically, no identity whatsoever is required because they bank believes since the transaction originates from the bank app, it is safe.

The cashless policy will require having the mobile phone with the bank app with you. When you visit the ATM, you only have to enter our credit card number. The typical verification is just to scan the QR code using the bank app. When the ATM authenticates the request, you follow other steps on the screen to complete the transaction.

Use the Casino

A lot comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘casino’. Apart from what you are thinking about the casino, you can do more, including getting cash with just your credit card number.

Most casinos let you do cash advances off a credit cards without the card PIN. The fee might be a bit expensive but so far it allows you to get money off of a credit card without a pin number, should not call for worries. It should be a one time thing.

Selling information on the dark web

This part of the tutorial is what scammers mostly do. If they cannot cash from an account without PIN or the physical card, they sell it on dark web. Perhaps, you have an idea of the dark web. It is the opposite of the surface web, which is where you are right now reading this article.

The dark web is beyond the surface web and search engines like Google and Bing are not configured to result display webpages on the dark web.

While reading this article, your credit card details, including your older credit card details, could be up for sale. Perhaps, you have one for sell too. Some people believe it is anything for the money, and that is OK until you get caught.

Buying gift cards which are as good as cash

You can buy gift card and then exchange it for cash. Lots of websites will buy your gift card and you the value it is worth. Moreover, gift card is anonymous and a gift card issuer cannot track you. So when you purchase it with a credit card without PIN, you sell it quickly or buy a valuable items worth its value.

Final Thoughts

Let’s assume that you have a credit card you do not own, you cannot go to the bank to request to cash without credit card number. The bank will require an ID, if course.

If your lost your credit card, you can request a replacement card, but make sure the bank renders your old card invalid.

If you are a fraudster looking to get away with cash with just credit card number, you want to use a money mule, just what a money launderer does to get away with dirty cash. Using a friend or relative’s bank account is the same as cashing to your bank account because they will point the fraud to you.

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