How I Get FREE PayPal Money into My Account by Doing Simple Jobs [Working 100%]

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Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

What’s up, guys, today? In this post, I will show you how to get free PayPal money fast and easily. This tutorial is for people who are looking for innovative ways to make money from their comfort. I am taking a drift from the illegal ways to make money. Most of these simple jobs can be done as a side hustles to make money.

If you’re part of the massive number of people worldwide who prefer to make money from the comfort of their homes, it should be clear that you already have PayPal to receive payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, I suggest you get yours now if you intend to use some methods to get free PayPal money, as I will explain soon.

If you think it isn’t possible to get free PayPal money fast, then you probably haven’t done enough research. So I suggest you take time to read through and execute all the methods I will show you.

From my experience, I have earned quite a tremendous amount of money from PayPal, so I know exactly how it works.  Let me show you very fast without wasting much time again.


how to get free PayPal money fast and easy

Guide to get free PayPal money instantly


Ways to Get Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy

If you are outside of the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, you need to get a VPN to make it possible for you to earn this free money. Some of the platforms I will be listing will require your IP to be coming from such countries.

But with technology, we can always bypass and be in any country we want to be. Let’s get started now!


If you are looking for a seamless way to earn extra cash in free money online, then you should try Gigwalk. By using their platform, you become a Gigwalker. You can decide for yourself when you want and where to work. For me, it is one of the best apps to get free PayPal money fast and easily.

You will check out gigs available to you that will take just a few mins of your time. On average, you can pocket between $5 – $100 or even more. Doesn’t it sound dandy to see such a platform?

GiGwalk processes payment via PayPal, and its application can be found on both the Apple and Google Playstore. The gigs are available for users across the US and Canada.

See how to earn extra cash from Gigwalk.




get free PayPal money fast with Ebates

Ebates Registration Screen


Do you know that just by signing up on Ebates, you’d get free PayPal money? Well, this site pays you about $10 only by signing up with them.

Asides from the signing up offer, as a user of Ebates, you can do your online shopping – which you can always do. The catch here is that you’d get a percentage of any amount you spend when you purchase from the Ebates platform – depending on the store you buy from.

The secret is that significant retail and chain stores pay Ebates a commission to help direct you to their stores, and Ebates split the commission with you. It is that straightforward.

Ebates pays you quarterly and directly to your PayPal account once you reach the $5 threshold.


The Free PayPal Trick

Are you wondering how you can be on PayPal and still get free PayPal money PayPal? I guess it is pretty confusing, right? The truth is that this method is pretty illegal and should be used with caution.

There is a loophole in the PayPal system called the chargeback. It happens after you send money to someone and you raise a dispute. PayPal investigates and sends you back your money.

Now what we do is to create three PayPal account’s using a virtual bank account. We send money from A to B, then make a dispute, and PayPal sends money back to A, then we move the funds to C.


I have written a detailed article on how to trick PayPal into giving you free money. Once you read, you’d understand how it works then.


This is one of my favorite websites to get free PayPal money fast and easily. Swagbucks gives you an instant $10 as a joining bonus offer for signing up for their platform. It is transferred directly to your PayPal account.

If you use the site regularly, you will get cash, gifts, and rewards. As reported, I have made over $300 to $500 monthly by using Swagbucks for about 10 minutes daily.

Here is a comprehensive Swagbucks review and how to make money from the website.



This is undoubtedly another website that allows you to earn money for your PayPal account by registering on their platform. They give you a $5 signup bonus and send it to your PayPal account.

There is more free cash waiting for you just by completing tasks on the platform. For only about 4 – 10 minutes of work, you can make about $10 – $15 easy and fast.



If you need about $15 free PayPal money in your account today, you need to sign up at Netspend and request a prepaid card.

You get this cash as soon as you load your card with a minimum of $40. Then the total withdrawable amount is $60. I see this more like an investment of $40 to earn $60 within a few minutes.

Opinion Outpost

For those in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, this is one of the best survey panel companies that allows you to get free PayPal money fast and easy. They weren’t paying out fast in the past, but they’ve made many changes to their payment process.

Now, if you request cash payment, they send it almost right away to your PayPal account. You must have a minimum threshold of $10 to be eligible for compensation.


Pinecone Research

For those still interested in survey sites, Pinecone research pays you about $3 per survey. Once you get to the minimum threshold and request a payout, you can expect to get your money within a day.

With the PayPal payment option, you can get your money within a day. But if you prefer the check option, then it comes in a few days. Pinecone Research is one of the most popular survey panels and has been around for a long time.

You can be able to sign up for Pinecone Research here


This website helps you get free PayPal money fast and easy online. The website allows you to write and rate reviews for mobile phones, music, phone accessories, and fashion products.

The more in-depth review you write, the higher the amount you make. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach a minimum threshold of $10. They payout twice a week on the Silcethepie platform – on Tuesdays and Fridays




get free PayPal money with SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie Registration


This website allows you to become a retail influencer and use your opinion to assist brands in delivering better products out to the market.

They have over 3million members across many countries. SurveyJunkie will pay you once you complete any survey on your device. For every successful review, you earn from $1 to $4, and once you’ve accumulated up to 1000 points, it becomes the equivalent of $10.

The points can be redeemed either as payment to your PayPal account or e-gift cards.

PayPal Carding

You can get free PayPal funds by carding. If you do not know what carding means, I suggest you read carding for beginners.

In this aspect of earning free PayPal money, you will use the PayPal carding method and cashout.

First, you need CC with bin and tools such as carding VPN, PayPal account, and bank drop.

Now, use the CC details to move funds from the account fast. I have written a guide on how to create a bank drop account. If you use a money mule’s bank drop, you have to pay about 10% of whatever amount of money you card from

Ask People for Money

Yes, you can ask for money donations to your PayPal account and withdraw it to your bank account.

You may have to lie or be sincere for people to send money to your PayPal account.

I have used this method to collect nearly $5,000 from my PayPal account, and it works like a charm if you plan to collect the money illegally, set up a fake profile with fake pictures of a bad health condition to incite people to send you money.

Note that not everyone will send the money to your PayPal account, but I can guarantee that 30% of the people you meet or that come across your dilemma will send free money to your PayPal account. Moreover, PayPal will not charge the money back because it was sent by the sender willingly.


For now, these are the legitimate ways to get free PayPal money fast and easy. I will be updating this post from time to time, making you subscribe and keep in touch.

If I find other cool ways of making money without stress, I will surely let you know. For now, have a wonderful time and keep hustling. Meanwhile, you can bypass PayPal verification whenever you face difficulties.


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