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How to Get Money from a Stingy Man? Learn some Tricks.

Many articles often begin by condemning a stingy man, but I love to be realistic. If you are looking for how to get money from a stingy man, you have to understand who should be called a stingy man or not.

Just like trying to get money from a married man easily, these tricks also work the same way. It all depends on your ability to manipulate and tweak his mind towards becoming open with you.

When is it right to address a man, ‘stingy’ or who is a stingy man?

A man that grips-tight his pockets when it comes to spending?

Someone who bluntly refuses to spend his money?

Now, overly viewing stinginess from this vague perspective will mean just one thing; that we all are ‘stingy.’ In reverse, as a woman, you’ll deny ever being stingy, won’t you?



she is trying to get money from a stingy man

An angry woman with a stingy Boyfriend


In truth, furthermore, you need no lecture on how to get money from a stingy man. Stinginess in a man is not a game and, therefore, doesn’t require specific skills to bring home the bacon. It’s just about what you can do for the man to dissolve his stinginess and give you the money.



This reminds me of a raging argument that ensued between a lady and her man. During the fiery and loud debate, the lady recurrently described the man with the word “stingy.” The man on the other end was not admonishing the accusations either. He was like, “Thank you.”

Funnily, I was about taking sides with the woman when the man’s last statement before he drove off fascinated me. He said, “What have you done to merit my generosity?

You’ll agree from this man’s response that ‘the woman’ is the cause of his stinginess.


So how do you get Money from a Stingy Man Easily?



How to make your man spend on you


The man you think is stingy may, in an actual sense, not be stingy at all. But I’ll still open up your eyes for free on how to get money from a cheap man. I’ll cite just two deals for you to take home;

  1. The Crafty Deals
  2. The Non-Deceptive Deals

It’s your flaws I’ll fix concerning how to get money from a stingy man. You can also learn how to make a man spoil you and buy you things.


The Crafty Deals

This includes the tricky things that make a man give up on being stingy with you. And it’s here that your womanly powers lie. I recommend adopting these tricks on how to get money from a cheap man, as listed here. It will take the man to his knees and his pockets open to your sweet hands.


The Debilitating Bed and Your Hands

A bed houses the highest peak of a woman’s power…

A woman’s hand encages magical spells…

Do you seem fed up with the man’s attitude, which you describe as ‘STINGY’? So sad because this could easily be no more as long as there is a bed in that apartment. Well, I believe there is a bed in that apartment because ‘women,’ as I know, will never live in a house without a bed. When we were moving into our new home without a bed, wifey was like, “No bed? I’ll come over when there’s one.”

Back to the subject, when in bed with a man, you could ask whatever you want, be him your husband, boyfriend, or biological brother. Also, nature gave you those crafty hands for nothing other than bewitchment!

If you plan to bewitch him on a cold dark evening, await his arrival and help him to the bathroom. When the man is done bathing, ensure that his body falls firstly on the bed. Now, initiate your powers; caress his manly chest, touch his neck, and ask for whatever you want from him. In the process, avert using the word “stingy” on him might kill the vibes. Concerning how to get money from a stingy man here, the bed will annul his body. And your handful of touches? It will burn his stingy soul!


The Teary Trickster

Crying a bit like a baby? I’d say, “Best decision!” Besides, it is one of the inciting pieces of stuff that will trigger him to give you money. Wear sad looks throughout the day. Be weary-looking and inactive as well!

When there is that piteous and fake character played all day, a man will be worried. He may not immediately ask what’s wrong, but he’s aware. Even if he knows that it’s money you want and that he’s stingy, he’ll be forced to give up. Whatever is the reason why he’s gripping his pocket will not be sufficient for him not to give up on.

This is one of the ways on how to get money from a stingy man that derails him. A man may be unhappy with a woman, but he’s not happy seeing a woman cry at his disposal. Even a next-door female neighbor looking sad and teary all day will incite pity from a man. Use this trick on him anytime you want money; he’ll not be able to resist it. And, of course, your teary eyes can weaken his bank account.




Complaining Mistress­­­

Often Complain of Being Moneyless…

Funny but very necessary on how to get money from a stingy man. My younger and even elder sister does this. Also though my elder sister is a working type, my money is what she loves; I can’t fathom why.


a complaining mistress

Complaining will make a stingy man give you money


When I’m stingy about giving them my money, they’ll complain and complain about my hearing; it hurts. The truth is that men don’t love when their women complain, especially about money. They’d instead give you reasons why the money is not available at that moment than have you complain all day.

On how to get money from a stingy man, this is the top indirect way. It’s a way that does not make demands from a man. But it does signal him of something; that you need his money although he’s stingy.


Make Money Requests in His Presence

This is yet another crafty deal on how to get money from a stingy man. If you, for instance, have the intention of asking your parents or siblings for money, make that happen in his presence. When he’s there, probably gaming, seeing a movie, make a call to your bloodline. Tell dad or mum that you have no money and that you’ve got a problem to fix.

At that moment, the man will be hit with the reality that he’s not doing something right. I can, as a man, describe how he’ll feel; insulted, challenged, and triggered.

Concerning making money requests in his presence, you could resort to asking your friends for money, still in his presence. For instance, while your friend is around and your stingy man is there, ask her to borrow you a lite cash. This should trigger him to willingly give you money next time because the previous act demeaned him.


The Non-Deceptive Deals

These are the straightforward ways on how to get money from a stingy man. These ways don’t contain any form of trickery; it’s about realness. I have just 4 top ones of them for you on how to get money from a stingy man.


Be Womanly

By the way, a man prefers spending his money on a woman, especially on the backside, the butt. Always be womanly and respect him as a brother, boyfriend, father, husband, etc. When the respect factor is absent on your side as a woman, he won’t regard you. Losing regards to you can’t, in any way, stop him from being stingy.

Reconcile every issue with him immediately and speak softly always. You women have a sweet tongue that can make a man dement.

On the course of being womanly, append the crafty ways on how to get money from a stingy man.



Love Him

“Love him?” Yes, but not the way you love him right now. Loving him with understanding is what I mean. He may be willing to give, but due to circumstances, he feels it’s stylish to be stingy with you. Most times, your attitude prevents him from telling you what’s up. And the “what’s up” could be the reason for the stinginess.

Do you think he’s not aware? Or that he’s just a heartless stingy man? Well, I don’t think you’re right about it. He’s quite aware of the fact that you see him as being tight, whereas he’s not. Always show miniatures of understanding whenever he acts stingily. If he’s a lover, combine the debilitating bed with your bewitching hands to sail him away from stinginess.

Primarily on this non-crafty way of how to get money from a stingy man, be darling to him always. It should serve as an instigator to get money from him.


Be Independent as a Woman

Sometimes I’m tempted to think whether my aunt, a businesswoman, does ask her husband for money. Well, I know she will because women are never in their lives rich enough.

I don’t know if the saying, “An independent woman is a respected woman” exists. If it doesn’t, know it now. Being independent doesn’t mean being very rich; it’s just able to do certain things for your lovely self. When you’re self-employed, there are so many minor things you won’t get to demand from him. The lesser your demand, the lower the burden on him; it’s no Economics Theory.

Being independent is just a selfless way on how to get money from a stingy man. No matter how hardhearted or flimsy he may appear, that independency of you will spark him away from stinginess.

But on a side note, if you are pretty, you could also see the best ways to make money as a beautiful lady. That way, you wouldn’t bother your man on certain financial issues. Invariably, raising your respect and making you look independent.


If he is stingy and won’t change, consider leaving him

Buy Him Stuffs You Can Afford

Going by the saying, “Givers never lack.” It’s advisable for you as a woman to gift men things, especially boyfriends.

I would have suggested buying him expensive things, but ‘no,’ you may not have the funds. So, buy him only the stuff you can afford. This doesn’t mean you should gift him less-worthy things either. For instance, what we all know our women to love gifting us are boxers, singlets, T-shirts, and the likes. Go a bit beyond these and see whether a man will ever be stingy with you.

Besides, men play stingy because they believe you’re a stingy being that doesn’t deserve a thing from them.

How about getting your man something you know he cherishes? Like myself, I’m a gaming freak! What my wife, during our courting times, did was to surprise me with a gaming console, PlayStation 3, precisely. For her, it was merely a surprise gift, but for me, she just sowed a seed. Such is a seed that will encourage me never to be stingy with her, no matter how little I may have.

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Kungeh Belldine

Wow, the points given are really good but there are still some men if you like you do all the things you mentioned but still yet they will still remain stingy, they have the money but they tight up their pockets, at times I just feel like bewitching them and take the money without their knowledge

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