How to Hack a Bank Account in Nigeria within 2 Minutes [Tutorial]

Last Updated on January 4, 2022 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

What’s up guys, I am back to show you guys some of the ways I have discovered to become rich. In this article, I will show you in detail how criminals hack a bank account. To contact me, follow me on Instagram; see below for more information.

This post aims to show you how it is done, so learn to protect your account and don’t make mistakes.

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It is in human nature to be careless but so many are careless because they lack interest in what they are carried about.

A careless person is also prone to an attack, and if you are heartless, you can take advantage of their carelessness to hack their bank accounts.

I will be showing you in the article how I was able to hack the account, and you can try your own. I forgot to add this as some of the bank frauds you can do from your home without stress.

Remember that this post is purely educational—if you are caught, you are responsible for the consequences.

There are several methods to steal money from someone’s account, but I will be sharing my method, which is the simplest method. If you try my way and it doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will show you what you are not doing correctly.

How to hack a Bank Account

hack a bank account

A Hacker

Like I explained earlier, there are several ways to how to hack a bank account and withdraw money to your account, but others have lots of risks.

The Phishing Method

Create a Fake Website

This costs me money to build, but it was one of the steps I knew would help me hack someone’s account and transfer their money.

This fake website that I create is known as a phishing website. You can read here to know what a phishing website means.

On this website, I was selling expensive perfumes for as cheap. People visiting this phishing website are required to purchase online for it to deliver to them.

At the backend of this website, there is where you can collect every detail that is entered on the website.

For instance, the visitor sees a $1 t-shirt and proceeds to make payments. The payment gateway put in it is fake and also uses a fake URL but the website visitor thinks it is an authentic page.

When they enter their bank details, it is saved to the website and is now known as bank logs. Go here to read about bank logs and how you can spam bank logs for more back account logins.

Note that ‘bank logs’ refer to bank logins.

Promote the website

You have to promote your phishing site. But promoting the phishing website, more people are attracted to it to buy your fake items.

You can go on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Whatsapp groups, or just any platform with lots of users.

Collect the back login details

When people see how cheap the things are on your website, they will mostly buy in bulk. Remember that this is a fake website, so the bank login details are accessible by you.

Note that to collect these bank details, you have to clone the particular bank in question. So, you will lie to uses that only buyers from a particular bank can buy from your site. You can create multiple fake bank pages that users can click so it redirects them to different banks.

If you do not intend to steal bank logins, you can steal credit or debit card details instead. This is known as ‘CC’.

In this case, the phishing site visitor will use their credit or debit card to buy which will be stored on your fake website.

You don’t have to be a professional scammer to do this; you only need the tools and learn from someone.

The message method to hack a bank account

In some cases, you receive text messages telling you that

“You need to update your bank information, or your account will be blocked.”

That is also another method you can use to get your client’s details, hack their bank account and withdraw money. In this situation, you would need to get the following;

  • A bulk SMS application
  • Phone numbers of people
  • A card verification software (to know if the card number you are collecting is correct)
  • Secure internet connection

How do you apply this method to hack a bank account?

  • You open the bulk SMS website and type in this message:

“This is a notification from the [name of bank] that this bank account is currently being hacked. To secure your money, call your account manager on [fake number].”

  • Then you send it to the phone numbers of your target

Then you wait for responses.

Some ignorant ones will start calling to check if it is true; you have to sound like a professional. There are three things you would need to collect from them;

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVC (the number at the back of their ATM card

You can also ask for their bank login details to verify the loophole in their bank account.

Once you have all these, tell them you will get back to them and assist them further. All you have to do is go online and start buying whatever you need to buy online.

Job Done!!!

The disadvantage of this method is that people are becoming wiser about giving out their details to anyone who sends them messages but it still works.

Keylogger Method

This is one of the easiest ways to hack a bank account. Malware is distributed into the system of the victim through files or documents sent into the system. The aim is to gather much information about the system of the person you are trying to hack his/her account.

There are lots of malware that records what your victim is typing, which then sends information back to you. Let’s say you send malware into the computer of someone, and they go online to buy something. The malware will record the card details, login information, and everything that would make them access your account.

If the person has an online banking platform on their computer, once they log into their platform, you will get their details and make money from their accounts.

You will need the keylogger software. They include Spyrix, NetBull, Total Logger, etc.

You just have to install the keylogger on the computer or mobile phone of your target. Log them out of their bank accounts so that when next they log in with their password, the keylogger tool will store their keystrokes.

Some keyloggers can automatically send the stored keystrokes to your email address.

Banking Trojan Method

This is another way to hack a bank account for those who can develop applications. It is a straightforward way to get information about users who use bank apps to make transactions. Let me show you the steps to use the bank trojan to hack any bank account.

  1. You will create a mobile application replica of any bank (Make it look similar)
  2. Now you will host the mobile application on the internet. You might not be able to host the application on the Google Play Store because they will block the application.
  3. The application will have a back end, where you will receive the login details of everybody that download the application.

Once you have their login details, you can download the main application and access their accounts from the real application.

Can you hack credit or debit card?

There is no straightforward way to hack a credit or debit card if you don’t know the person’s pin except you can buy with the credit card details online without OTP.

Once you have the card details, it becomes easy for you to collect money from the card without letting the owner know you have collected money.

Like I said initially, many websites use payment gateways that demand OTP, so it isn’t a good idea for you to do that.

Use an insider in the bank

You can rapport with someone inside of the bank, a banker. If they have the software, they are able to leak bank details while you do the dirty work.

This method is teamwork so you must stay clean for the banker to continue business with you.


This is different from becoming a yahoo boy, so you will need to practice harder to become a pro.

I will still add more information to this; if you are confused about how to start, you can ask questions in the comment section, and I will reply and explain to you. Do you know what happens when a hustler has someone’s account number? Read what happens now.

Till we meet again, keep hustling like a Smart but Lazy Hustler!


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