How to Pickpocket a Watch – Rolex, Omega, Patek, etc.

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Pickpocketing is not a hustling skill everyone can do. Nonetheless, this article reveals how to pickpocket a watch. It can be Rolex, Omega SA, Patek, etc.

how to pickpocket a watch

Pickpocketing is similar to being a footballer; you must be confident and naturally skilled not to get caught. If you are not confident, do not go pickpocketing wristwatches.

Moreover, wristwatch pickpocketing requires sleight of hands or a decent level of talent. You must become a magician to steal a wristwatch and not get caught, though.

When you are not skillful, you can’t deceive your target while ripping their pocket or wrist for their watch. The entire idea is to reach for their pocket/wrist and pick the wristwatch without them knowing.

How Pickpocketing Wristwatch Works

To pickpocket a wristwatch is not hard; what is hard is earning your victim’s trust to hold their hands or reach for their pocket.

Before now, wristwatch pickpocketing had been a trend during classical times. Recall that some time ago, there were no pockets, which the term ‘pickpocket’ originates.

Around middle age, pickpockets were known as cutpurses. A cutpurse could rip a victim’s purse from their belt or tear the purse from beneath for coins to drop.

As a wristwatch pickpocket, you must distract your target, also called the mark, with a preferable technique. Some pickpockets use fake magic tricks, balloons, attractive women, or misdirecting the target.

You just need a method that is relevant and unsuspicious. Of course, you will practice it thoroughly before you set out for pickpocketing. Make sure to use a technique you can perform comfortably.

How to Pickpocket a Watch

This section discusses the steps to pickpocket wristwatches, and I have covered much of the details you need to steal wristwatches without getting caught.

Below are the steps regarding how to pickpocket a watch:

  1. Know the Wristwatch Brand

What would you learn here? You have to learn how to unbuckle or dislodge a particular wristwatch from someone.

Of course, before you trick your target, you may request to know their wristwatch brand or take them unconsciously. When you attack the victim without knowledge of their wristwatch brand, you’ll find it challenging.

Suppose the most used brands in your location are Rolex and Omega, and you have no access to these brands; check online. Launch your browser or YouTube and search “how to open [wristwatch brand] clasp”.

Somehow, wristwatches with clasps are the best wristwatches to pickpocket. If you attack a target with buckled wristwatch, you will have a tougher time.

  1. Practice

You can recreate the video, have someone act as a target, and attempt to take the watch off their wrist. Since they know what you are doing, you can’t expect a perfect result.

Practice often makes perfect, but as I mentioned earlier, pickpocketing a wristwatch is not a trick for everyone. Meanwhile, you can always learn how to beat Walmart security after shoplifting.

During your practice, create a distraction model you can work on. There’s no perfect model; otherwise, everyone would be aware, and wristwatch pickpocketing would be impossible.

  1. Read Your Target

When you are ready to strike, find a suitable location. Read the passers-by have an excellent sense of timing, attack, and choreography.

You must know how to distract your target and try to decode what reaction you will get from them. Hasten your assumption and bump into them immediately. You may have an accomplice nearby to distract onlookers, but your accomplice/partners must maintain a sociable distance to keep your target from being suspicious.

You can tell how someone will respond when you bump into them through their demeanor and body language. The target may appear serious, hasty, smiling, etc.

Note that you must approach your targets with varying mindsets that suit their emotions. How a person reacts or welcomes your approach defines what to expect when choreographing for their wristwatch.

  1. Engage Them

To pickpocket a wristwatch and get away with it, the entire chain of actions must be natural and routine. Otherwise, the person will be suspicious, especially that you are a stranger and they can’t possibly trust a stranger’s words.

You can engage your target by interacting with them and suggesting what would be of interest. Meanwhile, out of 15 persons, expect about 2 to give you attention. Most respondents or targets may excuse you, while some may react aggressively.


To engage someone, employ handshakes. You can pat your target on their shoulder or hug them loosely. Typically, hugging desensitizes someone’s consciousness to physical touch. You may reach for the watch at this point, depending on your target’s body language.

  1. Distract the Target

After engaging the target, your next step is to distract or misdirect them. You can employ a series of misdirection to alter their attention while having your eyes on the wristwatch.

Before you employ a distraction model, let it be that you decided and practiced what method works. It can be a free photoshoot, where you distort your target’s mind while faking, preparing them for a decent shot.

Make sure the target is not suspicious and do not make eye contact. If the target knows they are distracted purposely, game over.

Suppose you have no experience in social interactions and behavioral psychology, your chance of pickpocketing a wristwatch collapse. Nonetheless, make sure not to target a resident that seems too conversant with the environment.

  1. Steal the Watch

If the target has the wristwatch in their pocket, it is even easier to steal it. But their pocket does not have to hold the wristwatch for this act to be called ‘pickpocket’.

To steal a wristwatch from someone, you must apply your preferred distraction model. It could be the photo booth, which involves engaging the target in a free photoshoot while you reach for their wristwatch.

Another trick or distraction model is the balloon trick. This method works decently, even in the midst of onlookers. Give your target a balloon to inflate and urge them to inflate it faster.

Reach for their wrist and grab it almost tightly to desensitize their sense of physical touch. You can pump their arm and employ your other hand to grip. Note that these steps must occur quickly enough to eliminate suspicion.

Now that you have compromised the person’s sense of touch open the wristwatch clasp or buckle and take it off. If the wristwatch needs to go through the target’s fingers, you will have a tough time, and the target may notice.

  1. Keep Calm

When the wristwatch is off, keep your calm. You may have your accomplice get closer to distract the victim more while you hide the wristwatch.

To keep the victim from becoming conscious of the missing wristwatch, exit the scene faster. Alternatively, you can pass the wristwatch to your accomplice to flee the scene.

Will I get caught pickpocketing a wristwatch?

Well, the answer is yes and no, but it depends on your distraction model, the target, and your skills. The chance of getting caught is also slim because you can lie your way out of trouble, especially if the wristwatch is not found in your possession. The rule of thumb is “never get caught pickpocketing a wristwatch”.

What crime is wristwatch pickpocketing?

Pickpocketing a wristwatch is a misdemeanor or felony offense. Moreover, the penalty of stealing/pickpocketing a wristwatch depends on the value of the stolen wristwatch. If you are stealing a cheap wristwatch, you may be forgiven, but an expensive wristwatch owner may have you arrested and sued.

Final Thoughts

I keep emphasizing that pickpocketing a wristwatch is not suitable hustle for everyone. If you lack the required natural abilities, consider selling your feet pics on Craigslist instead. I recently answered whether you can make money selling edibles, which makes a decent hustle too.

When you read and engage your target almost accurately, it increases the chances of pickpocketing their wristwatch and get away with it.

Ultimately, if you’re not naturally inclined to steal a wristwatch, you can start practicing the habit.

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