How to Scam on Ebay and Cash out Enough Funds

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Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Whether you always buy or sell on eBay, or you always window shop on the sales platform, there are several methods on how to scam on eBay while doing your business. You can do this through a fake pay service you render to clients or when you purposely ship a product to a buyer with an incorrect name. The list is just endless.

Perhaps you’re a buyer; there are also ways you can successfully scam a seller. You can make fake promises of paying more than the amount of a particular product, make false shipment claims to the seller, or even deny that your items have not been delivered to you on PayPal.

The fact is that eBay is a wide internet market place where virtually all household, fashion, and electronics products are sold. Despite the illegal activities on the platform, buyers do not still have the choice but to purchase items constantly.

The reason this practice is waxing strong by the day is as a result of ignorance on the side of many eBay users, while it is tremendously enriching the lives of scammers on the sales platform.

As a yahoo, you don’t need all these formats to catch a client; just learn the steps.



learn how to scam on eBay

eBay scamming tutorial



What is an eBay Scam?

Just like scams on various social media platforms and e-commerce platforms, scams on eBay is targeted towards its users who invest so much confidence in eBay as a reputable e-commerce platform. Regardless, the internet space is saturated with many scams, mainly due to its continued sophistication.

With the myriad of ways wherein internet scams occur, it is important to know how this activity can be beneficial to an average internet user. This is another form of becoming a yahoo boy, which is known as Classified.

This article explains several profitable ways on how to scam on eBay, whether you are a regular buyer or seller on the platform.


How to Scam on eBay As a Buyer


1). When Buyer Promises to Overpay

The way it works is that you’ll contact a seller and offer to pay more money for an item. After that, you’ll issue an empty cashier’s cheque, which will certainly not evident in the bank. At that time, the seller has already delivered the item to you.

This is the scam done by a buyer. It makes the seller feel they will make even more gains, but they end up losing. Tell the seller to send you the items you prefer and that you will pay an additional fee. Assuming the listing states $100 for the item, ask to check with $120 and claim that the additional $20 is compensation for the seller’s time to the bank.

Now, design a fake check and send it to the seller. When the item arrives, do not receive it in your location because you may be tracked.

Your shipping address should be neutral ground and not your home address. eBay allows you to decide where the courier delivers your item.

This bait is very easy because you gave a false promise to pay extra for the amount of a particular item you selected. The seller falls for this trick and loses both money and his product.


2). Transact Outside eBay Platform

Perhaps a seller lists an auction, negotiate to pay immediately, provided the seller would close the listing and transact outside the eBay platform.

It is against eBay’s policy to transact outside the company’s website. However, you can get the seller to agree to a transaction outside. Remind them that they will enjoy the commission eBay would take if they shop via eBay.

Also, you must increase the payment for the item to entice the seller. Once the seller address, initiate the deal and cheat him/her.

When it seems everything is going well, the seller would soon discover that the product is no longer existing on their listing. An attempt to complain to the sales platform will prove abortive because eBay is not aware of any transaction outside the platform.


In this circumstance, that seller will be at the losing end as eBay is not able to help.

Note that eBay can’t intervene for the seller because the transaction was not carried on the eBay website.

3). Make False Shipment Claims to the Seller

Purchase some listings from a particular seller and ensure it is shipped to you. After opening the item, you can then institute a dispute and claim that the seller only sent you an empty box.

You must be carefully repacking the box because if the seller notices a tear, eBay will not pay your money back. Make sure to snap every angle of the box or before you repack it. Alternatively, you can replicate the box, but it would be expensive to design it officially.

eBay will issue an instruction for a return, and you’ll return the empty box while you keep the item that was rightfully contained in the box with you. This is one of the smartest ways on how to scam on eBay.


4). Fake PayPal Account –

This is an effective way to con a seller who is not familiar with fake emails. Typically, someone who is not well informed about this payment system can easily be tricked with a fake PayPal email.

You can go as far as setting up a fake confirmation email or a fake PayPal account to make it look as if you have already paid for the goods you bought from that seller, even after it has been delivered to you.

Now, the seller may not be aware that his account has not been credited until you’ve gone out of sight.

5). Refund Trick

The refund trick on eBay works for all items regardless of the seller. You can accomplish this trick in many ways, but the best practice is to swap whatever you order with a counterfeit.

Suppose you ordered an Apple phone to get an iPhone clone to resend to the seller and request a refund.

Explain to eBay that the iPhone is not an original and that it isn’t what the seller advertised.

Note that a series of investigations would be conducted to determine whether you are lying or being sincere.

If you trick the seller well enough, you will be asked to resend the item to them. Even the seller confirms the item, eBay will refund.


How to  Scam on eBay As a Buyer


6). Seller Uses Incorrect Name

This type of scam works with listing a particular item with a caption to ‘’buy now’’. Once it is bought, you can then purposely inscribe a different name or misspell the buyer’s name before delivering it to his address. It is expected that this buyer will react by returning the item to the Post Office, believing it was wrongly sent to him.

Unfortunately, the mark ‘’return’’ on the item will ultimately cut the buyer off from eBay, and he may not be guaranteed a ‘’ money back’’.


7). Phishing Emails from eBay



ebay phishing scam

A phishing page on eBay



This method involves an organized pretense to acknowledge a just-concluded transaction and then promising to offer a fake promo. This is known as email phishing, and it is a common scam used on eBay, which most buyers hardly discover.

The way it works is that you will send the email to a customer, pretending it comes from eBay, in which the customer will be mandated to take action. This can be a request to supply information like passwords or updating their security details. It could also be a request to click on a link to redirect the individual into a fake PayPal or eBay platform.

Immediately the customer responds to this instruction, and the email robs them of either their money or identity.


8). Seller Sells an Empty Box

This is one of the biggest scams ever on eBay. It is just bait which cunningly draws the attention of a potential buyer about a hot new product that is making a buzz in the market. The product could be a newly launched electronic gadget or a particular designer fashion wear.

You can go further by slashing the price far below its original price in the market and indicate in your listing that you’re only selling the box for the advertised price. This strategy would certainly raise the hope of the buyer in wanting to see and buy the product without even reading the details of the listing.

Unfortunately, the listing will indicate that the seller is only selling the empty box for that low price. Immediately the buyer receives the item with outstanding excitement, only to discover the box is just empty, and he has been heavily scammed.

Just as legitimate transactions are being carried out on eBay, scamming is also thriving exponentially. Like I mentioned in the introduction of this article, scamming will hardly end in the internet space, mainly because of its increasing sophistication and use.

Therefore, learning how to scam on eBay is a step by step process. This piece provides an insight on how to utilize some brilliant scamming strategies to have a filled day.


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