How to Sell Fast on Depop – A 2021 Seller’s Guide

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How to Sell Fast on Depop – A 2021 Seller’s Guide

If you trade on Depop for months without quick sales, you’re doing something very wrong. The best I can do is disclose how to sell fast on Depop and build a robust profile within a few weeks.

How to sell fast on Depop is possible only when you do the right thing. However, shady practices can make your presence worthless on the platform. This isn’t like other illegal online businesses that you’d be looking to make quick bucks. This is a real business that is dependent on trust and good reviews.

In Mid 2015, I joined Depop to extend my presence in online marketing. The first six months felt like I was a prisoner on the platform. I mean, I barely made sales, and worse of all, bad reviews piled up from the few I traded with.

Today, I’m a proud 5-star seller that clears items daily. Am I cheating the algorithm of Depop for so many sales? The simple answer is ‘NO.’ Well, it could be I’m ethically convincing the algorithm to believe in me. Permit me also to show you how to sell quickly on Depop using the simple hacks I discovered.

If you haven’t registered on the platform, you can quickly sign-up here.

How to Sell Fast on Depop and Build Quality Profile


how to sell fast on depop

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Utilize the Powers of Hashtag

After my first difficult months on Depop, I decided to try out the hashtags. The result was fantastic. First, my page quickly appeared on people’s searches. Secondly, my items practically became relevant.

A perfect Depop trader should master the art of hashtags. To correctly learn how to sell fast on Depop, you shouldn’t ignore the hashtags. The moment a potential buyer searches for a keyword, the hashtags help to direct that person to your domain. In essence, hashtags make your product more visible on searches, and this translates to quick sales.

Note: Your items will still pop up for sales, but we are more concerned with how quickly to sell on Depop.

This illustrates the fact that you can’t easily beat a seller who uses hashtags while you don’t. Inarguably, this is how to sell things fast on Depop and making the algorithms give you thumbs up.

Compelling Photography Means Quick Sales

Although I’m a seller on Depop, I equally buy from other Depop sellers. Earnestly, there is power in photography, and you should take advantage of that power. If you can’t afford a good DLC camera, at least make use of a mobile phone with a suitable pixel.

My Sincere Advice

Never download photos of your item from the internet. Be real, and make sure the picture is what you have for buyers.

I stopped using internet pictures in early 2017. It does not translate to fast sales on Depop because people hate insincere sellers. The things I noticed include:

  • Bad reviews decreased by 40%.
  • Good reviews increased by 60%.
  • Gained more buyers’ trust.

With these figures, you can deduce that photography matters regarding how to sell fast on Depop. Be sincere and produce the exact image of what is up for sale. Do not download winter jacket images from Pinterest simply because you have a winter jacket for sale. Don’t also go on a jumpsuit download spree on Google simply because you have a jumpsuit for sale. Snap what you have, and it will sell.

Never forget the algorithms; they have eyes on your activities and would penalize wrong actions. Convince them to recognize you, and you’ll become a 5-start seller within a few weeks.

Become a Smartly Active Seller`

It’s obvious you’re already wondering what on earth this means, and I’ll explain. You can’t sell fast on Depop if you aren’t smart because Depop is Depop and not Amazon or AliExpress.

Moreover, it does not cost a dime to be a smart active seller regarding how to sell fast on Depop. A proactive seller will sell, no doubt, but for how long? Whereas, as a smartly active seller, you’ll not only sell but remain relevant permanently on Depop.

Before I disclose how you can become a smart active seller on Depop, let me highlight the things to avoid.

  • Never spam people’s inboxes.
  • Be mindful of the time you upload (I’ll explain).
  • Do not disturb people’s feeds.

What You Should Know

Now, the first step towards securing an identity as a smart seller is getting your profiled engaged.

But how does this work? It’s simple, the more you engage, the more the algorithms recognize and boost your relevance. I performed a simple experiment that involves liking items from other sellers and showing interest in those items. Within 4 hours, my popularity has increased, and I am receiving new followers. Instead of sitting back, I engage more for my followers to double by following others.

You’re probably familiar with how Facebook works. For instance, if you like and comment more on people’s content, the algorithm will recommend your profile to thousands of people instantly. This is the exact case in Depop.


Keep the Page Neat

Do you want to sell stuff on Depop quickly? Then, don’t post rags on your page! If you aren’t too good at handling the camera or being innovative, ask a friend to help out. I see this as a very crucial strategy for selling fast on Depop because it is what buyers prefer.

For example, if I have sneakers for sale, I won’t take a photo of them while in a dirty environment. I simply prepare white linen or wool, place the item, and take shots from different angles. The background of the item alone is enough to appeal to a buyer.

More tips for neat pages regarding how to sell fast on Depop:

  • Endeavor to maintain similar sizes for pictures, if possible.
  • Apart from sellable items, you can post appreciative cards to thank your patrons.
  • Maintain a trademark color, preferably white.
  • If possible, add customized watermarks to every uploaded item picture.

Your Pricing Must Be Strategic

Strategic pricing is the backbone of every business when you are competing with others for market share. Typically, what I do is monitor what other sellers price their items for. I then filter my searches for the seller offering the least rate for that particular item. The next plan is to beat his/her price without tampering with my profit.

What do I do? I reduce my pricing by a few cents and label it as ‘discount.’ Trust me, a 1 cent difference can make or break your sales. People love bargains, and if you can give in wisely, you’ll sell fast and cash out.

For example, if Seller B sells a swimsuit for $200.00, I’ll price mine at $199.70. Just a $0.30 difference, but it magically increases the number of sales I can make. This method regarding how to sell fast on Depop complies with the doctrines of marketing, although it’s ethical cheating.

Sell at Discounted Rates

Do not claim you practice how to sell your stuff fast on Depop if you don’t give discounts. This is similar to the pricing strategy but differs in the sense that discounts may affect your profit.

If you think discount sales can boost sales at any time, you’re wrong. The truth is that there is time for everything, and it applies to all walks of life. If you want a positive result from discount sales, target holidays.

The following are some things I notice about discount sales on Depop:

  • Discount sales during free days barely produce a good result.
  • During holidays, I run out of items to sell because of high demand.

About 90% of buyers all over the world prefer buying during specific periods. They believe that things are usually cheaper and that’s the period you deliver the discount for quick sales on Depop.

No Excessive Swaps

Although swapping is permitted, it’s not recommendable when it’s extreme. I made swaps during my first months, and the results were awful. Nevertheless, you can make swaps once in a while or on-demand. You know, swapping is like trade by barter, and it’s relatively tricky to value what you can’t see. If you study Depop carefully, you’ll figure out that about 70% of swap deals never turn out as expected. It is likely going to kill your reputation if you’re in precisely for business.

Avoid Trading with Some Regions/Countries

While researching on how to sell things fast on Depop, I stumbled upon this crucial discovery. Sincerely, I’ve been benefiting a lot from avoiding sales with some regions. I either get reports that the item I sent is faulty or not seen at all. But guess what? The item has been delivered, but the buyer just wants to defraud your business. What hurts most is that the same buyer will go on to make bad reviews on your page. Now, you have lost two things which are:

  • Integrity
  • Patrons

The Depop algorithm won’t even spare downgrading your page and reducing visibility.

Within two months of stopping sales with particular regions, my page received a boost. I can now boldly advise that you uphold this measure regarding how to sell fast on Depop.

Note: I have my reasons for not disclosing such regions in this article. Do researches, and you’ll undoubtedly come up with something.

Attach a Note to Buyers

There is an unpopular term in the business known as ‘returning patrons.’ After every deal, some buyers will return if they’re satisfied. Also, some buyers will lose contact with your Depop brand, and your sales will slow down. This practice is optional, but if you want to boost buyer engagement like myself, make an attractive for buyers on every delivery.

I write just 250 engaging words, and I’m sure my buyers smile per line they read. It’s something I have been doing, and that has retained my buyers for quick sales on Depop.

Keep Communications Alive

Do you want 40% of old buyers to return? Then, reach out to buyers. Do you want a 20% increase in the speed of selling on Depop? Here is my little trick!

Connect immediately with people who stumble and react to your item. Once I receive such notifications, I slide to their DM and dash out greetings. Once they respond, I reply with:

I noticed your activity on an item of mine recently, and I’m willing to sell that at an incredible rate to you.

Even if the fellow had no plans to buy, they’d be caught off balance by your warmness. This does not work all the time, but I do succeed in winning five out of 10 people I reach out to.

For the sake of selling fast on Depop:

Do not see this as an opportunity to spam or send unsolicited messages. It annoys people, and they’ll never contact you. I find that some new sellers disturb my inbox, and I’m forced to ignore it because I know it isn’t right. Besides, sellers who do the right thing attract me to trade with them. I even have to swap on-demand with such people.

Advertise Your Page

All thanks to social media, where it’s now super-easy to showcase what we have. Take advantage of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook platforms to display what you have for sale. I mostly use Facebook and Instagram because they work for me. Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are also part of my favorite advertisement platforms.


You’ve discovered the secret behind selling fast on Depop. As more findings come up, updates would be made appropriately to bring you the best. Meanwhile, I have created a fine article that discloses how you can sell clothes on Depop very fast.

I don’t know what star level you hold right now, but (1) dedication and (2) commendable practices, as mentioned above, can make you a fast seller on Depop.


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