How to Sell Replicas illegally – Online and Offline

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How to Sell Replica Items Without Getting Caught

Briefly, in this post, I will be showing you how to sell replica items online without getting caught. It means that your buyers won’t simply know that they’ve bought replica items till the trade has been concluded. I wrote this as one of the illegal ways to make money without really getting caught.

how to sell replica items online

Can you spot between the fake and original?


The internet is offering a wide variety of possibilities for new businesses. It’s connectivity, speed, and confidentiality enables its users to present anything to anyone at any given time. Coincidentally, various replica items are also sold to buyers, such as shoes, clothes, bags, electronic products, and fake medications.

Most times, the practice of selling replica items over the internet is seen as a big business with huge returns. It’s the usual internet scam.

Apparently, depending on the replica item that is sold online, there are different sets of policies, governing bodies, as well as penalties that negates this illegal practice in many countries of the world. While this is in place, sellers in China are still thriving in the business of selling replicas.

For example, it is revealed that most Chinese sellers are smart because they do not sell openly anymore. Any buyer who needs a replica item would visit these sellers in their home rather than going to an open shop.

Additionally, lots of sellers globally are still maneuvering their way into the online space to sell thousands of replica products from popular brands. Most buyers are not really aware of this practice, as they always fall victim to products that look very original. Due to the high-profit rate involved in this type of business, product sellers are increasingly getting involved.

To get detailed information about how this works, here are strategies as it applies to the following e-commerce websites:

Where to Sell Replica Items to Customers

There are two ways to sell replica items to customers, but out of these two ways, only one is the best. Nevertheless, I will still list several ways of selling replica items, also known as counterfeit items, to people willing to buy.

One thing you ought to know is that there are willing customers who are ready to buy replica items despite knowing that there are replicas. There are other customers who have a very low budget but think they can buy quality items with the budget – those are your major clients.

Creating a replica and selling to customers with little or no budget is the best strategy for marketing your replicas. Where are the places to sell replica items to customers?

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Offline Sales

Offline means are getting a store anywhere around your city and getting noted for selling cheap products. It is advisable to note that selling replica items to customers in some cities are illegal. So it is best to know if selling such are legal in your city of residence



how to sell replicas offline

A man selling replicas at a local store


Also, the risks behind selling replica items to customers offline are that once they discover that they’ve bought a replica, they will involve the police or return the item. This also means that your store runs a risk of getting negative feedback from people around. So technically saying, to sell replica items to customers offline isn’t a good business idea.


Online Sales

Basically speaking, this is the best way to sell replica items without getting caught.

Nobody knows you; nobody also cares about you as long as you successfully deliver their items to them after they’ve paid. You don’t need a physical store to start selling your goods to interested customers.

No one can report you to the police once they’ve discovered that you’ve sold them a replica item. You can easily set up your store on Shopify or use social media as a tool to start selling your items.

Let’s then see how to sell replica items online and profit with 1 month of sales.


How to Sell Replica Items Online without Getting Caught


Sell Replica Items on eBay


selling replica on eBay

Replica shoes being sold on eBay


Most times, shoes are sold on eBay through their sponsored links, which has been happening for a long time. Though it’s against their policy, these sellers claim that these items are just replicas; and this is one of the success secrets. It is said that eBay allows you to sell official replicas and not counterfeit items. These official replicas really look the same as the original product but are only cheaper. The manufacturer actually licenses them.

Knowing how to sell replica items has been helping lots of online sellers. It is even a lot easier on eBay because these replicas are designed to look just like the original item but without the original brand name. With this, these replicas are considered legal and not counterfeit.


Sell Replica Items on Instagram

Several types of research reveal that Instagram is a hotbed for the selling of replica items, especially fashion. This ranges from replicas of Gucci accessories, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Chanel bags, Fendi, and Adidas wears. Since duping people on Instagram is one of the local scams, there isn’t anything new to doing it already.

The number of accounts involved in this activity is said to be on the tremendous increase by the day, mainly because there have not been adequate sanctions meted against them plus the high returns it generates to Instagram.

Another sure way this type of business thrives on Instagram is that its users take advantage of algorithms by acknowledging brand names in hashtags. This means that followers of a particular brand can search for an item through hashtags, thereby stumbling into some replicas, as these items are present in the same feed with original products.

Due to the liberality of Instagram in clamping down counterfeiters, tens of thousands of replica items are now being seamlessly sold to buyers who are in dire need of luxury items but wouldn’t want to pay much.

Another way to succeed in selling replica items on Instagram is by displaying those items on Instagram’s Story feature. The benefit of this is that the content gets to disappear in 24 hours, and the seller gets away freely.

This is certainly one smart way of knowing how to sell replica items without getting caught.


Sell Replicas on Amazon

Just like other e-commerce platforms, Amazon is one fertile ground for sellers of replica items. One way this is successful is that these sellers use the platform to gain more visibility or to get in touch with a larger audience.

To successfully sell replicas of high- end brands on this platform, a typical seller can adopt a strategy like; cooperating with Amazon to direct a third-party seller to deliver the item to the buyer. Most times, this process does not involve confirming the authenticity of the said item, mainly because it is coming from Amazon.

Another strategy is to run several accounts for just short periods of time and being smart in using odd names. Also, successful sellers use price as a weapon to push sales. Most buyers are attracted to a low price without considering if the item is counterfeit or a replica of their preferred brand.

Sell Replicas on Alibaba   

Normally, sellers of replica items are always elusive for fear of being caught. Big brands affected by this circumstance are always on the prowl, seeking to nab and prosecute these offenders. Still, the real issue is that these replicated items are sometimes better in quality than the original products.

The way replicas are being sold on the Alibaba platform is that most Chinese sellers are developing their knowledge base in producing items similar to products from high-end brands. They sell at a very cheap price on the platform.

Obviously, most e-commerce platforms are not being too stringent in their fight against selling replicas, as they claim. Of course, one of the biggest reasons for this liberality is the win-win results it offers to these online sales platforms.

Sell on Aliexpress

As long as your prices are favorable, you’d make so many sales when you sell replica items on Aliexpress. Several times I have bought replica items on Aliexpress that seemed good till I used it, and it got spoilt within a few months.

I decided to start selling replica items on Aliexpress, and I made over $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) with 2 months of selling replica items on Aliexpress.

The only challenge you’d face is the challenge of negative reviews, which can be easily combated by opening new accounts once the old account is done.

Unarguably, there is a huge market for selling replicas, as part of its successes rests on a seller living in one of the countries where they can easily get away with it.

Most times too, when you’re very open to customers that you sell replicas, they know, and they say nothing about it. Honestly, most replicas in the online space are considered more quality than the products from the so-called genuine, reputable brands.

Well, tips from knowing how to sell replica items without getting caught are a sure method for every seller to adopt, seeing that it creates that awareness and confidence to excel in the trade.

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I am really enjoying your posts on doing things the lazy way. Especially when I saw this article on selling replicas. That is how I make my money. I thought I should throw in a few tips to newbies, not the knowledge I have that makes it virtually damn near impossible to ever get caught, but a little something to help them get their foot in the door. First, never sell crazy expensive items more than once or twice. By crazy expensive I mean $800 pairs of pants or Rolex watches. They will get you if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have a fool proof way of proving the item was authentic. Second, only purchase 1:1 A+++ replicas with better than 97% positive feedback and over a couple hundred sales and review’s. Spending the extra time to find the perfect replica is worth it. Many Chinese sellers will sell you a sample and ship it DHL so you can compare to the real one before you buy a few dozen. Third, if you are selling name brand replicas on Amazon, eBay or other well known selling platforms, always check the buyer feedback for every customer to make sure it is normal and also not hidden. They have authenticator’s that purchase from people selling in volume and will hit you with a lawsuit and a cease and desist court order. When the authenticator makes a purchase simply send him a real one you have put aside or order it with 24 shipping from Amazon and send that one to him when it arrives. Fourth, don’t sell items that require you to be an authorized seller. You will lose your investment once they notice you stealing customers. Trust me, OtterBox did it to me and I was stuck with 1,500 OtterBox defender series cases that took forever to sell offline. And last but not least, AliExpress and dhgate and Alibaba are not the greatest places to always get perfect replicas. Search deeper for real counterfeiter’s. Or go to a very mediocre seller with amazing reviews on those above listed websites and email them personally and ask them to see other items not listed on their store site. That’s where the good stuff comes from. That all y’all. Take those pointers to heart. Gives you enough time to figure out the way to do it with extremely minimal risk or decide it’s too much of a pain in the ass and quit while you’re ahead. Trust me, this profession is not for everyone. Good luck.


Instagram also has chinese sellers of replicas. However i don’t know how to tell of they are real or fake sellers? How can one distinguish?

Senior John

Boss, I really love this your website, please I want to buy your book and join your whatsapp group, can I have your email, let’s talk more


I have a question, which is the cheapest shipping method from Africa to USA,Europe and canada?
And another unrelayed query…where can i sell gift cards for instant cash?


Alan thanks for the added information, new to selling reps well as a seller not reseller. Also article great I think you should do a seminar with more detail if possible. I would pay to go, I am nearly getting it right but the smaller details is what I need. A mentor lol x

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