How to trick PayPal into giving you money – Try it Fast Before They Block It

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So in this article, I will teach you a dirty trick that will show you how to trick PayPal into giving you money. This is another reason you should always visit this blog and learn new tricks.

A lot of us own PayPal accounts for several online transactions, but most times, we don’t have any balance inside. So what happens if you can learn how to double or even triple your account?

I guess it sounds like good news.


how to trick PayPal into giving you money

Proof that it works

Every system has loopholes, with PayPal not being an exception. The loophole in PayPal, as discovered allows users to double their money without limit, which means that even with just having a $50 balance in your account, you can make it $100, $200, and $400.

This is how to trick PayPal into giving you money, which the smart ones have noticed and have utilized perfectly. This is just one of the cons I use to make money

Let’s discuss how it is possible;

What is a Chargeback in PayPal?

A chargeback is what we call a reversal in a bank accounting system. It happens when a buyer will ask a credit card company to reverse a transaction that has been cleared already.

It can happen when your credit card’s information is stolen and used fraudulently or when another person tries to use your information to defraud another person. Once you are involved in some illegal businesses, you will know how chargebacks happen.

trick paypal into giving you money with PayPal

How Chargebacks work

Last month while making a transaction with a Russian on Facebook, I noticed that he used this trick to scam me of my money.

He transferred $500 to me, and I sent him software that I use for my job. I got an alert of $500, and I was happy. When I woke up the next day to check my account balance, I saw that I couldn’t find my money again.

That was when I realized what the Russian guy has done.

After making the payment, he reported to PayPal that I was fraudulently collecting money from him, so they reversed the money to him. So using this method, you can now trick PayPal into giving you money with the method I will show you.

To double your money with PayPal endlessly, you will need to be careful so that you won’t get caught. Once they catch you, it is finished, so you need to be on alert.

How to Trick PayPal into Giving You Money

First of all, you will need a PayPal account. It is just unfortunate that PayPal doesn’t allow Nigerians to open an active account. But I can show you a way to get a functional account.

If you need my guide to open a fully-working PayPal account, then you can easily request the guide, and I will give it to you.

The Price is $30 only.

But if you have a PayPal account, follow the steps below and learn how to trick PayPal into giving you money.

So these are the steps below;

Create Three PayPal Accounts


graphical representation of how to trick PayPal into giving you money

Create three accounts, just as explained in the image above.

This is what allows you to beat PayPal security and double your money with PayPal. With this proof, you will need three separate PayPal account with one real and the other two verified by using a Virtual Bank Account (VBA) and Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Send the money you want to double to your second account


This should be done through goods & services. You can either initiate a payment or send an invoice from your second account to your first account.

That way, there is no room for suspicion from PayPal, and you will be less likely to be caught.

Transfer that Money to your Third Account from the Second Account

This is where the step to trick PayPal into giving you money starts from. Since you will be making claims from the first account to the second, it is necessary not to leave any cash in the second account.

If you leave money in the second account, it will be withdrawn and sent back to the first account, which means you didn’t gain any money.

Make a Claim on your First Account

To trick PayPal into giving you money, then you must raise a claim or dispute. Typically, they go back to the second account and send the money back to you in most cases.

But in this case, the money is no longer there, so they will refund you and hope to get the money back from the second account.

You will receive a debit on your Second Account

Because PayPal can’t get the money from the second account, they will initiate a debit transaction on the account.

This means that the second account will have a balance of (- $500).

What this means is that you owe PayPal $500 with the second account. So they are waiting for money to enter the account so that they can take it back.


Make sure that it doesn’t get up to – $1,000. They may file charges against you and catch you.


PayPal payment proof

PayPal proof of payment

Transfer from your Third Account to the First Account

So since PayPal has sent you back the initial money you wired to the second account to your first account, it is safe to return your initial cash to the first account.

The reason is that the second and third accounts aren’t real accounts, so you can’t initial transfer to your local bank.

So go ahead and send money back from the third account to the first account. This is how you tactically trick PayPal into giving you money for free.

Alternative Trick

The alternative trick I can recommend is known as carding.

You can read my PayPal carding guide for in-depth knowledge.

Regarding the PayPal carding method, you need a CC (credit card details) that does not belong to you. You also need a verified PayPal account you can cash out the funds fast.

Steps to Card PayPal for Money

Below are the steps to card for free money:

Create PayPal Account

You need one PayPal account that is verified. Now, connect the CC to your PayPal account so that you can transact.

Move Funds

After connecting or linking the CC successfully, enter the amount of money to cashout. First, check the amount you can send via PayPal.

I understand that you would not know the account balance of the person, but it does not matter. Try to send $1,000. But if you suspect that the CC has a less balance, do not exceed $500.

Typically, if the balance isn’t enough, the transfer will fail. So, if the transfer fails, you may then try sending a smaller amount.


To cash out funds is the most challenging aspect. First, you need to create a bank drop. You can send the funds to a personal account, though, but it is not advisable due to chargeback problems.

If you cannot create a bank drop, contact a money mule (someone that owns a bank drop) to receive the funds on your behalf.

Once the transfer is successful, endeavour to cash out from the bank drop or whatever bank account you use faster. Some carders even move the funds to their cryptocurrency wallets.

Some prefer to use the funds for betting and when the prediction clicks, they cash out. It is risky because the prediction may fail, but focusing on low odds increase positive outcomes.

Is PayPal carding illegal?

The honest answer is yes. PayPal carding is illegal, and you can be jailed when caught. Make sure to use a VPN to stay anonymous on the internet. You can get a free VPN service, but I recommend using any of the premium VPNs.

Will PayPal ban your account?

Yes. PayPal is stricter, especially after 2018. If PayPal suspects illegal activities in your account, you’ll be banned or limited.


I would have suggested that you do this over and over again, but you will be caught. So I suggest you heist a considerable amount like $500 once and for all.

You can easily open another PayPal account and do the same thing on that account, using another PC and Bank Account Details.

Remember that the risk is the closure of your account if PayPal detects fraud. It has worked for me, and it can work for you too. Meanwhile, if you have difficulties with verification, you can bypass PayPal verification easily.

Till next time, keep the illegal hustle popping!!!


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