How to Use Fullz Online [Complete Tutorial Guide]

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How to Use Fullz 2021

One of the first words you will encounter as you move into becoming a yahoo boy is ‘Fullz”. Many G-boys say it but have no idea what it is and how to use it. In this short post, I will explain what fullz is, why it is essential, and show you how to use fullz.

Fullz helps you know the data of someone. Think of fullz as when you are going to open a bank account, they will request for a lot of things including;

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Sate of origin
  • Home address
  • Zip, etc.

These are some of the information that is termed as fullz. But why is fullz so important that almost every hacker or G-guy is looking to buy fullz? Well, we will have to look into Fullz in detail.

What is Fullz?

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Fullz is basically a slang term for “Full information” that credit card hackers and data sellers use online to impersonate someone else. Fullz contains complete information of someone, down to even their home address. It includes their name, SSN, account number, date of birth, zip code, and any other data.

Click here to see how to get SSN from clients

Most times, you can buy it from trusted sources for several hundreds of dollars. If you are buying an incomplete “Fullz,” you will pay far less than the actual price. It is bought and sold on the black market and the dark web.

There are several things you can do with “Fullz,” which also include;

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Tax refund
  • Medical identity
  • Unemployment benefits

In subsequent articles, I will show you how to do all the above work and cash out real big money.

How to Get Fullz

Most of the information contained in the “Fullz” is obtained through hacking or from data leaks. Then it is sold to people on the dark web, which is resold through forums or the black market.

For some work like tax refund and unemployment benefits, you need a complete set of fullz, while for the others like the credit card format, some basic information is enough to buy things online from some cardable stores.

In some instances, you can use credit card magnetic stripe data and make counterfeit cards for fraudulent purchases in stores. Also, you can use a client’s PayPal information to siphon money from their account number.

You can get fullz from online black markets, where they offer them for sale in bulk. These online black markets are on the dark web behind the TOR browser routing. You pay for products using privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Monero to hide your tracks.

You can easily access the dark web and buy whatever you want using this guide.

Types of Fullz

Live Fullz

These are credentials still associated with valid credit cards. You can use them for just any type of purchase or scam work.

Dead Fullz

For dead fullz, these credentials are associated with credit cards that are no longer valid. But you can still use them for simple jobs like “refund scams” or opening a mule account (a type of account that will receive drops or be utilized by a picker) without them knowing or ordering credit cards on behalf of your client.

How to Use Fullz

Do you have Fullz that you want to use? Let me show you how to use fullz and cash out immediately.

Study the Information

To use fullz, first, you have to learn everything about the information inside the fullz package you bought. Take note of their home address, billing address, zip code, and every other information. If their details contain their mother’s maiden name, then you are in luck.

Just take note of all the information there; it will help you understand what you can do with such information.

Clear Cookies and Go Incognito

This is basically to remove old traces of previous information on your computer. Clearing cookies will reset your browser to default, and it can be tweaked to anything else.

Going incognito doesn’t mean your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see what you are doing; it simply means that your computer won’t keep a record of your browsing history.

Use DuckDuckGo to Use Fullz

If you want maximum privacy, then don’t use the chrome browser or firefox. It is advisable to use duckduckgo as it doesn’t track you and doesn’t store your information or sell your data to 3rd parties.

Route your VPN to their Location

how to use Fullz with VPN

VPN interface

If you have a good VPN (good VPN means a paid VPN, not the free one). A paid VPN will give you the premium features you need, including socks5.

If you need a good paid VPN that is also cheap, click here to get one.


Set the VPN to be pointing at their location. If the address on the Fullz is in New York, you should point your VPN location to New York.

Using a VPN will also protect anything you do from being exposed to your Network Provider. So it is advisable to invest and buy a good VPN, just like I mentioned.

Fill in the Information on the Fullz

So for every job you want to carry out, even if it is a tax refund, unemployment benefits, etc., you would have to input the details on the fullz.

Most of the fullz comes with their SSN, which makes it a complete fullz. When asked to fill in your details on any of the websites, input the details you have and submit them.

Get a US Number

You’d have to undergo some verification in some cases, so it is crucial to have a US number handy. There are several ways to get a US number, and I have explained it in a post, so read here to see how to get a US number for any verification.

Clean Up Your System

Once you finish the application, clean up your system by clearing cache and browser cookies again. This is basically for security purposes.


Now you know how to use fullz for applications online. If you also want to learn fullz for carding, you need to read this post.

Also if you want to learn fullz for CashApp carding, then read this post also.

If you experience difficulties when you use fullz, let me know, and I will help you.

Good luck with your hustles; god bless our fingers!


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