12 Lucrative and Easy Illegal Online Businesses [Anyone can Do Them]

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What is an Illegal Online Business?

An illegal online business is a business that allows you to make profits from online businesses that aren’t ethical.

It doesn’t matter if you satisfy your customers with the services you render, but the bottom line is that you make money.

Just like we have several illegal offline businesses like;

  • Prostitution
  • Drug Sales
  • And many others

We also have lots of them online that can fetch you money as fast as possible. But are they really lucrative?

How lucrative are illegal online businesses?

Making money legally is quite difficult and challenging. We might all go broke if we don’t find alternative means to make money. Let me show you some lucrative illegal online businesses you can do and make money ASAP.

A few years ago, I was a project manager with a firm that paid me peanuts for working 8 am – 5 pm every day. Well, it wasn’t bad because I used it as the base income that would help me create other multiple streams of income for myself.

Then I started searching for ways to make money online. I discovered quite a few, but they required a great deal of expertise, which I don’t have.

Was there another means to make money online? Yes, and it was through setting up an illegal online business.

Some of the illegal online businesses I set up have been quite successful, and I have decided to share some of them with you guys. Get ready to rumble with the ideas I will be dropping – it takes just a little bit of hard work to set up any of these illegal online businesses.

What are some of the lucrative Illegal Online Businesses?

illegal online business

E-Books Resale

If you’ve never thought about this lucrative illegal online business, then it is time to consider it as a source of income.

E-Book reselling involves downloading several e-books of authors on several niches and reselling them for profit. This happens even when you don’t have ownership of the copyright. It is also safer because no one can easily arrest you for doing so.

I have been in this business for a while, and the results financially have been so amazing.

How to start E-book reselling business right from the comfort of your home

Visit any Free PLR website

(I prefer a site like IDplr) or any other site with free e-books download. Sometimes you can just download any popular e-book on the internet.

Re-package it

Since the copyright doesn’t belong to you, it would be weird to market the e-books like that. Identities like the author’s name, book cover, and every other copyrighted mark should be eliminated. I guess you know what I mean already.

Market the E-book

There are several ways to do this; you can open up your PLR store or use other online marketing channels.

One of the places I sell most of them is on several forums and social media like Facebook and Instagram. It is quite simple.

Another trick is to rewrite them, beat plagiarism, and sell it on the Amazon Kindle Store. It is a huge way to generate passive income without stressing yourself.

Create a Fake Betting Site with Huge Odds

Now, this is pretty easy as it sounds. It is one of the illegal online businesses with huge upside potential with little downside.

The only limitation and investment are designing the website and the software used for the odds generation.

Online betting isn’t an illegal online business for adults, but the aim of this is to dupe clients and make way with their money. Since we are going to be duping a whole lot of people, you shouldn’t see this illegal online business as a long-term business plan.

Hacking Sites and Collecting Ransom

To start this illegal online business, you need to have some basic idea of how to hack a social media site or website. No matter how careful people think they are online, they always leave tracks.

Your aim is to find the social media account of rich celebrities, hack into them, and demand ransom to get released.

This illegal online business involves blackmail, technology, and thinking smart before you get caught.

I can’t start teaching you about how to do it, but if you need a tutorial on it, then leave a comment, and I will prepare one for you all.


Credit Card Scam

The credit card scam is an illegal business that is lucrative but quite complex for amateurs. But if you can’t crack a credit card, then you should use the Yahoo format for it.

I have explained how to become a credit card scammer, and I guess that would help you find your footing in the world of credit card scams. But believe me, this illegal online business is very lucrative and could fetch you a whole lot of money.

One of the major downsides is that you might get caught and serve a very long prison sentence. But if you know your way, you can always maneuver your way aside from getting caught.

Selling Pornography

Do you have an idea of how much you can make by having $ex, recording it, and showcasing it online?

There is so much money to be made from this kinda illegal online business. Most online porn websites will pay you to get freshly recorded content for their websites. It might seem legal when you employ the services of a porn actress to deliver the job.

When you don’t have money to hire a porn actress, you will have to improvise. This will happen when you record a girl having sex and sell it online without her consent – then it becomes illegal.

When you get caught, you might be sentenced to a long term in jail – but I guess that its lucrative nature might be worth your time in jail… lol.

eBay scams

People love to buy from eBay owing to the accommodating and easy-to-surf nature of the market place. You can take advantage of this preference to cash out even more than the CEO of eBay. Illegal but smart things you can do include:

  • Uploading the Photo of an Item that Doesn’t Exist

Simply, create multiple accounts on eBay. Pick one of the accounts and make it a seller account. Add your payment method as required and complete the required forms. Now, list any expensive item and set the bidding price to something affordable. Use your other accounts to start bidding and watch bidders flood in. Wait for the highest bidder, accepts the bid, and get paid. You may either put up a different item or log off.

  • Fake PayPal Notification

Here, you’ll create an email that looks just like the official PayPal email. You can use burner mail to achieve this effect or buy an email name from any email address vendor. Make sure you don’t buy from Google, or you won’t be permitted. Now, go on to eBay and select any item you desire. Design the fake email and notify the seller of it. He/she will think that you’ve sent the money and will send the goods over.

Other illegal online business on eBay include:

  • Copycat Car
  • Bait and Switch
  • Forced Refund

Fake Online Dating

You can make money illegally from false dating. How? You must be very curious about how that can be possible. Well, it’s quite an easy illegal online business. All you require is hooking up with the right client, precisely an aged individual who needs love. First, sign up for any of the following dating platforms:

  • OkCupid
  • eHarmony
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Match

Design your profile the best way you can and fill it with sexy pictures. You can use the pictures of anyone, but it must not be that of celebrities. Get yourself active on the platform and watch the old men or women slide in to say “hello.”

Be romantic the best way you can, and try giving them orgasms every moment they spend chatting you up. When the bond becomes stronger, start making money request, and they’ll pay. Make sure you don’t request too much money. Meanwhile, you can carry out this business with multiple clients.

Money Mule

A money mule is someone who helps smugglers succeed in turning dirty cash to clean cash. Once the deed is successful, you’ll receive a percentage of the money.

There are millions of smugglers looking for who will serve as a money mule for them to smuggle money into the country. You can be one, and this is an illegal business that requires zero starts up capital. Simply create a bank account with fake details and ID and connect with money smugglers via illegal forums. Offer to serve as a money mule, and a certain amount will be transferred into your bank account. Withdraw the money and keep your cut; it’s easy!

Ponzi Scheme

You’ve been hearing people complain about how they lose millions to Ponzi schemes daily. Guess what? They’ll never stop investing in Ponzi schemes because of greed. Ponzi scheme is basically one of the trickiest illegal online business. The more people try to understand the concept of the business, the difficult it becomes. You need a website for this illegal business to succeed. Promise people that you’ll return 60% of their investments within 14 days and watch the crowd. In the beginning, you’ll have people invest a relatively small amount. Once 14 days reach, payout, and they’ll give testimonies. Other people, on hearing the testimonies, will flood in to receive their share of 60% returns.

Once more people have invested, crash the scheme and smile at your bank account.

Amazon Bogus Online Listings

Contact a buyer and disguise yourself as an Amazon seller. Offer to sell a particular good at a discounted rate, and the buyer will be convinced to make payments. Inform the seller that you can only accept Amazon gift cards as a payment method, and he/she will accept. Once they send in the gift card code, you win! Now, they’ll try to contact you but to no avail. Interestingly, even Amazon will not be able to help them with losing a gift card to you.

Fake Pro Blogger

The number of people flooding into the blogging world is amazing in this century. There are millions out there who know barely nothing about blogging and need tutors. Interestingly, these novices are all over the popular blogging forums on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. All you have to do join any of the blogging forums. Also, you don’t need any blogging skills to cash out in this business.

Create a fake account on the forum, use fake pictures, and join in the conversations to boost your trust level. When a novice requests for help, offer to help at a low cost. Get the money and block them.

Apart from novices, even pro bloggers do require help. For example, a pro blogger may not know why his/her site suddenly drops in traffic. Request for their site URL and inform them that you’ve to see faults in their blog. Offer to help at a token and scamper with the money.

online Ideas Scam

People love to join any community that promises to give them money. So, you can come up with an idea concerning making money and share the idea on various platforms. Make a good description and claim to be one of those with testimony. At the end of the description, add “Ask Me How?” A few minutes later, you’ll receive hundreds of messages asking, “How?”

Tell them it requires a token. Depending on what you want, you may tell each interested person that it requires just $1. Now, multiply $1 by 100 people, and you’ll get $100. If you increase the signup fee to $2 or $3, the income will also grow. You can easily make $1,000 with this particular illegal online business within a week.


So now you have a list of illegal online businesses that can buy you a Bugatti ASAP, it is up to you to start making money from it. Before then, you can manipulate your parents for money.

I run an illegal online business I mentioned here, but I wouldn’t be specific.

Which is your best illegal online business? Drop your thoughts in the comment section, and I might mentor you on how to start.

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