Simple and Easy Illegal Ways to Make Money in Nigeria – It is so Simple!!!

Are you broke? Or you need something important to do with the money? Well, do not worry because we have just about the solution to your cashless situation. I am going to show you about 5 illegal side hustles for quick cash you can start if you are broke. Majority of the youths are jobless in the country and they just sit about in the comfort of their homes doing nothing. If you are the badass type that needs money urgently, then this post is for you. Legal side hustles do not really pay off quickly. But as for illegal side hustles for quick money, it’s a matter of minutes or hours you will begin to experience the beauty of it.

The only challenge facing illegal side hustles now and in the future is the fact that you are breaking the law. In fact, you could find yourself behind bars if you are not very careful with the side hustle you engage yourself in. If you are considering engaging in some illegal side hustles, it is better to start from the scratch so as not to attract large attention early on. This post is basically for those who are broke. This post can also serve those who are living comfortable but needs extra cash to solve some little problems. We can go on and on, but illegal side hustles are profitable when done with care.

Below contains the list of 5 illegal side hustles for quick cash you can start if you are broke.

  illegal side hustles in Nigeria  

Pimping :

First of all, a pimp is an individual who controls prostitutes and solicits/searches for clients for a prostitute and in return get their own share of the money. Pimping can be also said to mean sex traffickers.  As a pimp, you look for prostitutes on the streets, give them the laid down details. The details include that you are going to search for clients for them to sleep with and in return, they pay you for helping them find the clients. Pimping is mostly done by women, that is because they can easily get in contact with prostitutes. This illegal side hustle should not be practiced by everyone because it is very dangerous and risky. I am afraid that if you get caught, you would face the full wrought of the law. If you must engage in pimping, you must be very smart as well as know how to navigate your way to look for clients. In recent times, pimping can be done on the internet. You are required to create a website, the prostitutes looking for men to sleep with will register and from there you take control. 

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Drug Selling

Selling of drugs is allowed in some countries but prohibited in others. So if you live in a country where selling of drugs is concerned, then making money from this side hustle would be very easy. In this case, the selling of hard drugs is very much prohibited. The selling of hard drugs is a very lucrative one is everything goes perfectly well. For someone who is broke, this type of side hustle is one which can fetch you a whole lot of money. What you need to do is to find the right people you sell at and smile to the bank on each sale. But you must be very careful when selling drugs like cocaine in America, so as not to fall into the hands of the drug enforcement agents.  

E-book scam:

E-book scam can come in 2 different ways. You can either go with the option of creating generated content or fake write-ups and pile it up into a book and put it up on some e-book web pages like Amazon. Use positive reviews from people in other sites to convince your prospective buyers that it is a very good book. You can also go with the option of stealing a book you see anywhere and selling in form of an e-book. It is ever possible to copy direct content and write-ups from a book and create it in form of an e-book without you having the copyright. Selling of plagiarized e-books is illegal and thereby punishable under the law. For you to make waves in this, you must be very smart so as not to get caught. 

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There are different reasons why people hack, but we will base our point on hacking to make money. This is also one of the lucrative illegal sides hustles anyone can engage in. If you must hack to make money, it is always advisable to hack top people social media sites. After hacking top people social media sites, you will then demand a sum of money to get it back. I bet you they will be willing to pay you to get their social media sites back. It could be for the reason that they do not want their secrets to be exposed or they do not want to lose their online friends. Hacking of people facebook, twitter, Instagram accounts could really fetch you something as illegal side hustles is concerned.  

Bank Fraud

This is the use of illegal means to get money from depositors while disguising as bank staff. It is a criminal offense and is punishable under the law If caught. Examples of bank fraud include:  

  • Collecting people bank detail e.g BVN and using it to withdraw money or pay money online.
  • Collecting loans from the bank with the knowledge that he would become bankrupt
  • Forging a check or signature by replacing the name or other details to make more money
  • Pretending to be a bank staff or institution by collecting deposits from people

There are other tactical ways of doing bank fraud, but you have to perfect the art and become good at it. Either way, it is one of the illegal side hustles that pays really well.

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Facebook Scams

You can start selling products on Facebook with an option of free shipping to entice customers. One of the ways I do it is by advertising some of the used materials in my house and promoting it at a giveaway price.

This would make people show interest, and you can collect their money are run away real fast. It is better your prices are cheap to enable people to forget the downside of getting scammed.

I have written a detailed post on how to scam on Facebook without getting banned, it might help you accomplish your aims.

There are other illegal side hustles one can engage in if you are broke. They include:

  1. The female dating scam.
  2. Opening a ponzi scheme
  3. Data bundle scammer.

This article is not meant to drive the public away from doing legal side hustles to make money. But it is just to show you some illegal side hustles someone who is broke can engage in. If you are the scared type, I advise you find other legal hustles to partake in. Till we meet again FAM, keep the hustle real. If you want to get more tips straight to your inbox, please just insert your Email below, and I will keep in touch. [newsletters_subscribe form=1]

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