illegal side hustles in Nigeria

Simple Ways to Make Fast Money – It is so Simple!!!

When the money isn’t there, what comes to mind? For me, illegal side hustles are what come first to mind. While on-street, you may hear your pally say, ‘Man, I’m broke!’ But ‘he is to blame’ because of his blatant ignorance of the lucrative illegal side hustles in town. It’s better not to exist than to exist and look poor. Do you think it’s okay to be poor than take up any of the various illegal side hustles? If indeed you think so, answer the questions below.

  • How will the fine girl next door rate your personality?
  • Apart from the girl, would any neighbor have respect for you?
  • At your age, is it okay to tax your Mama of her little cash?

These few questions are just nothing! In fact, there are more rigorously stressful questions than these to answer. So, it’s time to make money. Guys, you have to make money- you just have to.

As a classy girl, it is okay to make your own money. This will go a long way to back up your gender concept – feminism. Do not mistake this post to be for a male born because you’re not an exclusion in this pie sharing.

I sense that you’re buckling up for this enticing article. I understand that as a youthfully educated or uneducated, employment is all you desire. However, the present-day society algorithmically disagrees with you. You should, if you must succeed, become extreme in this situation. I have a long note to share with but wouldn’t love to bore you. In this sense moreover, I’ll compress the illegal side hustles you need to indulge and get quick money from.


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Top Simple Illegal Side Hustles Anyone Can Do Fast

illegal side hustles in Nigeria

Instagram Money Flipping

If you have an Instagram account, this should be very easy to set-up. Although, I recommend that you buy an existing Instagram account where your friends can’t recognize you.

The aim is to set up your account like that of a rich dude and promise to help people flip their cash. Let’s say someone invests $2,000, you can easily flip it after 48hrs, and it becomes $4,000. That is an investment with an ROI of 100%.

We all know this is a scam, many people do know that. The aim is to prey on gullible ones that have no idea and watch them fall for the scam. This is one of the best illegal side hustles that will put money into your pocket. You can see more on how Instagram flip cash works. Just make sure to set up your account properly and wait.


The hustle, pimping, is the practice of arranging sexual partners – whore, for others. A person who does this is a pimp. A pimp acts as the link between prostitutes and clients.

If you’re opting into pimping, your job is to solicit to search for clients. When you successfully link up a client with a prostitute, you’ll get a commission. I have written about the challenges of illegal side hustles, but trust me, this one has near-zero challenges or difficulty. All you must do here is to be a clean channel and settle the bosses.

Pimping equally means sex traffickers. Like a pimp, you look for prostitutes on the streets, give them the laid down details. You’ll need a car and this car is called a pimpmobile. When you drive down to a whore, you’ll get a client’s location. Sometimes, it can be the opposite. That is, a patron might pay you to locate a whore for them. If you must engage in pimping, you must be very smart as well as know-how to navigate your way in search of clients. In this modern-day, pimping is on another level i.e. online. You may opt for this method and make money from home by linking whores and clients.


Drug Selling

Selling of drugs is allowed in some countries but against the law in some others. If you live in a country where selling drugs is allowed publicly, you’re at an advantage. Should your location have a strong law against the drug, consider changing the location. If you get caught, it’s often deadly. However, it is in tough locations that drug money is always big. Such locations equally demand a strong bond with the Police.

Selling hard drugs is a lucrative side hustle, but only when all your clicks are right and perfect. For a broke dude, this type of side hustle is one that can fetch you a whole lot of money. What you need to do is to find the right people you sell at and smile to the bank on each sale. All the same, be very careful while selling drugs like cocaine in countries where the law is against.

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E-book scam

E-book scams can come in 2 different ways. You can either go with the option of creating generated content or fake write-ups and pile it up into a book and put it up on some e-book web pages like Amazon. Use positive reviews from people in other sites to convince your prospective buyers that it is a very good book.

You can also go with the option of stealing a book you see anywhere and selling in the form of an e-book. It is ever possible to copy direct content and write-ups from a book and create it in the form of an e-book without you having the copyright. The selling of plagiarized e-books is illegal and thereby punishable under the law. For you to make waves in this, you must be very smart so as not to get caught.



There are different reasons why people hack, but we will base our point on hacking to make money. This is also one of the lucrative illegal side hustles anyone can engage in. If you must hack to make money, it is always advisable to hack top people’s social media sites. After hacking top people’s social media sites, you will then demand a sum of money to get it back.

I bet you they will be willing to pay you to get their social media sites back. It could be for the reason that they do not want their secrets to be exposed or they do not want to lose their online friends. Hacking of people Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts could really fetch you something as illegal side hustles are concerned.


Money Mule

Money mules are the closest individuals to Smurfs. The job of a money mule is simply to move laundered money. When a Smurf meets you, a certain amount is given to you, through your bank account. In turn, you will forward this money to the launderer in a new sphere and get a commission. Usually, money mules work for foreigners.

This is to say that your dealing is most likely going to be with people you’ve never met. It’s one of the simple illegal side hustles that are worth trying out. Note that this business requires connections with street lords. It will be difficult to find a Smurf on your own, unless through the internet.


Bank Fraud

This is the use of illegal means to get money from depositors while disguising as bank staff. It is a criminal offense and is punishable under the law If caught. Examples of bank fraud include:  

  • Collecting people’s bank details e.g. BVN and using it to withdraw money or pay money online. This is done by means of phishing.
  • Collecting loans from the bank with the knowledge that he would become bankrupt.
  • Forging a check or signature by replacing the name or other details to make more money.
  • Pretending to be bank staff or institution by collecting deposits from people.

There are other tactical ways of doing bank fraud, but you have to perfect the art and become good at it. Either way, it is one of the illegal side hustles that pays really well.


Credit Card Theft

Another means of illegal side hustles is credit card theft. A lot of persons often misplace or careless about their credit cards. This can become your chance to make money with ease. The problem here is that you may not know the victim’s password. However, there are ways that you can remove the money without a need for the password.

I made a post on how to use stolen credit cards without a password. When you go through this, you will achieve this with a Godspeed in this hustle. I guarantee that after reading, any credit card that comes your way will go for nothing.


Pocket Picking

This is a steady way to hustle and return with cash. This method demands that you meet with the street lords and talk things out with them. It is necessary to meet with street lords because the ground may be dangerous. Imagine that you pick the pocket of a gang man, what do you think will happen? Man, hell might be unleashed on you if you’re caught.

Pocket picking is actually very easy to puzzle out. If you link up with others, it becomes even easier. For instance, when you successfully pick from an unsuspecting fellow, he’ll scream for help but no moves will be made. Do you get the drill? I’m sure you do. This method is in no way, messy. It’s always a clean deal, only if you remain humble and abide by street rules.

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Facebook Scams

You can start selling products on Facebook with an option of free shipping to entice customers. One of the ways I do it is by advertising some of the used materials in my house and promoting it at a giveaway price. These illegal side hustles do not require moving around the street but you must be careful.

People show interest in the goods you advertise on Facebook. When the price tag is low, they’ll troop in very fast. At this moment, you’ll simply gather the money and shut down the account. It is recommendable to use fake details and locations to avoid being tracked.

I have written a detailed post on how to scam on Facebook without getting banned, it might help you accomplish your aims.


Whatsapp Ponzi Scheme

Launching a Ponzi scheme is a very lucrative illegal side hustle that can make you rich as fast as possible. What it entails is just creating a group and advertising the group. The aim of advertising is to attract “greedy” people who want to make money fast.

A Ponzi scheme involves using the money of late investors to pay earlier investors. The money is kept with the owner of the Ponzi scheme for like 30 days, 15 days, depending on how long it takes you to attract new investors into your scheme. In most illegal cases, it is safe to say that most admins of several Ponzi Whatsapp groups take the money and run away without paying investors.

They lock up the group and evict people immediately they make payments. In order to avoid police charges, I guess you should trade with cryptocurrencies, there would be no evidence of any crime you’ve committed.


There are other illegal side hustles one can engage in if they are broke. They include:

  1. The female dating scam.
  2. Data bundle scamming
  3. Watermelon
  4. Selling people’s properties
  5. Reselling products to multiple persons


This article is not meant to drive the public away from doing legal side hustles for money. It is just to highlight certain illegal side hustles broke people could engage in. If you are the scared type, I’ll advise you to find other legal hustles to partake in.

Challenges of Illegal Hustles

It is no story that the various illegal side hustles have their downside. But you must understand that the consequence varies based on the location. In a studious sense, these illegal side hustles often result in one thing. What they often result is having to answer the questions from crime agencies. This could not have been the problem if not for the fact that the act is tempting the law.

Operating illegal side hustles without care may end you behind bars. The terms could always be as low as months and as high as years. The duration is also determined by the kind of illegal hustle you wax in.

Even at that, the laws of some countries favor these illegal side hustles. For example, in Canada, selling drugs around is not much of a problem due to the definitions from its laws.

Furthermore, illegal side hustles are like institutions that pay taxes. Always have it in mind that you’ll lose money. You can’t always perform these acts and expect to leave with full meats because this is ‘street’. If you eventually make it a full-time job, you’d have to pay homages to the ‘street lords’. If you don’t you’ll be kicked out. As a part-time or quick indulgence, make sure you settle the ‘street’ after a successful operation.

How to Get Away with illegal side hustles

Do you know that you can easily get away with illegal side hustles? The toughest things like the Police can make this possible. Before then, one thing I like about illegal side hustles is that it does not involve human lives. When human lives come in, there is a cabal betrayal, which should often not be the case.

To get away with illegal hustles, ensure that you do the following:

  1. Preserve bribe for the Police.
  2. Contact and settle the lords of that location.
  3. Always put your face down and avoid looking up. You might be looking at a surveillance camera.
  4. Switch locations from time to time.
  5. Respect the street rules.
  6. Involve helping hands and remain truthful in your dealings.
  7. Wear hoodies at all times.
  8. Do not threaten a victim or street man with any weapon.

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