Make Money By Importing From Dubai to Nigeria – Best Products to Import from Dubai and Sell in Nigeria

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Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

What Can I Import from Dubai to Nigeria – What Can Someone Buy from Dubai and Sell in Nigeria

Dubai, a Port city in the United Arab Emirates, is doubtlessly more than just beauty. It’s a City that qualifies as a major commercial hub in the world. On top of it, it’s easy to import from Dubai to Nigeria just like other countries worldwide. There is an excellent dealership repute perceived of Dubai, and thus, the city is recognized and recommended for business deals.

Usually, the question of what to buy lingers in the minds of Nigerians. Not to worry, this article will state what to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria with high profits.

In Nigeria, different products seem to be more cherished than homemade. Clients equally tend to subscribe to the ideology that foreign products resist decay for more time. For reasons like this, vendors are incited to import from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. If you have to import from Dubai to satisfy customers, buy from Dubai, and trade in Nigeria. Besides, customer satisfaction remains key in business. So, opt for customer satisfaction.



What You Can Import from Dubai to Nigeria


import from Dubai to Nigeria

Products you can import from Dubai and sell in Nigeria


Before reading further, understand that not everything in Dubai is saleable in Nigeria. Some things could serve as a loss after importation. For reasons such as this, consider contacting us to assist in determining whether your current pick is okay.

In this article thus, eight valuable picks have been made and are goods to import from Dubai to Nigeria. There are few more picks reserved in our‘ pick list’; if you’d love to know, holla with the comment box.


Exotic Furniture

Dubai is known to house pure crafts in terms of household/office furniture. Seeing yourself or having a telephone link-up with anybody in Dubai should end at least at a furniture bargain. If you are to import from Dubai to Nigeria, exotic furniture for self-use, you’re making a complete decent decision. And if it’s to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria, you’ll already be making a name nationwide. Back here in Nigeria, beautification is what is most admired. Going on to import the beautifully crafted furniture from Dubai to Nigeria will be gold on a crystal black.

Inarguably, Dubai recognizes Nigeria as one of its core target markets and as such, the prices you’ll get the furniture for will be ‘giveaways.’

Peradventure you find yourself in Dubai, check into areas like Al Quos Industrial. This area houses several company warehouses with a specialty in furniture. How about foreign stocks? I recommend Safita Trading Est. Basically, this company stocks furniture is taken from the far east, India inclusive.


Persian Rugs and Carpets

As it stands, nothing seems to be eligible enough to outdo Dubai in textile. The plans on what to import from Dubai and sell in Nigeria should be cut short by the classy textiles offered by Dubai. These textiles do vary. If the import budget is high, you definitely will find luxurious and superior textiles. Or opt for standards that are favorable with the proposed budget for importation to Nigeria.

Of these textiles are the Persian rugs and carpets. Persian rugs and carpets are elegant, stylish, and unbeatable rendered textiles to beautify places, commercial and homely. Intriguingly, you could have the Persian rugs customized to your taste or those of your clients. Most important of all, these rugs don’t cost too much for their finesse.

A Dubai Dirham costs ₦98.14

Note: this price corresponds to the present exchange rate at the time of this article and is susceptible to future changes.

A Persian rug could cost from about 300 Dubai Dirhams. Approximately a specific sized Persian rug would about 20,000 in Nigerian currency. Also, note that Persian rugs differ in prices. And the prices are determined by their quality, size, and brand.



Electronics and Lighting Equipment

Another valuable to import from Dubai to Nigeria is electronic and lighting equipment. Nobody loves darkness, is there? The finely designed electronic and lighting equipment are what to look out for. These products from Dubai will not only be sources of light and income when imported to Nigeria. They’ll also measure up to their worth in terms of durability and elegant looks.

Some of the malls to get the best of prices in Dubai are Jumbo Electronics, Sharaf DG Dubai Mall. You may also decide to go to electronics in Ecity Dubai. Ecity offers electronic gadgets of all kinds and at cheaper rates.

So, why if you’re opting for electronics in Dubai, you’re at an advantage of making better money. Remember, these electronics are cheaper compared to the wholesale purchases you’ll make within Nigeria.



Perfume Oil

This should be your bus stop in search of what to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. You love to smell nice, and so does everyone. To import perfume oil from Dubai to Nigeria will mean gumming clients to yourself. This suggestion on what to import from Dubai is undoubtedly something to put into consideration right now. For those who wish to start a perfume oil business, you can start by importing from Dubai and selling in Nigeria.

In Dubai, Perfume oil is known as Attar and are gotten from plants. This suggests how natural perfumes oils are. Apart from the sweet smell of Perfume oils, remember that they are free from any form of alcohol. They are various brands of this oil, one of which is the Amouage. Many reputable stores deal on these Attars. Since the brands are more, choosing the right brand may become severe. In this case, your nose should play a role because you may end up importing all Attar brands to Nigeria. If the budget is high, why not? Get at least two different brands of perfume oil. After all, you’ll sell them off in no time because of its aroma.

Some of the stores that offer excellent quality and cheap oils are Nabeel Perfumes and Lootah Perfumes (Mall). The Nabeel Perfumes have a beneficial return and refund policy that should milk your joints. Also, Perfume Oil, Attar varies in prices. As sweet as they are, they come at affordable prices. Get to any of the Perfume Stores and buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria.


Apparels and Clothing

Importing clothes from Dubai to sell in Nigeria is quite a stuffy task. Since clothes are one of the products banned from importation, you’d consider applying bypassing-measures. One of these measures has to do with losing some bucks to the Nigerian Custom Officials. When your import of clothes from Dubai to Nigeria is successful, you’d have to smile at the bank because of the cheapness.

I recommend Shafie Mohammed Trading Center for your clothing purchase and import. One thing about clothing is that getting a very cheap one is very easy. You don’t need a boutique to return to Nigeria with lovely apparel. If someone drops by Dubai Outlet Mall, you’re sure to leave there with many clothes at unbelievable prices.

Indeed, clothes make perfect sense of something to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. Most of the prominent boutiques in Nigeria obtain their products here and sell at highly favorable prices to Nigerians. On a very typical day, if there’s any link between you and Dubai, it should end with the beautifully sewn clothes over there.


Corporate Shoes and Sneakers

Either it would be best if you had shoes and sneakers for yourself or to import and sell in Nigeria. Any way at all, corporate shoes and sneakers are smart things to import from Dubai to Nigeria.

It is stuff like this that makes Nigerians say, “My container has arrived.” With about 500K or less, you could get a decent number of standard quality shoes and sneakers from Dubai. When such products arrive, let college boys and youth be aware of them. Check back at your imports, and you’d discover that it’s now money!


Pieces of jewelry

Whether it is gold or silver, Dubai has them all. Style up your looks or that of other Nigerians by importing elegantly crafted glimmering jewels from Dubai to Nigeria.


Phones and Computers

The prices of phones and other computers often displayed by big stores and online markets are ridiculous. These prices, when compared to that of Dubai, force Nigerians to prefer ordering these devices away from Nigeria. In Dubai, these phones and computers flood the market at cheaper rates. Thus, they become less valuable than they are in Nigeria. Are you still wondering about what to import from Dubai to Nigeria? I believe it’s a ‘No’ because importing a phone from Dubai should now be destabilizing your mind.




4 Clean-cut Reasons to Import from Dubai to Nigeria

Newsy trends have it that it’s advisable to patronize products made in Nigeria. But on the contrary, more money is made from the stuff we import from Dubai to Nigeria. Below are why it remains smarter to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria, despite the economic claims.



Customer Satisfaction

To import from Dubai and sell in Nigeria is what satisfies clients most. This is because clients believe that consuming or purchasing foreign goods differentiates them from others. Having to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria tends to not only satisfy your customers. It further brings into being the belief that your products are superior.


Potential Profit and Solitary

Profits from products you import from Dubai to Nigeria can be easily manipulated. While homemade products have uniformity in price, what you import from Dubai to Nigeria differ. Clients can’t tell the actual cost of different products, which adds an advantage to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. Truthfully, not many persons can enter a pricing battle for a product you buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria.


The Branding Fame

“Fame” is yet another clean-cut reason to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. Once a product or its brand is posited initially in Dubai, it becomes famous. For example, Persian rugs. These are rugs that any financially set Nigerian would want to go for. The texture and finishing of Persian rugs may not be the world’s best, but its branding wins the day.


Products Cost

Things that someone imports from Dubai are cheaper, especially when bulky. When people buy from Lagos to sell in Aba, it causes an increase in product pricing. But the products you import from Dubai to Nigeria are way cheaper.

Ultimately, importing from Dubai to Nigeria makes a great deal. Worry no more about what to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria and put this list to use. If, by chance, you need yet another suggestion of what to import from Dubai to Nigeria, use the comment box.


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