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How to Successfully Introduce your Product to a Customer and Make Them Buy

Do you have a product to introduce to somebody? But do not know how to go about it. Then stay glued to this article because we would be tutoring you on how to introduce a product to a customer. Recruiting customers is the basis of succeeding when you are selling a product. When customers are scarce, then will your income be scarce as well. You can either introduce a product to a customer by words of mouth that are physically or by online means. Whichever way, you will still get buyers to the product that you introduced to them. There is no difficulty when trying to introduce a product to prospective customers.

All it takes is good marketing skills, good plans and overall being nice to the person. You cannot be rude because if you are rude, potential customers would flee from your sight leaving you with nothing. In addition, when trying to introduce your products to prospective customers, try to get their full attention before you go into the product sale. For you to introduce a product to a customer, you must first present yourself in a respectable manner.

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Your manner of approach matters a lot. If you dress well, the prospective customer will listen to you attentively coupled with good English. But if you do not dress well and do not speak good English, then you would just be wasting your time.

Now let us See how you can introduce your product to a customer

how to introduce a product to a customer

Making Phone Calls

You can make phone calls to people around telling them about your product. When you call, describe yourself first, then you can start talking about the products you want to sell. It is also important you know the person you are calling so as not to be embarrassed. Also, it is very important to have a good speaking character so that the person you are calling would be convinced to buy your product. Show that you are happy with the voice of mouth when calling so that the person listening would be interested. Though this is a very difficult way to get customers when you introduce them to the product, it is worth trying. If you get maybe for an answer, then you can call back later. The important thing is to be friendly and not lose contact with them.


Give out referral bonuses:

This is a smart way to introduce a product to a customer. This is ever reliable and also it saves you the time of looking for one customer to another. You can get people to look for people to buy your product through referral means. The only factor is that you must put small advantage they referred people are likely to get when they are being introduced and purchase the product. This will enable more people to introduce the product to other people.

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Social media handles/Advertise

You can introduce your product to a customer via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. When you send someone a direct message telling him about your product, let him or her be willing to listen to what you have to say about your product. Do not try to force him or her to patronize you, and as well do not be desperate by disturbing him or her too much. You can as well introduce a product to customers indirectly by advertising in newspapers, flyers, magazines, television and radio stations. When they see the product on these platforms and they like it, then they will contact you for business.

Words of mouth

This is one of the best forms to introduce a product to a customer. The only daunting factor is that it is much more stressful than others. In this case, you move about from streets to streets stopping people politely and speaking to them on a low tune to buy your product. Some people might decline not to listen to you, while some people would be all ears listening to what you have to stay. All the same, you have to be polite and respectful when introducing a product to a customer.



  • Benefits before features

If you really want to succeed in the business of selling a product, you must lay down the benefits of that product first before the features of the product. A customer in her first question when approached once told my friend what she stands to gain when she buys the product. So when you approach a customer and you want to sell your product, it is important you list out the advantages of buying that product instead of what the product is made up of.


  • Let the customers speak

After listing out the benefits of the product you want to sell, tell the customers to feel free by asking any questions pertaining to the product. It is generally believed that the more a customer talks, the more the product is likely to be sold. So it is in your best interest to sell the product by allowing the prospective customers have the floor in the discussion.

  • Show the product

Avoid much talking and show them the product. If you begin to talk for so long, they become bored and might leave the place. What you are to do is to show them the product you are selling, make them feel it. If it is a product that can be tested, let them test it not minding what it will cost because they will purchase more if they like what they tested.


All in all, customers might reject your product even after displaying good character, but do not be downhearted, brace yourself for other potential customers. This article was written for those who are looking for ways to introduce their product to a customer. Grab the listed points above, sleep through the points and lastly make good use of it and be sure to see the reward.

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