Investment Format for Clients [Copy & Download]

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Investment Format for Clients

One of the easiest ways to bill your client is to convince them to invest in a specific product or financial market. Asking your clients to invest will not only make them like you, but you will also get money from them quickly without them knowing your true intentions. I want to quickly show you how to use the investment format for clients and explain what to do and say in this post.

Investment scams are as old as whatever you can think of, and most times, I read about other successful investment scam artists like Jordan Belfort to learn more about how they successfully carried out their scams. Trying to bill your client with the investment format means that you have to position yourself as a financial guru strategically. It starts with understanding your client’s needs and their innate desire for money.

You have to approach this investment format like the Golf Format for clients because it follows the same strategy. The only difference here is that you aren’t telling your client to invest in Gold, which is still okay.

We consider others like bitcoin, forex, binary options, and crypto arbitrage in this investment format. Once your client trusts you, there’s so much you can ask them to invest in, and they will trust you.

So, let’s dive deeper into the Investment Format for clients and see how we can make money from it.

Requirements for Investment Format for a Client

Good Profile

Your profile should show you off as an excellent financial analyst. In some instances, I love to own a fake Instagram account profile and describe myself as a seven-figure financial investment trader. I fill up my profile with images of successful trades and people’s testimonies. You can also create a LinkedIn account that will show your work history. This will also add credibility to your name and make clients trust you.

Once your profile is good and enticing, it will be easy to introduce yourself to clients and get them to do business with you. Go ahead and create a sweet and intriguing profile on any social media platform.


Testimonials are a great way to create brand trust. So, while setting up your profile, remember to add testimonials. So when you refer a client to your profile, they will see that you are reliable and trustworthy.

Other Instagram Accounts

These other Instagram accounts are for bombing and directing people to visit your main page, where you will convince them properly. So the idea is that you will use troll accounts to bomb, then use your main account to bill clients. That is how it works, and it has been working for me ever since.

How to use Investment Format for Billing

There are different ways you can use the investment format to start cashing out, but it depends on which pattern you’d want to explore.

Find a Page Online

There are two ways to get clients; one is by mass bombing, while the other is by individual targeting. Finding a page online can be done in different ways. You can either decide to find youtube channels that talk about money, investment, or cryptocurrency, or you find similar accounts on Instagram that talk about the same thing.

For me, I love doing both because it increases my chances of having people come around to my page and check me out. I don’t suggest you keep spamming on any available page or comment section you see online; people will figure you out as a scammer.

Find a Client

So if you don’t want to go through the stress of bombing every related post you see, you can start hustling for clients directly. Compose a message, go into their DM and bomb their DMs.

In this case, I recommend that you create a profile that looks like a popular investor or an influencer online. Using this method, people can easily trust you and get what you want from them.

Bomb Pages Online

The next big step would be to start bombing pages with your formats. This might be complex if you haven’t done it before, so that I will show you a sample.

A Sample bomb format should look like this;

I want to thank @dsmartlazyhustler [insert your own username] for carefully helping me manage my portfolio from $5,000 and turning that amount into $250,000. If you need help with managing or increasing your portfolio, you should contact him, he’s doing a good job. I appreciate.

A simple message like that is perfect and can send the proper signal. If you can also create on Twitter, have an excellent second profile that portrays you as an investment manager, you will have a lot of people looking for your services.

Send Personal Messages to Client

If you have a client you are working on; another good option would be to send a personal message to the client and convince them to invest. To increase your chances of success, you should learn how to persuade people to give you money. They will ask you lots of questions, but make sure you can answer them quickly.

Hi, how are you doing today,   I’m Lora Smith from Brooklyn. New York, USA.
Do you care about knowing how you can earn “on a daily basis” with investments in bitcoin cryptocurrency mining?

Do you know that you can make up to$100,000weekly in bitcoin mining directly to your bitcoin wallet, bank account or any withdrawal details you wish to?

Send a whatsapp message to this number  {insert your Foreign Number} or Click/Copy this link below to your browser in other to put you through the easy process so you can get started.

{Insert your WhatsApp Link Here}

You can send messages like this client’s DM and hope that they respond. But overall, the best strategy would be to use the Trust format for clients, make the client your friend; then you can easily convince them.

Download Investment Format for Client PDF

If you are interested in Spamming inbox, you can also use this format to bomb clients. If you need other formats, then you can contact me using the email [email protected] 

Click here to Download Investment Format PDF


Investment Format for Clients depends on if you have a personal client or you want to bomb different clients at once on various platforms. You can also use the above format to send spam emails to their inbox using a spammed cPanel. Depending on what you are looking to achieve, there is always a format.

If you want more Investment formats like the one I have written here, send a message to [email protected] and request your format. The price is $40 – terms and conditions apply.

Till next update, bye.


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