iTunes gift card format

How to use iTunes Gift Card Format to Collect iTunes Gift Card from Clients

How to use iTunes Gift Card Format to Collect iTunes Gift Card from Clients

Have you ever heard of the iTunes gift card format as an intending smart online hustler? Just like I always do, I will show you how to collect iTunes card from clients and convert it into money.

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Are you excited? I bet you should be.

The iTunes card billing format is one of the favorite formats Yahoo boys bill clients when they don’t want to release so much money. So what I do exactly is to use the iTunes billing format and collect the money I want – even though it would be small, but little is better than nothing. Before we go deeper, what are iTunes Cards?

What are iTunes Cards?

iTunes gift card format

A picture of a $100 iTunes gift card

iTunes card was originally created to enable people to buy songs from Apple’s music store, known as the iTunes store. When they buy these songs, they could then play this song on their computer using the iTunes software on their iPod, iPad, or Mac computer.




Where the iTunes gift card is used

An iTunes store

The original purpose of the iTunes card was just to gift people music. Like other cards, iTunes has this special sequence of numbers at the back of their card that enabled people to redeem the worth of the gift card on the iTunes store. After redemption, they could then use the real value of the card and buy any song they wish.

how to use the iTunes Gift Card

Where the iTunes gift card number is located at the back

Let’s say I have an iTunes gift card that could buy me a song named “Rain by Dr. Dre,” the value of the card could also be let’s say $100. If I gift you this card, you can either do the following with the card;

  • Buy the music by Dr. Dre “Rain” or
  • You get $100 to purchase another song (after you redeem the gift card to Apple)

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Introduction of the App Store

When Apple introduced the App Store, users were now able to spend their gift cards on music as well as apps. Anyone who wanted to buy either music or an app could spend their gift card on any of their choices.

I guess Apple didn’t want to create a separate card for the iTunes store and App store, hence a unified name iTunes gift card. Just know that the iTunes gift card can be redeemed and sold to those who need them. Once you sell it, you are paid the monetary equivalent of the iTunes gift card.



How to collect iTunes cards from Clients?

Now you may be asking yourself, “How can I use the iTunes gift card billing format” to collect iTunes cards from clients? The best iTunes gift card format to go alongside this iTunes card billing format is the dating format.

Approach your Client and become friends

You would have to start as a friend with your client. The best place I love getting my clients are from dating sites. Once I meet a client, I establish a relationship with them immediately and become friends.

Most of these clients can easily buy a gift card for $100, so there is no need trying to rush and collect so much money from them. Once you have become friends with them, make sure that you maintain a friendship in a very good way.

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Lie about your occupation

If you are using the iTunes card billing format, you must lie about everything about yourself. Since there would be no need of meeting with your client or transferring money, they will never know where you are; that is the beauty of the iTunes gift card format in duping a client. This format isn’t meant for only yahoo or yahoo boys, anybody can just do it for fun.

Discuss Music with them during chatting

Since the aim of this is to collect an iTunes card from your client, you should know about music. Like I explained before, iTunes card was originally meant for music purchases; so if your client tells you something like this –

Client: I love only Cardi B’s song

You: wow, I am actually a fan of Nicki Minaj – I heard that both of em are rivals.

Client: Yea, so I heard.

You: You would want me to become a Cardi B’s fan? (lmao)

Client: Sure, why not.

You: Then you can buy her music and send it across to me – that way you can convert me.

Client: How can I do that?

You: Since it is on the iTunes store, you can just send me a gift card, and I will purchase it for myself.

Client: Okay, I will do that tomorrow if I buy from Wal-Mart.

iTunes gift card from Walmart

Wal-mart sells iTunes gift cards

Now you can see how I was able to lure my client to help me achieve my aim. It also depends on the style of chat. If she doesn’t accept at first, don’t pester; just continue the discussion and look for other ways to make sure they like you to send the iTunes gift card.



Collect the gift card and sell

There are so many places you can sell iTunes gift cards around you, just ask questions and you will find. Depending on the amount the client sends to you, you can probably sell it back at a lower rate.

One of the major problems that G-boys face is when they sell their gift cards to the wrong person and get ripped. I recommend that you sell your gift card at this site because that is where I sell all my gift cards once I get it from my client.

Why is iTunes Gift Card Format the Best?

Ever since the introduction of iTunes gift cards, many hustlers like us have used it to make so much money online. The iTunes gift card format is one of the easiest ways to get money from your client without getting caught.

In most cases; after your client has agreed to pay money to you, you start looking for how to pick-up the money. If you make a mistake, you might get caught and sent to jail. But with iTunes gift card billing format, you can receive it anywhere and anytime you want. Nobody will ever disturb you or arrest you. Some of the other reasons are below;

  • It is a simple way of getting money from your client
  • You can never be caught
  • You don’t need a bank account
  • It is simple to sell and transform into cash.

Now that you have seen some of the reasons you should start using the iTunes card billing format, let me show you then how to start. There are so many other ways to collect iTunes gift cards from any clients.



Other ways to use the iTunes Card Billing Format

If you don’t want to use this method love and dating format to collect iTunes card from clients, there are many other ways you can use;

The Tax payment format

One of the newer methods is when you impersonate an IRS (Internal Revenue Service officer) agent and convince your client to pay their taxes over the phone using iTunes gift cards.

Send me a gift format

This is very effective when you guys have started bonding very well. Most of these clients can easily decide to send you a gift, so I suggest you tell them to send you iTunes gift cards. This is why this iTunes gift card format is very simple. They will see the iTunes gift card as a gift, instead of payment.

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Is it only the iTunes Gift card?

When it comes to collect gift cards from clients, it isn’t only the iTunes gift card that you can collect. There are other gift cards out there that you can also collect from your clients. A typical example of some popular ones includes;

  • Amazon gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Vanilla
  • MoneyPak
  • Reloadit

Any of the above gift cards can be converted into money or used to make purchases online. Now you have known how to collect gift cards from clients using the iTunes gift card format. I have also taught you how to apply the iTunes card billing format and some other cards you can use.


A Sample Gift Card Format Message to Send to Your Client

Hello, My Love,

I know how you’ve been wanting to see my face, and I totally understand the feeling of seeing someone your heart truly beats for after a long period of time.

It is just so unfortunate that circumstances have stopped me from showing you how much I love you. But trust me, it won’t be for long again. The reason is that I have figured out what is wrong with my camera and possible ways to solve it.

We lack technicians here, so I came in contact with someone who promised to help me fix my camera and screen, to enable become able to make video calls again.

I would have paid immediately without disturbing you, but I lack funds to be very honest with you.

I am not asking for money – because he doesn’t need money to fix the problem. He only said that I need to send me $200 worth of gift cards to be able to unlock the screen.

I wonder what he intends to do with such gift cards – but since he is the only trusted person here, I am taking the risk with him.

I don’t have access to gift cards here, so that is why I am reaching you.

Please aid me with just $200 worth of gift card to fix this screen, I will repay as soon as I fix the phone. I need to see the face of my lover ASAP.

I trust you to help me babe… I love you from the depth of my heart.


Please remember that you must type the above message in line with the discussions you’ve had with your client when using the iTunes gift card format.

Rules to Remember When Using  the Gift Card Format

  • Always start asking for a small amount. You can see that I started from $200 to enable me to build trust.
  • Type correct English
  • Make sure you are collecting the Amazon Gift Card because of iTunes gift card don cast.
  • Make sure you are not in America before using the format I dropped up there.
  • Before you bill your client, make sure he is now disturbing you for video calls. When this is happening, it is because he now misses you and wants to see your face.

Your client will be checking to see if there are lies in what you have typed. Once he notices any form of lies, he will immediately abandon you and know that you are a scam.

So the best thing you have to do is double-check everything you are telling your client, so as not to contradict yourself during the discussion.

Like I explained earlier, make sure that you are collecting Amazon gift cards, Steem, and GooglePlay. Don’t bother collecting iTunes gift cards because it is almost worthless in the market.

After selling it, you won’t make any reasonable money from the gift card. But the ones I have mentioned have a very high resale value.


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