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If you want to learn how to be a yahoo boy, then this is the post you should read. I will like to teach how to become a yahoo boy because I have the experience. This post is for everyone that wants to become a hustler. Read on and learn all you need to learn.

Before you become a successful yahoo boy who wants to venture into yahoo-yahoo, there are certain things you need to know and do before starting off as a yahoo boy. Before I commence with the tutorial, a yahoo boy is different from yahoo plus which is also regarded as a ritual. It is something that makes me sad when niggas leave yahoo for yahoo plus rituals. This is just because they are too desperate for the money and can’t wait to learn all that is needed to be successful.

But before you continue reading, you should know the basics of becoming a yahoo scammer, so that you won’t make mistakes. It will help you understand all you will read in this post and also advance your game forward.

I am only teaching you how to become a successful yahoo boy without charging you a dime. Truth be told, I was into this business when I was in my higher institution and I could point out my achievements as a yahoo guy in Nigeria. Though this is an illegitimate business and it is not good, you should continue reading if you can take the risk then kindly try it. in fact, learning how to be a yahoo boy is all about the risk involved. If you can’t stand the risk, you should get a real job and do.

In Nigeria, yahoo business is an illegal business and you will be sent to jail whenever you are caught in this. But nigga cares not, all they need is to hit the money.

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Requirements to Start Yahoo Job

A good Laptop

This is the first gadget that you must buy or get before you learn how to be a yahoo guy. However, it is not just an ordinary laptop but with high processor speed, high Hard-Disk size, good ram size, and Web-Cam.

To learn to be a yahoo boy, there are things you are expected to look out for before you purchase any laptop. A laptop is not only enough, you still need to add components that will make serve the purpose of the business. These components include the following: The things you need on your laptop to get started includes;

Grammarly Account 

In this situation, your written grammar must be perfect all because you are claiming to be a person that resides in the US or Uk. Hence, your grammar needs to be perfect including your spelling check. Are you bothered? You don’t need to be bothered because the Grammarly app will do that for you.

As you are typing, it fine-tuned your grammar and it really makes your client feel that you are from the US or any related country you mentioned.

Dating Apps

There are a lot of dating apps that are active, some of them include OkCupid,,,, e.t.c, the most active one where you can quickly get a client is from sites like OkCupid.

I have written a comprehensive list of dating apps and how you can get quality clients from those Apps. So you can Click here to see the list of dating Apps.


dating app to learn how to be a yahoo boy


Though many of them can make you to how to become a successful yahoo boy as a beginner. Don’t start with hacking but rather begin dating. Dating is still for beginners, you can’t just start hacking accounts when you are still learning. If you start with hacking and try buying tools, you may fall into the hands of rippers who will rip you and scam you.

When you practice, you learn how to be a yahoo boy and grow in confidence. That way, you can know what and what to do when any situation comes up.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

vpn to become a yahoo boy

VPN which simply means the Virtual Private Network. The main function of this component is to hide your IP address popularly known as hidemyass. As the internet is concerned, IP address unveil your location to people, and most websites that you can get clients are no longer accepting users from Nigeria. However, you need a VPN to hide your ass(IP address).

You will need to get a Premium VPN that won’t fail you and get you kicked out while chatting with your client. I have recommended a VPN like PureVPN, and you can get it for as cheap as one bottle of beer.

If you want to get a Premium VPN, click on this link to buy a Premium PureVPN cheap.

Create Online Social Media Accounts

You need to create social media accounts at least a month before you start the yahoo-yahoo business in order to prevent and block any suspicious line. The major social media accounts you must register to include Twitter, Facebook (you can learn how to create a Facebook account that can’t be blocked), Instagram, and Snapchat. As I have said earlier, start the talk with your client on the dating websites and later move to social media to continue your chats. I believe that you won’t try to make use of your own picture as the profile picture. Download white men pictures from the internet, you will see as many as possible. Details will be explained to make you understand how to become a successful yahoo boy.

Get a Foreign Phone Number

It is your duty to do what will make your clients trust you, one of them is to get a foreign number for you to be chatting on Whatsapp [See how you can get a foreign phone number here]. You don’t need to be bothered about how to go about the foreign number or on how to become a successful yahoo boy. There are several ways which you can get with no stress. In fact, I can help you get it but you will pay… Click here to get a foreign phone number.

You don’t just get a number anyhow, there are some things that you need to check out for;

  1. The country that you are currently staying not in Nigeria, I mean the one you will tell your clients.
  2. The next country you will be going to.

Take, for instance, I used to clone a U.S number and tell my client I will be traveling back to South Africa for a business deal with a company. I make use of South Africa because I have a friend there, I can easily tell him to help me with the South Africa number. Very simple right?


The main reason for this is to make yourself genuine for the main time your business will hit before changing back to your normal phone number. Truth be told, it is very easy to achieve but it depends on the level of your creativity. Creativity is essential on how to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria because creativity helps you to play an intelligent game.

Logs & Documents [Bank, Online Shopping Logs, Etc.]

You will need different logs, depending on the format or game you will use. If you don’t want to buy – which I believe you shouldn’t buy, then you can get them from your clients.

Asides from bank logs, online shopping logs, there are many other documents you can also have like a driver’s license, SSNs, Credit Card details.

For more information, you can visit most of the links below to access individual tutorial pages.

These links should help you with how to get most of the documents you need. Once you have them, it will make your job easier and allow you to cash out faster.

Types of Yahoo Yahoo Scams You Can Start as a Yahoo Boy

Now it might seem complex, but there are several types of yahoo-yahoo scams that are popular and you can try once you become a yahoo boy. You have to choose the one that will fit you and that is easy for you. There is no way you can do all of them, you just have to start from somewhere.

I will be listing the various yahoo scams you can do, and maybe you can just pick one and start it immediately.

Wire-Wire Scam

Wire-Wire means electronic wire transfer. What it simply means is being able to track money that is being sent to someone and divert the money to your personal use. It is very hard to do, but here is a tutorial on how to do a wire-wire scam.

Dating Billing

This is one of the simplest forms of yahoo for those who want to learn how to be a yahoo boy. Anybody can start dating and start collecting money or even gift cards. With dating, you can just register on a dating site and start to find any rich woman or man to date. Once they fall in love, you can then bill them. I have attached a video to show you how to bill your clients you are dating.  Here is the video below; please watch and learn.

Credit Card Scams

The credit card format involves collecting your client’s credit card details and using it to go shopping online. You must use tricks to collect the credit card details from them, so please understand the game before asking your clients for their card details. I have This is how to start credit card scams.

Inheritance Format

In inheritance format, you pretend to be the child of a rich man in a local country, whom the father left so much inheritance for. Then you start looking for a white man to help you claim your inheritance and two of you will share the money. Read about inheritance format here.

There are other local scams that you can use to cash out money as a yahoo boy, but you must learn all of them first before you start to practice.

Instagram scam

Sugar daddy scam

Sugar Daddy Catfish

Here is a comprehensive list of local scams you can do and make money fast. Just read and make sure you become a master before trying it out.

Grant Format Scam

This link will show you how to start with grant formats.

With the above options, you can decide which one you want to engage in, then go ahead and start it immediately.

How to Start Yahoo Yahoo

Another reason why people dive into the yahoo ritual is that they want money overnight. The tutorial you are reading won’t make you rich overnight as a beginner. It will only let you learn how to how to be a yahoo boy and it is your duty to improve as time goes on. This is how to become a successful yahoo boy:

learn how to be a yahoo boy infographic

Steps to become a yahoo boy outlined

If you want to buy all these formats, you can pay by BTC. The price is $30. 

Please send an email to [email protected] for BTC Address. 

I will increase it to 25k after 3 days. Serious people only.

I will show you all my tricks.

Choose the Format you want to use

Having a format you want to use for your scam is the first thing you should think about before getting started. It will help you have an understanding of the clients you need to target.

Without knowing the format you want to use, you won’t have an idea of how to set up your profile online for effective conversion.

Let’s say you want to use the grant format, then you should set up your online profile to look like a government official. Just look for any government official, clone their names, write a good bio like;

My name is Jan*t Y*llen and I am the Secretary-General of the United States Department of Treasury. I head this department as a solution to managing the finances of the federal government.

With the bio, you can make people pay for grants, then you cash out that way.

Gather the Tools you Need for your Format

So when you’ve figured out the format you’d want to use for your job, the next step would be gathering the necessary tools you’d use to execute it. This is how you learn to be a yahoo boy – just by being strategic with your actions.

So if you want to go into dating, then you will need tools like;

  • Dating site logs
  • VPN
  • Dating format
  • Profile Pictures of the same person
  • Social Media Profiles

You will need to set all these up before you start bombing clients. So should in case you meet a client who is ready, you won’t start running helter-skelter, trying to get formats to complete your job.

Find a Client

This is the most important part because, without a client, there won’t be any need for format and there won’t be anybody to bill. There are many places to find clients, and the simplest places are dating sites. Luckily, there are lots of dating sites where you can find at least one client to bomb.

These aside, I have written a comprehensive post on dating sites where you can get quality clients. Click here to see dating sites to get clients.

Ask your clients for more chat on A Secured Platform.

We all know that Facebook will block any new account, and most dating sites will also block you after a while. This means that it is not safe to allow your relationship with your client to continue on any of those sites.

I have explained how you can create a “Fake Facebook account and don’t get blocked”, it is working 100%, but we don’t have to leave anything to chance.

Since you are using any of the top formats that will make your clients follow you about, then you have to do the best thing to secure your clients.

How do you then do it?

The answer is “Google Hangout” or “WhatsApp”

This Google Hangout works like the “Yahoo Messenger” of old, and this is what makes it better. If you want to learn how to create a good “Google Hangout” account for Yahoo Yahoo, I will explain everything for you in detail when you join my group and buy the format book.

Since we get most of our clients from the dating site and Facebook where they can ban our account anytime, we have to be fast to move our clients out of there.

Even though I have written about how you can create a new Facebook account that they can’t block, you can’t still trust it 100%.

One of the best ways to secure your clients and make sure you always communicate with them is to move them to Google Hangout and continue your chat with them there.

Google hangout or WhatsApp with a foreign number is just the best where you can chat and receive messages immediately. This page will show you how to set up your Google Hangout profile and start chatting.

Convince your Client and Make them Trust You

When you want to learn how to be a yahoo boy, you must start learning how to make clients to trust you. Getting your clients to trust you is simple if you follow the rules. I can’t start explaining how you can do that in this post because I have written something detailed on Trust Format.

So if you want to know more about trust format, click here to read about Trust Format and how you can apply it to your clients.

After you have gained the trust of your client, then you can easily bill them using any of the formats you have at your disposal. One of my best formats remains Gold Format for Yahoo.

What is the yahoo boy format?

Yahoo boy formats are the ideas that you need to employ to collect money from your client. Most of your clients will be so smart that they can smell lies from start. To learn how to be a yahoo boy, there are Yahoo boy formats that you need to know as a yahoo guy and this is where there is a job. I will list some of them here for you to learn.

  • A businessman in a foreign country.
  • A rich man in a foreign country that was kidnapped.
  • A soldier that is in a foreign country
  • A real lover that needs money to survive from a sickness.

It is not a must that you make use of the above formats. You can create your own based on the level of you and your clients.

If you want to open a Fake Facebook Account, then watch this video

Advanced Yahoo Boy Formats

Get your client’s account details

Make sure the chemistry of the chat between you and your client is very strong before requesting credit card details. If possible, you can just request their account details to send them money. Once they send you money, you can then transfer the account number to a hacker, and they will start it up from there.

Be the First to Send a Gift

When I first started, I created a lasting relationship and didn’t press for anything in the beginning. I was just a friend they could talk with and little by little, they started having feelings for me. They were forced to confess their feelings for me, while I smiled behind my computer.

A few days later, I would request their address to surprise them – of which I later ordered a flower from Amazon and transferred to them. The end result was that they would also do the same for me via western union or Payoneer.

Collect Credit Card Details and Wire Wire

This is one of the sweetest ways to scam any client. It is called Wire-Wire and I have written about Credit Card Fraud Techniques that will help you dupe any client of his credit card.

Once you have a client’s credit card details, you can now have anything. All you need is just to make them trust you and like you to the point of handing you all their details. Then you can decide to hack it or do anything you want with the card.

Learn illegal ways to make money yahoo

These are the steps if you want to learn how to be a yahoo boy.

  • Open a dating account with any foreign site
  • Create a Female account as a black girl – White men love black girls whom they feel they can manipulate
  • Tell them that you are from South Africa – they would love you better
  • Video call them using your girlfriend – inform her before time
  • Don’t ask for money till after 3 months

Yahoo Guys Sites to Visit

These are some of the yahoo sites to get good clients. But for now, these are some of the ones I can mention. Maybe I will list others later.

Yahoo boys Apps

These are the apps that will help you complete your job as a professional yahoo boy.

  • Cloning App
  • Grammarly
  • Dating Apps – you can download them via Google play store
  • VPN (Virtual private network)
  • Chrome incognito App

This is my own yahoo dating billing format that I use to collect money from my clients. Sometimes I also use my normal face to try my luck on Facebook and most of them also helped me out with small dollars. To become a successful yahoo boy isn’t hard if you know how to think outside of the box. For those wishing to learn how to be a yahoo boy, I have explained it and just hope you don’t get caught.

How to Stay Safe as a Yahoo Boy

I had to add this one because of the way rippers are taking money from hustlers like you.

  • Avoid telegram groups and people that want to sell tools to you, they want to rip you off your money. Don’t buy tools like Cloning App, Jumia Logs, Cadro X, etc., and the rest, they don’t exist. 
  • Don’t tell people about your business. Let nobody know what you do
  • Maintain a low key lifestyle in your neighborhood. For those yahoo boys, you see EFCC coming to catch, it is mostly their neighbors that report them.
  • Don’t expose yourself online. Don’t post rich pictures just to impress people.
  • Dress normally. When people see you dressing with all types of gold chains around your neck, dreads, etc, they will surely expose you to EFCC.


For those who want to learn how to be a yahoo boy, this is just like an introductory class, and if you click on those links in this page, you will learn more and more till you become perfect.

I just hope you use your head and hustle on a low-key. If you have questions, please contact me using the comment section.

Remember to subscribe and know more hidden details…

If you want to buy all these formats, you can pay by BTC. The price is $30. 

Please send an email to [email protected] for BTC Address. 

I will increase it to 30k after 3 days. Serious people only.

I will show you all their tricks and add you to my secret Whatsapp group!!!

My latest scamming formats book

All the Yahoo Format Book


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