10 Best Local Scams to Start and Make Money FAST!!!

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Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Local Scams in Nigeria: Popular Scams and How to Start

Hey, what’s up, hustlers; in this post, I am going to show you 5 simple local scams in Nigeria you can start today and start cashing out. Most of you might be finding it difficult to start international G because it is very difficult. But with this post, you can start the local G and start making money.


popular local scams in Nigeria blog post image

The Perfect Local Scams


Whether you have a laptop or not, you can simply start any of these scams I am about to write on with a phone. Also, you don’t even need many G-tools to start any of these local scams in Nigeria.

For those who don’t want to stress themselves over becoming a yahoo boy they can easily start any of these local scams. But along the line, if you change your mind to go international, you can use this dating format to get your first client and start cashing out.

But I must warn you, your chances of getting caught are very high for some of them, so you must be very vigilant and observant while going into any of these local scams.



After listing out the scams, I will also show you where you can start getting people that will fall for your scam. That is only how you can make money, alongside the local scam format I will share in this post.

Remember, you must have the mind; also, you won’t scam one person more than once.

Well, I will list out the rules for running a local scam in Nigeria successfully. Just make sure you follow all my rules and regulations, you will be fine.

What is a Local Scam?

Yahoo Yahoo is a known Nigerian name for scamming people, which involves scamming everybody you meet on the internet. But when it comes to local scams, you scam a fellow Nigerian of his money.

In the local scam, you are scamming a Nigerian and not a white man. There are several ways to do the local scam, and I will explain them very soon.

Anybody can do these local scams, but some are more dangerous than others. So you have to be careful with the local scam format you want to start making money.

Watch this video to understand how to get clients on Instagram with some Local scams!!!



6 Popular Local Scams in Nigeria

See the Table version here, then scroll down and see how to start some local scams.



[table id=4 /]





Data Reselling Scam

This is one of the popular local scams in Nigeria. The truth is that data reselling is making so many raves, so once you claim to be selling data, everybody will believe you.


data reselling as one of the local scams in Nigeria

Fake Data Reseller


Another advantage of this local scam is that nobody will arrest you or call the police for you – because the amount was too small to forget.

That is one of the advantages of this data reselling scam. If you decide to sell your data bit by bit, you wouldn’t make enough money since the prices of most data bundles are very small.

The secret of making money from this scam is to sell high data bundles for a cheap price. Let’s say, for example;

5 Gigabyte of MTN data is 3,000 Naira; you can decide to sell your own for 2,000 Naira to anybody that wants to buy from you. After selling, you can block the person and move on immediately. Nobody will call EFCC for you just because you scam them of 2,000 Naira.

So if you collect 2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) from 5 people every day, 10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) every day.


Sugar Mummy Scam


sugar mummy local scam

Sugar Mummy Scam


The economy is hard, and people are looking for ways to make money. Most guys believe that they can get sugar mummies that will pay them to have sex with the woman.

Since they are eager to make money, you can easily capitalize on their greed and scam them of their money.

All you need to do is find a place to advertise your scam by writing the following;

“I was looking for a sugar mummy, and Mr. Johnson, who stays at Lekki Phase 2, gave me a woman that changed my life. She likes sex so much, but she pays good money. I am giving this testimony to help fellow hustlers who are looking for sugar mummy that will help their lives. Stop having sex for fun sake; make money from having sex.

To contact Mr. Johnson, send a message on WhatsApp on 080**********.”

If you post this advert on any social media platform, people will start sending you messages. Make sure you customize your WhatsApp profile to look like a big man – to convince people you are rich.

Provide them with your account number; when they pay, block them and move on to another mugu. They won’t report you because they will be ashamed even to explain how they got scammed.



D*ck/Br*ast Enlargement Cream

I wonder why people think there is a cream to enlarge di*ks and bre*st. All the same, since they are foolish to believe that a cream can enlarge their body parts, they should be scammed – because they are all mugus.


peniiss enlargement cream selling scam

Fake product to scam people


All you need to do is buy any cheap cream for 100 (One Hundred Naira) in any pharmacy, then advertise it as a body part enlargement cream. This is one of the good local scams in Nigeria anybody can do without getting caught.

The cream you will sell to them will be a rubbish cream that doesn’t do anything. You can get it in any pharmacy in Nigeria and start selling.

You will create banners and flyers for your cream to make people patronize you more. They will also pay for logistics – to enable you to ship the product down to them.

When they get the product and complain, just block them and focus on other customers.

Imagine if you buy a cream for just 200 (Two hundred Naira) and sell for 5,000 (Five Thousand Naira), you are making a gain of over 4,000 (Four thousand Naira).

Isn’t this a good business? Also, they can’t even arrest you because you sold something to them. So it is their business if it doesn’t work or not.


Bitcoin and Gift Card Ripping

This isn’t good since you will be ripping your fellow G-boys of their sweat. But just for informational purposes, I will still add it to the list of popular local scams in Nigeria.

If you have the mind to rip your fellow hustler off his money, then go ahead and start ripping bitcoin and gift cards.

All you need to do is to advertise that you buy Giftcards and Bitcoin in large quantity, and your payout is fast. Go to several social media pages and advertise your business there.

You can also try on website and forums (like Nairaland) and also push your business. Once people give you their Gift Cards, just block them and move on sharply.


Website/Blog Design Scam

This one is quite simple; many people want to start online businesses, and they are looking for people to help them design their websites.

As a local scam G-boy, you will advertise yourself and tell them that you can design it for a cheap fee. Once they pay you, you carry their money and japa!

You will have to design flyers that you will use for your business. Once you advertise yourself well, you will see people that will patronize you immediately.



Bet9ja Fixed Match

Even though I explained how to win millions from bet9ja, some people are still looking for who will give them fixed matches.

You can capitalize on their mumu nature and scam them very well. Just advertise that you have access to fixed matches; tell them to pay before you give them the matches.

Once they pay, you will sharply delete and block their number. Fixed matches do not exist, and I wonder why someone will even pay to get fixed matches.

Alright, hustlers; all the scams I mentioned are straightforward to do with less risk. But if you want to risk yourself, these are the popular ones you can do. But remember, the police might catch you, and you wouldn’t want that.

  • Custom Auctioning.
  • Jamb Result Upgrading
  • Visa Agent
  • BVN Hacking
  • ATM phishing
  • Social Media Hacking






You can try some of these or watch this video to learn how it is done. But I hope you don’t get caught.

If you get caught while trying any of these local scams in Nigeria, please don’t mention my name oo… LOL…

I only wrote this for informational purposes. I wish you the best in your hustle, see you in the next article…



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