Love Format for a Client [Read and Copy]

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Love format for client

As a yahoo boy, you already know that everything becomes possible once a client loves you. But the real deal is how to make a client fall in love with you. It is difficult, and if you don’t play the game correctly, you will lose the client forever. Let me show you the love format for clients to make them fall in love with you fast.

Many hustlers think chatting with a client requires some particular skill, mainly if you use the man-to-woman dating format. You should be aware that using the love format for a client is like having a regular chat with any girl online.

The only difference is that you are trying to get information as fast as possible and get them to commit entirely to you. Once you get the information, you can then use it and do whatever you want.

The love format for a client is like the dating format, but you will get the exact things to say and what you shouldn’t say with this format.

How to Use the Love Format for a Client

love format for a client

Here are some basic things you should know when trying to use the love format for a client. You are trying to make her fall in love with you, so you need to master the game to achieve that.

So how do you become successful with that? Let me show you;

Read her Bio

Her bio is the first thing you should notice; then, you can quickly adjust your bio to suit her own. In many cases, you will find women with specifications like;

  • He must be 6’2
  • Have a working job
  • He must love kids because I have 3 kids and am always willing to travel.

Once you find specifications like that, you can quickly adjust your own bio to reflect something like;

  • My height is 6’4
  • I love kids
  • Traveling is a hobby for me; I have been to more than 16 countries.

You get the idea. Good… we want to make sure the client gives us a fair chance.

Ask for her Zodiac Sign

Once I ask for her zodiac sign, and she tells me, I go off for a while to go and research which signs are compatible.

If she is a Libra, you can claim to be a Gemini and assume your birthday on the 5th of June.

Most likely, she will Google it and discover that both of you are compatible, and that will be a massive plus for you.

  • “Do you believe in astrological signs?”

  • “What’s your zodiac sign?”

  • “Oh wow, I am {insert your own sign}, I just hope our zodiac signs are true in terms of who we are and what we expect of life.”

Ask about her job

Some people are passionate about their jobs, while others aren’t. But to figure out, you need to ask.

  • “What do you do for a living?”

  • “Do you like your job?”

  • “What are your plans regarding your job?”

Ask about her plans for the future.

If you are focus on her future, she will lose focus on the present. The love format is actually a tricky one, and any mistake, she starts to suspect you.

After initial conversations, start painting incredible images of what the future would look like for both of you.

You should ask her first, then use what she says and repeat the same things back to her again.

You: If you have magical power, what would the future look like for you?

Her: I would want a happy family in a big house with my kids running and comfortable while I sit close to my husband.

You: Wow, I want to be in a big house, happy and close with the people that matter most to me, my family.

Tell her about yourself.

In telling her about yourself, you should already know the format you are using. If you want to use the oil rig format, you can tell her you are an oil explorer working as an African expatriate.

And you are also a Gold investor in a country called Togo, and you export Gold from the country to the United States.

You can say things like;

  • I am an oil rig Engineer, and I work with Exxon Mobil as an Offshore Drilling Project Manager. We move around the world and look for new countries to collaborate with and drill oil. I also work with a group of local investors as a Gold mine Project lead, and we are currently in Togo. We mine Gold and export it to the United States.

  • Do you love Jewelry?

  • I might send you some if I find some connection between us.

Ask her about Relationship Plans

You have to know if she’s open about having a relationship with someone she hasn’t seen but will soon see.

  • Are you open to having a long-distance relationship?

  • I will be back in the US in 3 months.

  • I rarely take calls and video calls due to the nature of my job, but I can text and write you sometimes.

  • It is all about trust, which is an essential factor in every intending long-distance relationship.

Tell her Sweet Words

It basically means trying to win her affection. Remember that all these won’t happen in a single day. You have to give some space, at least to show that you are busy.

You can say things like;

  • I really want someone I can be compatible with, and you seem like one

  • We can give feelings a chance and see if we can create life out of them.

  • I know what I want for the future, and I see that you can also be a part of it.

  • If you want someone who will always be there, show you affection, love, and true feelings, I can be that person for you. I want you to be mine.

This is basically what the love format for a client seems like, and you see, it’s actually quite simple.

If you need the complete format, please send an email to [email protected] The price is 10k

Hustlers make the mistake of sending the messages at once, and it looks like spam and heightens up your client’s defense.


Most of these clients know that scammers are on the internet, so using the love format for a client makes sure you think wise.


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