How to Make Married Man Crazy for you [Simple Manipulation Tricks]

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Last Updated on July 5, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to Make Married Man Crazy for you. 

Female hustlers in this game understand that most of their resources will come from married men, no stories. Your boyfriends might not be buoyant enough to give you the amount of money you want, so targeting a married man becomes the best shot for you. If you finally get a married man, how do you keep him? I will show you how to make a married man crazy for you.

A married man has responsibilities already with both wife and kids, so to make a married man crazy for you, you should find out his fantasies and make it come true but in a selective way that he won’t get so much of you and feels like he has conquered you already and move to the next female. 

The techniques I will share here will show you some strategies I explore as a woman to keep men with my charms. You can either achieve this by playing psychological tricks on him, or by using some external instruments to achieve that.

While psychology will help me mentally remember you, using external and non-harmful tools will always and always bend him to your will. Since the aim is to make a married man crazy for you, then you can also read how to get money from a married man – you can read more about it by clicking here

So what are the ways to make a married man crazy for you? Let’s explore them in detail.

Steps to Make a Married Man Crazy for you. 

how to make a married man crazy for you

Discuss his fantasies

A man would leave his wife and go for a side piece because he has something else to explore. Men have high testosterone, which always pumps energy into them and fuels their imagination.

We are living in a world where the eyes see a lot from TV commercials to adverts and websites popping up videos. And you know that men are deeply moved by what they see.

They see quite a lot and always have this image to perfect them. One of the right ways to make a married man crazy for you is to innocently get him to talk about his fantasies. When he opens up to you, create yourself to be the perfect girl to help his fantasies come to life.

If you play the innocent and naive girl to a man filled with fantasies, he sees you as a girl that can easily be toyed and played with. This gives you the advantage to slowly creep into his life and corrupt his brain.

Once you have his brain and mind, you have him already.

Get him to discuss his fantasies, pose as the perfectly innocent and naive girl to help him make it a reality, then seldomly remind him of what you’d do to him to always keep him happy.

Create the Good and Naive Girl Image

There are a few good girls in the world left to be “spoilt”, and every man wants a piece of that. I understand you already know a lot, but you can play the good, innocent, looking angel who knows nothing bad.

The mental rush that comes with knowing he is about to carefully devour the “good girl” will trigger so much adrenaline in his mind and get him going crazy over you.

This is more of a psychological trick than a physical one, and it works almost all the time. Just pretend to be good – even if you know every single thing, just pretend to be good – but not so naïve that he loses interest.

Play the Show and Withdrawal Game

Depending on what your end game is, the show and withdrawal game would help inflate your value and help in the manipulation process.

Diminishing return works, so you should try and avoid it as much as possible. You have what he wants, he has what you want, but whoever needs the other person the most has lost the game.

Get busy with men who are also interested in you, and come around occasionally to tease him and get him excited over the prospect of meeting him.

After a while, withdraw and get scarce again, then show up again to tease him and raise his interest level again.

It is frustrating when you see a meal you can easily devour, but you can’t just have it due to ‘circumstances’. That should be the kind of game you should be playing with him.

Keep your Personal Problems to Yourself

Every married man is with you because he wants to forget about the nagging and whining back at home. When you understand this, then you know that complaining about your personal problems to him is a huge turn-off.

To get a married man crazy over you, then you should make him feel like the person he should run to just for fun.

When he starts to experience funny scenes at home, he will be drooling and anticipating meeting you soon enough. You indirectly become a shelter and a joy-giver, taking over his mind completely.

Engage in Quality Conversations when together

It shouldn’t just be about physical activity all the time, you can ask deep questions that spark true conversations.

Even if you aren’t good about the subject, just ask them for asking sake and pretend to show interest.


When you are together, here are some questions that can spark heart-to-heart discussions.

  • Tell me about your job
  • Why did you choose your career?
  • So what are you looking to achieve in your career?
  • What are your next moves when you achieve that?
  • You seem mysterious and loving, have you noticed?

These are some intimate questions that can force out cute conversation and clears you off the list of boring girls in his life.

Learn to Listen than Talk

One thing most wives hate doing is “stop talking”. Most married men want to actually talk about their lives, work, and everyday hustle. But most times they find themselves listening to their wives instead of talking about what’s bothering them.

If you ask questions as I listed in the point before this, then shut up and listen. Continue listening till it gets to your turn to ask more questions.

She who gets him talking and listens wins his heart.

Perform Wonders in the Other Room

He told you his fantasies, hopefully, you slowly take them and fulfill them bit by bit. Even if you can’t, perform the ones you can but make it a memorable one. Even if he is stingy, this is one of the techniques that will make a stingy man give you money.

Make it look genuine, compassionate, and loving. Men can smell deceit from afar, so no need to try to make it look like you are just “helping him out”.

The action should be mutual and intimate, that way you tick the part of his ego that makes him feel he satisfied you.

Use External Help

When all fails, a little external help won’t be bad in the form of “Kanyamata”. There are some non-harmful tools you can use and get a married man crazy over you.

Kanyamata is effective because of its non-threatening effect on life, and it doesn’t have any spiritual effect on you.

It’s just like a cream you can wear on, waist beads, or sweet you can lick. There’s nothing devilish about it.

I have used it on many men and they love and adore me. Most married men I use it on love me and they are going crazy over me.

I use it as a regular waist bead and cream around my parts. Once they enter, they belong to me and go crazy over me all the time.

I have just a limited number of these available depending on what you want, just contact me using [email protected], and I will respond to your inquiries.


We are in a hustle and no reward for the good girls. You will be used by bad guys and they will still dump you.

Most young boys can’t help us live the life we want, so we make sure we catch the attention of married men.

This piece is just explaining how to get a married man crazy over you, and it works pretty well.

If you want to order some of my tools, most of them cost just 50k, 30k, and they are very effective. Just reach out by sending an email to [email protected], and I will respond to you fast.


Stephanie Aluko.

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