Exposed!!! Easy Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria – No 4, 5, 6 are Hot!!!

I know how difficult it is to make money as a student in Nigeria, which is why I have decided to write this post.

You may have read how to make 1000 Naira daily and still find it difficult because most of the tricks there are difficult for you to start.

It could also be that you have visited this page because you may have read so many other blog posts on how to make money as a student in Nigeria but wasn’t satisfied. The truth is that other blogs usually do the copy and paste stuff without offering you real value.

I will recommend you check out this website on how to make money in Nigeria, it will give you other ideas.


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I have seen several blogs advising students who want to make money in Nigeria do things that aren’t possible. I see some of them asking students to partake in online surveys, teach on Udemy, all these don’t work.

I will show you some of the ways I used to make money as a student in Nigeria. I made so much money that other students were jealous of me. I will show you the Nigerian way to make money as a student. It would comprise of both the online and offline method of making money.





Even if you don’t have a laptop, I will show you several you can make Money offline and around your school campus. You have to make sure that you follow the steps I tell you. One more thing, make sure you share this post with your fellow students who are also willing to make money.

Is it Possible to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria?


To make money in Nigeria as a student is quite tricky, but that doesn’t make it impossible. As a student in Nigeria during my days, I was able to earn more than 50,000 Naira (Fifty Thousand Naira) in school.

All you need is just the money-making ideas in Nigeria – which I will share in this post, and the determination to hustle. If you don’t have the stamina to push, you might not be able to achieve anything even with this my post.

I want you to remember that I am not sharing ordinary ideas for you; I will give you real insights that will blow your mind. So I want you to know that it is possible to make money as a student in Nigeria.

Why you need to Make Money as a University Student in Nigeria


I guess there are lots of reasons to start hustling even from the university in Nigeria; but if you are tired of being broke before month end, it is time to make Money.

For most people, these are the reason;

  • Your allowances are not even enough for you
  • There are things you want to buy that your allowance can’t cover
  • You want to flex at least in school
  • Handouts, Textbooks, and Materials for study
  • You don’t want to beg your fellow students for Money and get insulted.

If any of what I have mentioned above are things affecting you, then it is time to stand up and start making money even while in school.

But the question now is “how do I start making money even as a student in Nigeria without capital or investment.”

Let me show you some secrets that will blow your mind.


Simple Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria


The following ways are how I started making money as a student while I studied at a Nigerian university. I didn’t do all of them, but I am combining my ways with my other friends who were also making money while in school.

Make sure you note them down and implement some of them as soon as you can.


Become an Affiliate for CoinCola


Working and studying sometimes consumes a lot of time and energy at the expense of your studies. However, trading online on CoinCola Nigeria is easy; it usually takes up to thirty minutes to complete a transaction.

Many people are willing to convert their gift cards into cash but are unaware that you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria. As a student, you can find these people and convert their gift cards for bitcoin.

Alternatively, you can invite them to the best OTC bitcoin gift card trading platform, and you get to earn 20% affiliate commission during their first month of trade and 15% on the next five months of trade. Even better, you stand a chance to win free bitcoin when you sign up which you can use as startup capital.


make money as a student in Nigeria with coincola

Coincola Free Bitcoin offer


The first step to trading on CoinCola is to create an account. Signing up is free, and you can either use your telephone number of an email address. Your account will be password verified. However, you will also need a transaction password, which you are advised to make it different from your account password.

You will need this password to complete your transaction. CoinCola app is available for both iOS Appstore and Google Playstore for mobile users, which means that you can transact from anywhere in the world online, or through the official website.

Just by trading gift cards and bitcoin, you can make money as a student in Nigeria and earn more than 100,000 (Hundred Thousand Naira) monthly. There is so much potential as a gift card trader on Amazon.



Run Errands for other Students


The truth about this way of making money as a student in Nigeria is that it will take your time. This applies to both guys and girls. It was also one of the ways I used to makeover Twenty Thousand Naira monthly from my fellow students.

It is effortless to run errands for students if you can keep shame away and focus on your job. Most students – boys and girls want to go the market, print documents, etc., but they don’t always have the strength. Your job as an errand person is to help them accomplish this task and get paid immediately.

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How to Start Running Errand for Students

  • Think of the type of errands you can run for fellow students
  • Tell your classmates about your services
  • Print flyers and share for other students
  • Deliver your service and get paid.

It is as simple as anything to achieve the following objectives as long as you are dedicated to the job and also hardworking.


Help them with their tasks.


When I was in school, I helped my fellow students do what they didn’t have the strength, expertise, and willingness to do. These things could be as little as;

  • Doing their assignments
  • Writing their notes
  • Washing their clothes
  • Helping them write attendance in class
  • Cooking for them

If you see the opportunity in using this strategy to make money as a student in Nigeria, then you will start it up immediately. Just like the steps to run errands for other students, this will also follow the same step.

Just make sure you publicize the business very well and let other students know the services you offer. Some people might be shy about doing all these for students – but as long as you collect Money professionally, there is no shame in doing all these.


Start Tutorial Classes


Okay, this one is prevalent and shouldn’t be news to anybody within the school sector. Most brilliant students use this as a means to make money while still in school.


starting a tutorial center in a school to make money

A Tutorial class being held in a campus


The tactics are simple, and you don’t need any investment or capital to start making money through this means.

Once your classmates know that you are right, you can start advertising to teach students at lower levels.

Let’s say you are in 400level, you can decide to start tutoring students in 100level on difficult subjects, and you have excellent expertise in handling. Just make sure that the amount you charge is not so excessive – to avoid scaring students away.


Repair Laptops/Mobile Phones for Students


Any student with the skill to repair phones and laptops shouldn’t be thinking hard on how to make money as a student in Nigeria. This skill alone can fetch you thousands of Naira while even in school.

Students in universities are lovers of gadgets, so it is estimated that every student has a laptop and also a phone. Well, even if every student doesn’t have a computer, I am sure they all have phones.

You don’t need to get a shop to start fixing the phone and laptops for students. If you stay in a hostel, you can start with your room – to allow you to concentrate on your studies.

How to get started on mobile phone repairs for students


  • Repair for a few friends free of charge – but they will provide the parts or buy it themselves
  • Create a flyer or publicize it on your class WhatsApp group
  • Start begging other friends to refer their friends who have problems with their phone or laptops.

After doing all these, the orders will be flowing in, but make sure you also concentrate on your books. Don’t rent a shop – it will make you forget your reason for being in school.


Write for Companies/Blogs/Websites


If you have a laptop, this is a considerable way to make money as a student in Nigeria. The good part is that you can quickly learn the art of writing for blogs and website.

To get started as an SEO writer, you must take the tutorials to become an SEO writer. The opportunities to earn as an SEO writer is limitless. The good news is that you receive in dollars or Naira depending on the agreement with the company.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; this means that you will learn to write articles like this one to rank on page one of Google.

It is difficult to start; but once you learn and practice often, it becomes part and parcel of your skills.

Materials needed to become an SEO Writer

  • Laptop
  • SEO Skill
  • Blog Management Skill

You can see that the materials needed are just small and doesn’t require any significant investment. Please note that you can use your phone to start this business.


Publish on Amazon Kindle


For those who already have writing abilities, it is safe to say that your best shot of making Money is from Amazon kindle publishing. This is, in fact, one of the fastest ways to start making real dollars while on campus.

The truth is that Amazon kindle allows you to write on books and publish them without paying anybody for publishing. Each book is sold for about $3 per copy, and you can sell up to about 100 copies in a month.

Imagine $3 x 100 copies = $300 as a student. You are already making more than many working graduates in the labor market,

This way of making money as a student in Nigeria is quite simpler than you ever thought, and I will explain the process;

How to Make Money as a student in Nigeria via Amazon Kindle

  • You will need a good laptop, or you can borrow from a friend
  • Log on to
  • Sign up and become a publisher
  • Fill in all the required information
  • Start Publishing
  • Then you can start earning

It is easier than I have even written on this post. I know students who make more than $500 monthly on Amazon. It all boils down to your determination and dedication to work.






Become a Freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork


This is another huge way as to how to make money as a student in Nigeria. The beauty of becoming a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork is that you can even start with your phone, you don’t need a laptop to start making money on these freelancing websites.

The primary requirement for getting started is having the necessary skill needed. You must have the expertise to be able to make Money after registering on this platform.

These are the skills needed to make money, especially for Fiverr; I recommend this website for all students. It is challenging to start on Upwork because it requires so many technicalities that you can’t handle.

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Steps to get started on Fiverr

  • Visit to register
  • Fill in your details and confirm your email
  • Register the skills you can offer and your prices
  • Sit back and start getting orders from people who need your services.

Like I always say, it is simpler than I have written above. It all depends on your determination and hard work to succeed.


Become a Brand Ambassador for Companies

Many companies need students to help them publicize their products and services in their schools. As an excellent hustling student, you should make use of such opportunities.

I saw a student who was making over fifty thousand Naira by helping a company promote their products to students.

Several companies offer such services, but you have to search for them. Some of them don’t pay salary – they pay just commissions, which depends on how many people you referred to their product.

Companies like;

  • Wema Alert Bank
  • UBA
  • CoinCola
  • Bet9ja
  • Jumia

If you have excellent marketing skills, you can use this method to make money as a student in Nigeria. You don’t need to depend on parents and siblings for Money again.


Barbing Fellow Students in the Hostel

Back then in school, there was a friend who was making close to Ten Thousand Naira monthly just by barbing other students hair.

The truth is that even if you don’t have a clipper, you can still make money from this simple business. Most students can’t afford the high prices from barbing saloon outside the school campus. So if you can charge for a lesser fee than the salons outside, they will patronize you.

You can start by renting clipper from other students who have, and you give them their share as agreed.

If they don’t accept, try and save money to get a clipper – it costs just 5k. I have written a guide on the prices of barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. You don’t need to buy all of them; only the clipper is enough.

The students won’t complain because that is why your price is low in the first place. So get a clipper and start making money from your fellow students.


Plaiting Girls hair in the Hostel

Girls spend so much to look good – but not all of them have the money to waste on just making hair. So if you can beat down the market price and offer your services to them for a cheaper fee, then you can make money as a female student in Nigeria even while in your hostel.

As a lady, if you don’t know how to plait, you can see some other business ideas you can start even in school.

You need to create publicity, first of all; then you go ahead to ask for referrals from those whom you helped to plait their hair.

That way, your customer base can keep growing, and you make more sales.




Become a Data Reseller


Even though this business isn’t that lucrative; but as a student, I guess the profit from reselling data should be enough for you if you have a good number of customers.

Data reselling works like buying from a data dealer, then you resell to other students in your hostel and class or even the full school.

It doesn’t require much profit to start; you can even use other student’s Money to begin buying and selling.


Let’s say a student says he needs 2giga byte of MTN Data which is sold for 1,200 Naira.

You will collect the money from him, then buy from a dealer for 940 Naira.

This will give you a gain of 260 Naira from a single data transfer. Then imagine if you have 50 students patronizing you daily.

That is a whole lot of money as a student. Please make sure you start this business if you are interested.


Major Skills you need to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria


You may have wondered what skills you need as a student to start making money while in school. I will list some of the lucrative abilities that will allow you to make money even as a student. You can also see more ideas.

Graphics Design

This is one of the skills that you can offer on freelancing sites and also to companies and get paid — getting paid means you are already making money as a student. Graphics Design is also lucrative on freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

SEO Writing

Search Engine writing is already popular outside the school premises, but most students don’t know about SEO writing.

Most companies prefer to higher students as SEO writers because they are cheaper and won’t cost so much to hire. So a wise student would learn this skill to make money while still in school.

Research and Writing

If you can do research and present your research in written form, then you have a goldmine of skill waiting to be tapped.

For those who are interested in publishing on Amazon Kindle, this is one skill that you must have to make money. Amazon publishing involves researching and presenting your research in the form of a book.


Marketing Skills

For any business to thrive, you must be able to sell its product and services. Even if you are a student, you must be able to convince your fellow students to buy your product and services. That is the only way you can use the methods I outlined in this post to make money as a student in Nigeria.

So get focused on learning how to sell your services, that way it becomes easy for you to make money while in school.

So I just listed the easy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria even without having a huge capital. Other forms of making Money like taking surveys, selling photos, etc., they don’t work.

Please focus on these areas I have told you – they are some of the easiest ways to make money as a student.

Keep the hustle going and make sure you come back for more updates. I will be releasing more updates once I see better ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

Thank you and much love. If you have questions, please let me know.


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