See some of the ways I make Money Online with just 1000 Naira

After reading this article, you wouldn’t ask “how you can make money online with 1000 Naira again.” With the secrets I am about to give you, you will discover easier ways you can make money online even with a lower amount.

When I started my first online business, I used exactly 1000 Naira to make money online, and I will explain in details how I was able to do that. There are several ways you can make money online with 1000 naira, but I want to show you the legit ways.

5 Genuine Ways to make money online with 1000 Naira


make money online with 1000 Naira


Fiverr Freelancing

Fiverr freelancing involves performing tasks for clients. If you know you have a skill that you can use and make money, then freelancing is your calling. When I refer to skills, I don’t mean some bogus skills like “designing a drone or hacking a computer.” I mean simple skills like typing articles, transcribing, commenting on blogs, designing websites, and other petty things online.

Most of the clients on Fiverr are always willing to pay as high as $20 for a simple task. If you calculate the worth in Naira, then you’d see the profit you got from your 1000 Naira investment.

These are how you can make money online with 1000 Naira as a Fiverr freelancer

  1. Register on Fiverr as a seller. You should remember to use a VPN because you won’t want them to know that you are from Nigeria. Once you have registered as a seller, then visit step 2
  2. Fill out your profile like that of a white man. Use foreign names, pictures, and numbers. You can learn how to create a foreign number if you meet me.
  3. Start submitting proposals for jobs online. You would surely see someone who is interested in hiring you.
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When you calculate how much you started the business with, you would discover that you only invested 1000 Naira as your subscription fee for internet data.


Kindle Publishing

I created this blog to help everybody learn how to make money online. So there is no need for asking people how you can make money online with 1000 Naira. Kindle, also known as Amazon publishing is the next big way of making money online with even a lower amount than 1000 Naira.

I used 400 Naira to start this online business (I didn’t include my monthly subscription fee – since I was already browsing with it).

These are the ways you can make money online on Amazon Kindle with 1000 Naira.

  1. Register on
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Start writing a book
  4. Publish the book
  5. Design a cover. This is the only place you are going to spend if you don’t have graphic design skills.

Once you have filled up the above requirements, it is now up to you to publish your book and start making money from the book. Amazon would help you do the marketing and collect a certain percentage of the total amount of the book sold. So if you know you have writing abilities, then you should explore this channel to make money online with 1000 Naira – if not cheaper.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online with 1000 Naira. In affiliate marketing, you are required to help companies or organizations sell their product and you get your commission for each product sold. Let us take for example if you sign up for Jumia or Konga as an affiliate marketer. If you sell a product worth N60,000, you can earn a commission of about N1000 depending on the cost of the product you sold.

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To be successful in Affiliate marketing, you should write down a detailed information about the product you want to sell. Most of us have a large number of followers on our social platforms, but we don’t find ways to utilize them for our own financial benefit. There are ways you can promote affiliate products without spending much money.

Ways to promote Affiliate Products and Make Money

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.)
  • Word of mouth
  • Forum Marketing

You can utilize the above methods and start making money online even without investing more than 1000 Naira capital.

Write and Sell E-books

If you are knowledgeable about anything; then, there is no need of asking how you can make money online. An e-book is the short form of Educational books; everyone wants to learn new things, and you can teach people by putting down your knowledge on paper and selling it to them. Nigerians and other people all over the world are looking for specialized knowledge, so you can write it down and sell to them.

These are the steps to start selling E-books online.

  • –  Think of a problem faced by the society (How to make money, learn how to sew clothes, learn how to plantain, and etc)
  • –  Gather enough research materials on them and write something about any one of them.
  • –  Write on Microsoft word and convert to PDF
  • –  Start selling to people online.

Whichever marketing strategy you decide to use is still okay for you. You can decide to start advertising your e-books through several channels that is okay for you.

Online Photo Selling

This is another way of making money online with as low as 1000 Naria. If you are a photographer by profession, you can take your business online with a low start-up capital and be sure to reap a huge profit. If you are also good with photoshop, you can make the profit by marketing your pictures online to people. You can take photos of nature and sell them online to websites such as and

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Website Developer

To be a website developer, all you require is a start-up capital of N1000 and your knowledge of website development. You are advised to go online advertising to people that you are a good website developer. Once you are contacted to develop a particular website, you will get paid on the completion of developing the website and if the client likes it as well. Your client can even refer you to other people depending on how you performed with his website.

Overall, there are varieties of ways to make money online with 1000 Naria. Everything depends on the knowledge you have of a particular scope before you start it up.

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