How to Make Money with Shitcoins for Beginners [Trading Guide]

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How to Make Money with Shitcoins for Beginners [Trading Guide]

So after I posted my earnings of over $20,000 from a shitcoin, many followers asked me to show them how to make money by trading shitcoins. So I decided to create this simple guide to show you how to make money with shitcoins – I mean over $50,000 while starting with as simple as $20.

We are in a period called the “alt season,” and with over 10,000 different altcoins – also known as “alternative coins to bitcoin,” with at least one new coin popping up each day, it’s clear that there’re tons of shitcoins out there. Some of the methods here might be the same as some of the illegal side hustles, but just that you might also be at the receiving end at some point. 

There are stories of people making millions of Dollars just by investing in shitcoins, and they are true. I have made over fifty thousand dollars within the past one month just by investing in shitcoins, and I will show you a step-by-step guide to achieving that.

What are Shitcoins? 

Shitcoins, according to experts in the crypto field, are crypto coins that serve no specific purpose, with no product, and typically haven’t withstood the test of time in the crypto market. These are coins developed with no authentic product in mind but with the hope of a pump and dump in the crypto market.

Pump and dump is a bad practice, and you could lose money as an investor, but there’s also a significant chance of making so much money if you are among early investors.

Unlike established altcoins like BNB, Ethereum, and XRP with huge market capitalization, shitcoins have little or no market capitalization. So the potential of doing a 1000% is highly possible.

How to Make Money Trading Shitcoins

Now I will reveal how to make money with shitcoins and find moonshots with vast potentials of massive profit. Once you follow these steps, you are LIKELY to find a shitcoin that would double your initial capital by over 500%.

Visit Reddit

reddit homepage

Reddit homepage

Just visit, and you’d see the homepage and the search button.


Search for the Moonshot Subreddit

search for cryptomoonshots

In the search bar, type “Cryptomoonshots,” and you’d see a group of over 250,000 people. Just click on “Join.”

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Join and Select “New”

A Sub-Reddit to make money with shitcoins

Join the Sub-Reddit


Then Select “NEW”


Selecting “New” will help you find newer shitcoins before many others will join. If you are among the first 100 people, you stand a chance of having over 500% in profit. So always make sure to refresh the page and be on the watch out for new coins.

Click on the first Shitcoin token you see

You’d see several coins descriptions; click on it to expand for more details. You’d see several links, but we will focus on the following links.

Contract Address

This will take you to the BSCscan, which will help you research more about the coin. You’d see the contract address that will enable you to purchase the coin on the Pancakeswap platform. Just copy the contract address and head over to your Trust Wallet.

Poocoin Chart

The “Chart” will help you see how the coin is currently performing in the market. You can see whether it is bullish (going-up) or bearish (coming-down).

This will help you decide if it is worth investing in or leaving out.

PancakeSwap Link

This is the link that will show you where you can buy it on Pancakeswap.

Download Trust Wallet

I already assume you have a Trust Wallet before reading this article. If you don’t have a Trust Wallet, you can easily download it from either the Apple play store or the Google play store.

To set it up, you can visit this link to see how to set up your Trust Wallet.

Click on Browser

Trust wallet to make money with shitcoins and swap to other coins

You can see the browser feature on your Trust Wallet if you are using the android version. For the IOS version, you’d have to activate it. Just click on this link trust://browser_enable and follow the prompts presented to you.

Select Pancakeswap Link


As you scroll down, you’d see the Pancakeswap link, click on it, and it will redirect you to the Pancakeswap browser or web application, where you can now purchase the shitcoin token.

Select BUSD for the Upper Token

You must fund your BUSD coin to make these purchases. Once you fund it, select BUSD for the upper token.

Insert Contract Address in the lower Search Bar

insert shitcoin contract addressc

Insert the contract address you copied in the lower search bar, and it will automatically bring out the token you are looking to purchase.

Insert Price and Set Slippage

Insert the amount of BUSD you are looking to trade for the shitcoin token you are willing to buy. If $200 worth of BUSD, that should give you several billions of that Shitcoin. So you buy and HODL.

You will also pay a couple of BNB gas fees, so make sure you have the required amount of BNB gas fees to cover up for the transactions.

HODL or Trade Immediately

For this, I think it should depend on your strategy. For me, I selling once I start to notice a considerable dip.

If I see an increase, I will gain up to 500% before I sell and convert back to USDT or BUSD and invest the profit into an established coin like BNB or ETH.

Your strategy might be different from mine, as you may want to HOLD for a long time – let’s say one year. But be cautious as rug-pulling is a frequent occurrence in the shitcoin space.

Advantages of Trading to Make Money with Shitcoins. 

Shitcoins have a minimal market cap, which means there’s a high chance of profit if the coin decides to grow.

You become an early adopter if the project becomes quite serious and grows into a serious project.

Being among the first set of HODLERS, you can easily triple your initial investment within a few minutes/hours.

You raise capital faster to invest in more serious projects.

Disadvantages of Trading Shitcoins

One of the significant disadvantages is that there is a considerable likelihood of your coins becoming “Trash” while you are still HODLing.

Also, the project can go into oblivion (Rug-pull) by the developers if they didn’t intend to make it a permanent one from the start, which means that you can lose all your investments within a twinkle of an eye.

Both the advantages and disadvantages make the shitcoin market volatile, and it can be highly profitable if you set clear goals for when you intend to sell. On several occasions, I have seen a minimum investment of just $20 bring in huge returns.

Just make sure you have highlighted your goals, and you’ve remained emotionally unattached to any coin. That way, you can make a more informed, logical decision instead of mixing it up emotionally.

Rules for Trading and making money with Shitcoins

If you want to make money with shitcoins, then you must follow these rules. These rules are the research you should do when it comes to identifying a good shitcoin to invest your hard-earned cash.

  1. Make sure the developer doesn’t own a massive amount of the coins.
  2. Check out if there are whales (people with a high amount of the coin). If there are whales, then it’s a red flag – meaning you should cash out once it gets to a good profit margin.
  3. Make sure the tokens have been burnt and liquidity locked.
  4. The number of holders should be at least more than 50, and a few persons shouldn’t be holding more than 10% of the coins available.
  5. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose – never get greedy!

You can get all this information from the bscscan address that was dropped in the Reddit forum.


Now that you understand how to make money with shitcoins, you should at least give this a try and see what pops out from it. Investing just $5 into these shitcoins isn’t bad – that’s the only way you can know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

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You put 5 steps for the rules for trading and making money with shitcoins. However, where are the instructions to find those answers? Thing is, I always read articles on exactly what to do but not HOW to do it. Bscan and many other applications look like a building blueprint. It means nothing to someone that has never seen this before. If the crypto space is going to grow, we need to start educating people on how to do all of this. So for instance, where do you go in bscan to see if the developer owns the majority of that particular shitcoin? What do you click on to see if there are whales holding massive amounts of the coin? Is there a special site to see if the liquidity has been locked or the tokens burnt? Where do I find that because I haven’t seen anywhere on bscan that says “Tokens locked” or “liquidity burnt.” So these things are easy to say and easy to tell someone to check out, but how do you check any of this out? Crypto feels like a maze. It’s not easy to understand. It’s like asking regular people to understand web coding in 5 minutes. In an entirely different language and it takes time to learn.

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