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See How my 12yr Old Cousin Makes $70 Daily without a Job in High School

How to make money without a job in high school – Detailed Guide

Having a career as a student in high school and making money is relatively difficult considering the academic pressure which is ever likely to overwhelm you. Forget about student loans, let me show you how to make money without a job in high school. Some of them might be illegal, others are totally legal.

However, a lot of high school students now often opt out for part-time jobs rather than looking forward to starting their own business. As extensive research has shown, high school students do not start their own company due to fear of failure or because they do not even know how to make money without a job in high school.

You must take into notice that combing making money and school is not easy at all. The combination of making money and the school could derail you physically and mentally. You would often have body pains because of the kind of stress you have put yourself through and also less time to sleep and focus on your studies.

In most cases, a lot of students now emerge with bad results from high school due to the kind of part-time job they engage in.



Meanwhile, there are other ways you can make money without a job in high school that will not stress you beyond what having a job will. It only requires a little of your time, and you will start making money without a job in high school.

If you are still seeking how to make money without a job in high school, well, you are in the right place. High school students can now make tons of money while doing some small tasks, both online and offline. I am very much sure that by the end of this article, you should be enlightened on how to make money without a job in high school. So, let’s get into it.


Write Essays for Other Students


helping other students write essays in high school to make money

A student helping another student with an Essay


If you are good with writing essays, this is a huge opportunity for you to make money without a job in high school. Thousands of students are outsourcing their essay writing jobs. This is a huge opportunity for you to make a fortune by writing essays for students who are lazy to write or don’t have the technicality to write their own essays.

All it takes is just a PC and your knowledge of essay writing. You could meet your fellow students in the dorm, classrooms or even paste notice fliers around the school campus.

You can also start by writing essays for classmates, then they send referrals along. This will definitely increase your client base, leaving you with so much money.


Walk Dogs

Exactly, you can make tons of money while walking dogs at your leisure time. According to statistics, an average dog walker smiles to the bank with about $15 to $20 on every 30-40 minutes of walking a dog in the USA and Canada respectively.


walk other to make money in high school without a job

A Young Student Walking Dogs


Walking of dogs is an excellent idea for high school students who want to make money without a job. Besides, this kind of side hustle is the best for high school a student. That is because you get to make money during your spare and leisure time to cover your daily expenses.

If you are the type of person who can handle 2 or more dogs for walk simultaneously, then you may just be making double or triple the money which you would be preparing for one dog or thereabout.

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Also, a high school student who is a lover of a dog will enjoy this side hustle a lot because you will never get irritated and tired of it. It is essential that before you get into this side hustle as a high school student, you should get tutored on how to take care of some specific types of dogs effectively.

You can check out this website to see a list of websites that offer dog walking opportunities.



Are you into babies a lot? Do you love and cherish the time you spend with babies while playing and making fun with them? If you are, then why not make some cash while you do that?

Babysitting is another side hustle for high school students looking to make money without a job. This kind of side hustle also often pays well because the majority of parents want their babies to be given the best comfort, so they are willing to pay big to see their wish come true.

Also, in the USA, baby sitters below the age of 22 earn about $12 every hour, which is quite manageable for a high school student.

Unlike the side hustle of dog walking, in this case, you do not necessarily have to undergo tutorship at all. It is even best if you have younger brothers or sisters at home. While you looked after them when your parents were not around, you performed the work of a baby sitter, thereby making you experienced in that field.

If you must go into this side hustle, you should begin first by informing your parents, friends, family members about the kind of services you render. This way, you are just a step away from making money because you will most likely have the trust of your friends and family members in taking excellent and adequate care of their babies.



Become a Transcriber

Are you good in 2 or 3 languages? Are you a fast listener and also fast in writing down what you hear? If yes, then this side hustle is best for you as a high school student who wants to make money.

This kind of side hustle is very stress-free because you would be making a great deal of money while you work from the comfort of your home or room. For those who are still confused as to the job of a transcriber, their job is to convert audio or video content into written format.

Once again, statistics also have it that an average person in the USA makes about $15 every hour while working from the comfort of wherever he chooses to be.

Do not be blinded by the saying that this kind of side hustle is for those set of people who might have gained their first degree in school. In most cases, it is the high school students who now engage in this side hustle to earn money for themselves.

If you are seeking to begin the job of a transcriber, you should do the research for transcribing websites that permits that you register or sign up as a transcriber and start receiving your money whenever you complete a particular task. To achieve this foot, you should be able to have the required equipment to begin this side hustle. They may include having a personal computer.


The list of transcribing companies which as a high school student can sign up as a beginner involves:

  1. CrowdSurfWork
  2. Transcribeme
  3. Scribe


  • Engage in Online Surveys

Are you aware that you can make money without a job in high school by participating in online surveys? A lot of people in the world today now make a living through online reviews, and it is fast becoming one of the most trusted ways to make money.

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However, it is not possible to make a full time living out of online surveys, but it is undoubtedly a legitimate way of making money, especially as a high school student.

There are a few survey websites which are available on the internet and has been there now for quite some time and have also been paying over the years to those who have been making use of them. However, as there are legitimate survey websites around the web, but there are fake survey websites around the internet too.

If you are opting to engage in this type of side hustle as a high school student in search on how to make money, you must have an eye-opener and also be educated on how to detect a fake and even a legitimate survey website. It is essential you do not fall, a victim of a phony survey website, because you could regret ever engaging in this type of side hustle.

One excellent example of an online survey which pays those who uses it is Inbox Dollars. There are other legitimate survey websites you can engage yourself in if you search the right way.


Become a Tutor

Tutoring is one of the sides that hustle high school students now practice daily. If as a student, you have a knack for educating your fellow students, why not take up this job and earn some cash from them?


tutoring other student to make money

A Young High School Tutor


However, if you want to become a tutor, you must have patience as well as dedication towards imparting knowledge in another person. Since you will be teaching things which are related to what you learn in high school, combining the job of teaching and studying is very easy to manage. Meanwhile, there are some types of tutoring jobs which pay more than the other. For example, if you become a private tutor for someone, there is a likelihood that you will earn more than tutoring for 2-3 people.

The kind of stress you will put yourself through for the person being tutored to understand what you are teaching is the more reason why that person will be willing to pay big.

Also, you should tutor on what you love best and not on the things you have little idea on. Private tutors who are mostly high school students often charge about $30 0r $45 per hour on subjects taught.

If you must start tutoring in general, you should inform your close pals, family members and people you meet daily to stand a chance of making more money than expected.


There are other simpler ways to make money without a job in high school; they include:

  1. Starting a blog:

This kind of side hustle takes time but quite useful at the end and pays well if you are patient. Starting a blog can be done by creating a webpage through WordPress.

Write reviews for products and get paid.

Sell on eBay

Become a Copywriter



Things needed to make money as a high school student

  • Technical Skill
  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Goals
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Hard work



Like we stated earlier, combining students and a side hustle is complicated and not simple. However, with the kind of side hustles which exists in our world today, it has relatively become more comfortable with making money as a high school student without a job.

Find the best side hustle you are capable of doing, and in no distant time, you should be making money as a high school student without a job.

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