how to make a woman spend her money on you

How to Make a Woman Spend Money on You – Even When You Don’t Ask Her

How to make a Woman Spend Money on You Without You Asking Her

Are you a hustler? Sometimes situations like this may pop up during our hustles and you need this knowledge. Don’t fret out, let me quickly show you the necessary steps you need to make a woman spend money on you with reckless abandon!

So let me imagine; so you have this girl you’ve just figured out that she’s rich, and you want a share of her wealth right? Now the worse part is that you want a part of the money but don’t wanna sound desperate right? Maybe you are using the dating format as a Yahoo boy

If a woman doesn’t spend pennies on you, you’re on the losing side. However, you can give me the liberty to teach you how to be on the winning side. I’ll simply show you how to make a woman spend money on you without you ever asking her for money. Don’t think this is some kind of voodoo, nooooo… I don’t try such.

In reality, the only woman that spends on you is your mother. This is no lie because she is the only person you’ve been able to win over.

To make it more obvious that you’re losing, even your sisters – younger or older, prey on your pocket occasionally. It’s sad though, very sympathetic.

My guide on how to make a woman spend money on you isn’t just like any other guide. You’ll instead be getting from me, the player’s standard guide that guarantees uttermost success.



Days past, I’ve seen guys claim that they’ve successfully made a woman spend on them. In reality, such is utter crab because the said lady returns to extract millions from them. I’m not referring to the spending that finishes tomorrow morning on just fueling the car for a mile drive. In fact, the sort of spending you’ll attract here can become enough to begin a big daddy business in town. Moreover, I’ll burst your bubbles by the time I’m done revealing how to make a woman spend money on you.

Let’s roll, and fast!


how to make a woman spend money on you

A woman giving a man money image


How to Make a Woman Spend Money on You Recklessly

I don’t know whether enough is not always enough for you. I stopped spending on a woman at a tender age. At that period of my life, I was already enjoying how it feels like for a woman to spend recklessly. The cuteness of this experience is that there is usually no form of excuse on the woman’s side. How do I mean? If you conduct a social experiment, you’ll discover that 90% of men will claim that women attract so much spending. I don’t subscribe to this view because I’m among the few that know how well a woman can spend.

In brief, let me introduce you to the player’s world of how to make a woman spend money on you. Believe me, from the moment you initiate this guide, you’ll be witnessing reckless spending from a woman.

Just before we get started, I am not supposed to do this, but I thought the ladies how to get money from a man without asking. I am sorry I had to expose it, what are friends for?

Let’s just see how to get the money from that woman as fast as possible!!!


  1. Lockdown Your Target Woman

Forget the subject, you can even lockdown ‘women’ and not a woman.

I recently read a thread on Yahoo Answers and it wasn’t promising. A poster inquired for ‘how to make a woman spend money on you’, a similar subject to ours. I expected to learn new ideas but the responses were disappointments. Some fella even posted that it isn’t a woman’s thing to spend, damn! To a bottomless pit with that. It’s such a mentality that keeps on growing and spreading among men who now make it a responsibility to spend.

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Women do spend and it’s just down to you! The first move from you should be for you to lock the woman down. If you’re targeting more than one, you’re, of course, going to double up strengths to lock them down. This lockdown is not about imprisonment; it’s about confining them to think of you.

How to Make Her Think of You

Making her think of you is the dope way to lock down a woman. Below are working cons ways to confine her and make her think of you.

  • Attach yourself to her.
  • Make every conversation moment memorable.
  • Tip in erotic tactics during these conversations.
  • Never allow her to propose an outing.
  • Propose an outing and tell her she doesn’t treat you the way she ought to.
  • Be the nice guy and never talk down her man, if you’re not her man.

With your positioning of the few tips above, she’ll be down for you. When you keep bossing yourself before her, you’re only informing her of our capability to do all. A woman doesn’t think of giving you when you act like you’re a god. She’ll instead see that as an opportunity to double up her account balance.



  1. Watch Her and Be Attentive

“Whatever you have in your bag is worthless unless you give it worth”

Confining that angel to yourself for her money isn’t the end. You have to be attentive to what hurts and pleases her. You have to be so watchful that she would even open up when her bank account is credited. The crediting might come from another dude or her boss, but that’s neither your business nor mine.

I can’t have a bird in my nest and not study it. Once in a while, ask her to liberate your way deeper into her. She definitely would which works on how to make a woman spend money on you.

But then, ensure that you’re someone trustworthy, otherwise, she’ll bar you from going further. If she isn’t your girlfriend or sister, make her your bestie. ‘Bestie’ is the word that women even prefer these days. Like they say ‘all things come with merits and demerits’, here is a chance to cease the demerit of bestie-ship.


  1. Your Personality Must Be Authentic and Lovely

A lovely personality comes with honors. This is because the woman is guaranteed respect from your end. Like I do say to people, most persons suffer from personality problems. It is either they don’t know how to be loveable or it’s a trait. Notwithstanding the case, this can’t be the case on how to make a woman spend money on you.

Even if you lack it, try to introduce it to your system. This will make things go easy and swift with the woman you intend to confine to spend money on you.

Another thing you have to be conscious of is the fact that you must be loved and real. This works especially with a woman who’s not so close to you. When she discovers that you’re loved, she’d be interested in that thing that makes you loved. Finally, your non-fake life will please her, unless she isn’t a real woman.


  1. Tease and Dare Her During Conversations


how to make a woman spend her money on you

A guy spending a woman’s money


Not every time is best for jokes and all of that. Develop the sort of relationship that accepts a bit of teasing once in a while. A woman is not only attracted to praises and flatters, but even fun stuff like this could also be memorable. For instance, if she’s your girlfriend, you could taunt her; she, of course, knows you’re joking unless you guys aren’t on talking terms.

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During the tease, dare her to do something or remind her that you deserve her goodies – money or surprise gifts. In fact, make this a routine talk in any conversation you hold with the woman – girlfriend, relative or outsider.

A simple dare changes things and this is that technique that causes gifts to rain for me. This all started the day I dared a girl to get me a phone! I made this dare when I learned that some bucks dropped in. She said, ‘why daring?’ and I said, ‘because you can’t!’. Truth be told, the next day was a surprise Samsung device. Moreover, she was neither a girlfriend, sister nor wife, but a bestie.


  1. Stand Up for the Woman

That woman who often needs extra voice would spend recklessly on you. Even during college days, I can attest to this. A woman is so willing to let go of her cash on you if you aid her with certain things. A man might want your service for nothing but a woman would give something huge in return.

Two of my college and course mates were into this particular woman during my second year in school. Well, it took them a year to understand that a woman could be the way she turned out to be.

My friends let go no time in stealing their way more into her and this led to the closeness of a certain level. Guess what! She was a married lawyer! Her presence was for a second degree but then, she needed a little assistance from people to keep up her activities and schooling. Little did my colleagues know it could go far when she started going to eateries and all sorts of places with them. Because of what?

A simple time of theirs given to her to aid her studies. Today, both dudes have been integrated in a government that leases enough money, even more than what she’d spend on them.

Ways to Stand Up for the Woman

There are various ways you could stand up for the woman you want to spend money on you. My friends’ way was to contribute through aiding in her studies in the best way they could. And believe me, she was certainly too please enough to spend even her last penny on them.

Some ways to get in for her to make her spend for you!

  • Her chores would make a better thing to trap her – girlfriend or no girlfriend.
  • Offer to be her mentor, even when she hesitates.
  • Defend her place when society seeks to bring her down.


Final Thoughts on How to Make a Woman Spend on You

Ever since your reading period, have you seen anything like ‘beg her for money’? I don’t advise any man to do this on normal grounds. At a point in time, she’ll simply label you ‘a beggar’. And if care is not taken, she would not want to have anything doing with you anymore. A mocking kind of woman would, of course, call you ’shameless’ even to your face.

Knowing how to make a woman spend money on you all depends on how well you comport yourself. This is because:

“A simple good self-composition changes things.”

Having taught you how to go about this, I do not hope for continuous spending rather than collecting. For every woman you play this on, sister, wife, girlfriend or side chick, ensure to surprise her once in a while. Also, do not be a flirt. If you can’t help being a flirt, just don’t flirt in the open. It won’t help the woman to keep spending money on you because there’ll be jealousy and other unlovable feelings.

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