Sample Messages asking for Financial Help for a Sick Person

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Sample message asking for financial help for a sick person

Whether you are soliciting funds from an organization, individual, or group of people, this is a sample message asking for financial help for a sick person. Perhaps it could be for you or for a 3rd party, this post will guide you on how to write a good one.

When you or a loved one becomes sick, the most stressful part is sourcing for money to pay hospital bills. Most times, insurance or savings might not be enough to cover the costs for treatment.

Even if you’ve gotten a bit of help from family, friends, and the situation becomes more critical, a time comes you ask for help in the form of donations.

Closely related to asking for money sample messages, when you are looking to ask for financial help for a sick person, you must make people connect on a personal level while making sure you are also following some specific guidelines.

Due to the complex nature of writing such messages, we have created some sample messages asking for financial help for a sick person. Should you feel you want to create your own from scratch, then make sure to follow the guideline.

Guidelines to follow When Asking for Financial Help for a Sick Person

  • Don’t make it their problem
  • Never try to emotionally blackmail them into giving you a donation
  • Don’t demand
  • Be transparent with the situation
  • Provide proof.

Don’t make it their problem

People would help you, but don’t bug them nor try to always be in their faces. Typically, when you request for help, just ask once and maybe subtle reminders would be okay. I understand you have a sick one in need of help, but it isn’t really people’s problem if we must be fair. Others have their own issues, so don’t add up to their problems.

Avoid Emotional Blackmail

People hate emotional blackmail on situations that they aren’t directly involved with. If you are composing a message asking for financial help for a sick person, then don’t try to blackmail your readers or recipients of the message.

Don’t Demand

Rather you should beg and plead with people of good conscience to help you out. A typical mistake most people do is demanding that people should them, instead of begging to be assisted.

Be Transparent with the Situation

Let them know in detail the medical condition, doctor’s report, estimated billing, and medical billing. If you have raised money already, you can state the amount raised and the expected amount needed to reach your target.

If popular people have donated, you can also tag them in the message asking for financial help for a sick person you are composing. Make sure every past, present, and future action are detailed and recorded.

Provide Proof

If there’s a space for attachments, then you can attach proof of illness, doctor’s report, money raised, and bank transfer screenshots from donors. Everything you need to create a transparent report, you should provide proof for them.

What Should you Include in your Message asking for Financial Help for a Sick Person?

Salutation: Never send generic messages, you should try as much as you can and personalize

Mission: Why are you raising the money, this should also be stated in the letter.

Details: Here you should explain in detail who is the patient, their relation to you, present condition, current treatment, money spent, and money needed for treatment.

Request: In this part of the message, clearly show what you are asking for, what you need, and what kind of help you need from the recipient of your message. In this case, it should be “requesting a donation”.

Contact Information: Don’t forget to add a contact number that people who wants to donate can use to reach you.

Example Letters Asking for Donations for a Sick Peron’s Surgery, Treatment, or Other Expenses

It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to ask for money to pay for a sick loved one’s surgery, treatment, or other costs. It’s not easy to ask for assistance when you need it, but it’s perfectly acceptable, especially when important.

It’s sometimes only a matter of asking the right question at the right moment for many charities, organizations, groups, and people to contribute to great causes. Here are five example letters asking for donations in memory of a loved one who needs to get you started.

A letter or email requesting a donation to help a family with a sick member

Dear {name}

I’m writing this letter on behalf of the Jackson family, and my name is Gabriel Smith. The Jackson family’s eldest son was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month. His parents have subsequently quit their full-time jobs to help support their kids. His family is trying to make finances meet since he needs round-the-clock care in addition to hospital visits.

Even though the family’s medical insurance covers the expense of chemotherapy, they want to aid with mortgage payments to retain their family in their house. The family’s bank estimates that they will need about $15,000 to get through the next several months of their son’s therapy.

We’ve been told that your charitable organizations assist and support cancer-stricken children and their families. Any amount you may provide will go a long way toward ensuring the family’s comfort during this trying time. To provide your support, please call 555-555-5555.

Thank you as we anticipate your goodwill,

Gabriel Smith

Write a letter or send an email requesting a donation to help a sick student or a classmate

Hello there, University Community!

I’m writing to let you know that I’m presently collecting funds for Sarah Smith. She was recently involved in a vehicle accident while returning from vacation, and she will need continued physical rehabilitation and treatment while she recovers.

We are aware that the University community is always willing to aid individuals in need, and we’re asking for your assistance today. Her first month of physical treatment is projected to cost roughly $15,000, so any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.

Please join us online at 5 p.m. on Friday for our virtual fundraising event. Sarah’s recovery will benefit significantly from any gift. To make a direct donation, go to Sarah’s family’s fundraising page.

I’m hoping to see everyone from the University!

Thank you for your consideration.


Letter or email to a colleague requesting a donation

Dear Company Inc. Family,

Please accept my heartfelt greetings. I’m Ms. Jessica Helen, and I’ve teamed up with other marketing department employees to arrange a fundraiser for one of our colleagues.

Jane has not been able to show up for work yet for several weeks owing to an ailment that requires immediate treatment. Her illness is severe, and her family and loved ones cannot afford to pay for his care independently. His medical insurance will not cover it.

I’m appealing to the goodwill of my coworkers to assist her family raise $50,000 for this life-saving procedure. Her family has already collected half of the monies needed, but they could appreciate any assistance they can get to reach their goal.

In the Company family, I have a lot of trust and faith. We welcome you to join us at a company-wide fundraiser on [date] at [place] if you’d like to show your support. Jane’s life will be saved if you contribute money. Please call 555-555-5555 with any additional questions or concerns.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your kindness.


Jessica Helen

Company, Inc.


Write a letter or send an email requesting a donation to help a family member

Hello, Name of Recipient

Asking for aid is not an easy task, but I’m doing it on behalf of our relative, Joseph. As you know, he’s been battling his chronic illness for years, and he’s lately heard about a new therapy option that his doctor thinks would be beneficial. His medical insurance does not, however, cover this therapy.

Joseph, as you are aware, has always been by our side. He’s always the first to arrive at every event, and he’s always willing to assist. It’s now our turn to assist Joseph. We’re reaching out to all of our friends and family to see if they can help us with the costs of this new therapy. We’ll need $20,000, according to his doctor. We’ve raised about a fourth of that amount so far, and any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Mary, Joseph’s sister, may be reached at 555-555-5555 to make a gift. Thank you so much.



Support a person with cancer with a donation request letter or email

Dear Recipient Name,

This letter is being written to ask for your help. For the last two years, my sister, Becca Smith, has been battling throat cancer. She urgently needs her prescription, but her health insurance does not cover it.

I respectfully beg your financial assistance in helping Becca get this therapy. This drug has the potential to save my sister’s life since she is a hardworking, caring mother of three. I’m aware that your charitable organization assists cancer sufferers with treatment costs, and we’d be thankful for your contribution.

For additional information, please call us at 555-555-5555. I know you’re a kind donor, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


Request Assistance When It’s Important

Knowing what to say or how to ask for aid when unwell isn’t always simple, but it’s a crucial part of life. Don’t hesitate to send a contribution letter or a fundraising request if you find yourself unable to help someone you care about. These might be simpler than you think, and several tools are available to help you make these letters stand out.

It’s OK to ask for assistance when you need it, whether you’re sending a company-wide email or writing to family. When you’re ill or recovering, it’s difficult to pay for medical care, treatment, and living expenditures. Financial aid eliminates this stress, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and being there with your loved ones.

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