Oil Rig Scamming Format [How it Works and Protect Yourself]

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Hey guys, have you heard about the oil rig scamming format? In this post, I am going to show you how it works. If you are looking to know more about oil rig scamming format or looking to protect yourself from oil rig scamming, then this post will help you achieve that.

If this isn’t the yahoo format you are looking for, I have added other formats to the latest yahoo formats. So you can click on that link and get more ideas about other formats that can work for you.

This is one of the best yahoo formats that doesn’t require phone calls, video calling, and all because you are far away in the deep sea. But you have to know that it is also quite complex and it requires your intelligence.

The aim of this oil rig scamming format is simple;

  • Find a woman or man on a dating site
  • Make them fall in love
  • Collect money from them


oil rig scamming man

An Oil Rig Engineer


But while doing this – just like the dating format, you must be an engineer working in an oil rig somewhere around the world.

Let me show you how this format works [Exposing the oil Rig Format]

How Does the Oil Rig Scamming Work?

In this case, we are using the oil rig in the North Sea, and that will be your location till the format is completed and you have your money. So how exactly do you start with this format?

Let me show you the steps.

Register on a Dating Website

Like the culture when it comes to bombing, you need to be where your clients would be. You can get clients from your house, so you need online and find these clients. I have listed some of the best dating websites to find clients, so you can explore them and start hunting for clients.

But for the records, here are some cool places to find desperate clients for your job;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • POF
  • And other dating websites

While you are on the dating website hunting for clients, remember step number 2, it is very important to become successful with this oil rig scams.

Create a Stunning Profile


oil rig scam format

An ID card to make your profile real


I have explained how to create a stunning profile – whether fake or real. The reason is that most of the people you’d be chatting with will be looking at your profile to know if you are real or not.

I suggest that you use a male profile since women can be easily deceived into believing you faster. There are plenty of places to get pictures for your work – as I explained in the dating billing format.

But one of the best places to get pictures that can’t be detected is on Instagram; that way, nobody can figure out where you took the pictures from.

You’d have to come up with;

  • Good white name
  • Complete profile address
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Future plans for having kids or not
  • We are interested in divorced women/single women.

You just have to make your profile look so good. Once your profile is looking sweet, it’d be easy for you to get any woman on any dating platform.

You’d pretend to Be Widowed or Divorced

One of the best ways to gain the trust of your client is to claim that you are a widower or you recently got divorced. That way, they will know that you already have the experience of marriage.

You will claim that you are a lonely oil rig Engineer, looking to fall in love again. You would plan to fall in love with someone and get married again.

Send your Client Sweet Messages

I can show you the specific messages you can send your client when doing oil rig scamming. But I will show you some things you can say that will make her heart melt.


Here are some rules to follow while sending your client messages;

  • Don’t write to her all the time; it should always be in the evening. That way, she won’t suspect that you are jobless.
  • Tell her you are from Canada, South Africa, Germany, England, Ireland, or the USA.
  • Inform her that you have a child who is in the boarding school or staying with a Nanny.
  • Let her know your plans for the future – you will love to spend your life with her in the future.
  • When you notice that she has fallen in love, send her flowers, sweet messages, and videos.

Lie about your financial condition

This should come after you’ve sent her flowers or any gift. Once she has received the gift, then it is time to try your billing format.

You will tell her that right after you sent the flowers and use your credit card on the website, there was a reported hacking attempt. Because of that, your credit card was blocked.

Since you work on an oil rig, it won’t be easy to have access to a credit card right now. Asides from that, it takes time for a new credit card to be made.

Why are you telling her all this is to find the perfect excuse to bill her? What are the common excuses to bill a client?

Use your Billing Excuse

Now you will need to find the perfect excuse to get money from your client. There are so many lies to use and collect money from your client. I will be listing some lies you can use to get money;

  1. You need money to purchase some tools for the company on a project. The money is locked in your account at the moment, and you can access your account.
  2. Your child needs his feeding allowance ASAP, and you need help.
  3. Inform the client that your child is sick and you need to bribe your way for leave to see him.
  4. You need money to settle a debtor who is threatening to hurt your child if you don’t pay up before tomorrow.

In all of these, you can see that it is all about providing the account details of someone else to receive the money.

It becomes very simple for you – if you provide someone else’s account details. That is why it is important to use the best lie to collect money if you are doing oil rig scamming.

Let a Picker Collect the Money

Once your client agrees to give you some money, they will be checking to see the type of account you will send. You must make sure that the money is going to a foreign account (Canada, US, England, etc.).

Apart from these countries, please don’t send the account to another country; they will know it is a scam.

Also, make sure you don’t use PayPal; they will only block your account after the money has entered the account.

You can make use of payment systems like;

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram

Rebill Your Client or Move Ahead

After collecting the first cash, you can either bill them again or move ahead. I suggest you dump the client and find another client.

The reason is that once they discover that you’ve scammed them, they will start planning to get you arrested. So please move on and find another client.

Question and Answer for Oil Rig Scamming Format

If the client asks you some questions, here are some answers to give to her.

  • Client: Why don’t you borrow from a friend?
  • Answer: I will understand I was sending flowers to a lover – which I am not supposed to do during work hours. I don’t trust anybody here, and the sea is not far from us. They might just toss me inside and pretend I never exist. I need to leave here ASAP.


  • Client: Let me send it to your child’s school directly
  • Answer: It should have been possible, but they will suspect something is wrong and won’t believe it was for the child. They can’t reach me on the phone due to technicalities, so how will they know I paid the money for my child?


If the client tells you they don’t have money after you must have begged them, dump them immediately,, and find another client to collect money from. There is no need to be wasting time on just one client.


You must always remember that you need to make sure the client loves you very well before you want to bill them. If you make a mistake, they will sniff you out as a scam immediately. It totally depends on you and how you want to bill your client.

I have shown you what oil rig scamming is and how you can use it as your format. Good luck with whatever you do with it; don’t just get caught.

I wish you the best hustler. Bye!


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