Who is a Picker in Yahoo [How to become a Yahoo Picker]

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Who is a picker in yahoo and how to become a yahoo picker

So I guess you must have heard many people on the internet talking about pickers, loaders, and hackers. In this article, we will be focusing on just explaining pickers and explaining who is a picker in yahoo and how to become a yahoo picker.

A picker in yahoo is someone who finally gets hold of any illegal transaction because the money is paid directly into a bank account that belongs to the person. In most cases, the picker is a citizen of the United States because that’s where the majority of yahoo boys always claim to hail from.

But to explain further, we will be breaking it down a bit to understand how pickers operate and why you need to have a good picker to become successful as a yahoo boy.

Who is a Picker in Yahoo

For every illegal transaction that gets concluded, it is paid into a bank account. Now being that most yahoo boys aren’t citizens of the United States, they need someone to help them with several things like;

  • Bank Account
  • ID cards
  • SSNs and much other information
  • To have access to the money

The only way this would be possible would be to be present in America and also being a citizen of the States. To make sure that this person isn’t exposed, he is given a code name called the “Picker.”

A picker in yahoo means someone who “picks” the proceeds of an illegal transaction sent to his account and forwards it to the scammer who initiated the transaction.

In several cases, the picker in yahoo is hired by the scammer as part of the 3-man syndicate required to complete a scam. For some scams like the Wire-Wire Scam, we have three people needed to complete the job.


In most cases, he is the brain of the operation and gives directives on how the scam should go. He hires every other person in the team to work for him, so let’s call him the operation’s CEO.

He makes contact with the victim and decides on the best way to achieve his aim. So he might decide to use Social Engineering to get more information about his victim or company information. Once he has all this information, the scammer needs someone called the hacker to kick-start the job.


Let’s say that the hacker is a technological genius who knows how to hack and gain access to any system or network illegally. He needs some certain information to achieve this, and such information is provided by the scammer – who heads the operation.

I have written detailed information on how to become a hacker in less than 15 minutes to find the information useful.

So once the hacker receives information from the scammer, he uses it to intercept a financial conversation majorly and diverts the money to another dummy account. This account belongs to the picker, who would be on standby to cash-out the money and immediately send it abroad.

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The picker provides account information that is eligible to receive cash of any amount without inviting security agents’ preying eyes. As a U.S. citizen with a verified bank account and legal documents, they are strategic end point-men for yahoo boys.

Once the hacker has diverted money, it is paid to the picker, who immediately claims the payment and transfers it back to the scammer in return for a specific percentage of the stolen funds.

In fact, being a picker is one of the ways to make money illegally without being caught.

How to become a yahoo picker

If you are in Nigeria, it is difficult to become a picker in yahoo because you don’t have a US-based bank account, which is imperative for the scam to become smooth. If you are also found in other countries like China, the Philippines, etc., it is too risky because those countries have strict regulations, and you can be easily tracked and arrested.

So if you are interested in becoming a yahoo picker, the only solution is to find your way to the United States and get all your legal documents to become a citizen of the States.

That way, you can easily set up a bank account and help hustlers pick money from several states in the U.S., which is such a big and lucrative business.

How much does a Picker Make?

In most cases, the fee paid to a picker is usually 20% of the stolen funds. They keep aside the expenses and pay the picker from the net profit. As you already know, a picker makes money after a hustler collects bank account details from client successfully.

Depending on how much cash is gotten from the victim, you are paid a certain percentage. In several cases, when you’ve received the funds, you collect your share and transfer the others back to the yahoo boy. Then the remainder will be shared between the yahoo boy and the hacker.

In some other cases where a 4th party is introduced called a “Loader,” your percentage share might decrease. It is essential to ask questions before you commence operations.

I have seen a picker in yahoo who tried double-crossing their associates; it is a risky business because you have the cash, and others can quickly alert the authorities and arrest you.

Perhaps you have such thoughts, it is crucial you don’t snitch on your fellow hustlers counting on you to make life sweet and easy for them.

Like I mentioned earlier, when you are four people in the system, your percentage share might drop down to 10% of the net profit. Well, it is better than NOTHING.

Since you don’t have a hectic task aside from “picking up money” and transferring back to the Yahoo boy, isn’t that simple enough to warrant a 10% of a Hundred Thousand dollars deal?


So now you’ve known about who is a picker in yahoo and how to become a yahoo picker, which would you want to become?

  • Yahoo boy
  • Hacker
  • Picker?

Leave your answer in the comment section. For me, I am a hacker, and I love the job!!!


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