Best Places to Buy Facebook Likes for your Page/Account

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Best place to buy Facebook likes

Are you looking to expand your business on Facebook, or you’ve opened a fake account on Facebook and want to boost it? You will need to get some likes on your account or page. I will show you the best places to buy Facebook likes and make your account look very real.

Facebook is highly populated since its introduction in the early 2000s, and if Facebook were to be a country on its own, it would be one of the most populated countries in the world. Facebook, as a platform, has more than 2 billion active users around the world.

Undoubtedly, the leading platform to advertise your products and get customers is Facebook. Obtaining likes for your Facebook page or account is one of the easiest things to do, Of course, only if you are a popular figure.

Thankfully, there are sites and people who concentrate in the area of buying Facebook likes cheap. Meanwhile, before you enroll for this and locate the best place to buy Facebook likes, endeavor to be sure of the Facebook likes you want to buy and how many likes you need. This is because you have competitors who are also looking to outrun you in your business.

The major reason for buying Facebook Likes is because it gives an idea and feeling of success, which potential customers will see before they come to you. High Facebook likes massively increases your reputation and makes people believe in what you are capable of offering.

5 Best Places to buy Facebook likes from for a Cheap Fee


best places to buy Facebook likes

Buy Facebook likes cheap


  1. Famoid

For the past five (5) years, Famoid has been regarded as one of the best places to buy Facebook likes. The site offers trusted quality likes, and they are known to be one of the minorities of companies that guarantee what they offer their customers.

In addition, Famoid will also make it clear that the likes they assist you in getting are from real profiles, and none of the likes will disappear. Famoid assists individuals in acquiring real likes from real profiles that have correct and real photos.

Away from growing the likes for your Facebook account, Famoid can work for you to acquire likes for your website links, status, and photos.

Why Choose Famoid?

Famoid is capable of working for small businesses and large businesses. Their strategy is a monthly one as they take their time to gradually grow your Facebook likes and draw a high number of populations to your Facebook page and account. The major disadvantage of Famoid is that it might take much time before your Facebook likes begins to grow. If you are looking to grow your Facebook likes quickly, you might consider looking away from Famoid. Note that Famoid only works for Posts that contain videos and photos.

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Furthermore, Famoid is one of the best options to choose from if you want to buy Facebook likes cheap. With Famoid, you can pay $12 to get 100 Facebook Post Likes, and the delivery period is a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 5 days. Other price listings include $18 for 250 Facebook Post Likes, $32 for 500 Facebook Post Likes, and $58 for 1000 Facebook Post Likes.

Famoid team members are experts who can achieve our goal of acquiring Facebook likes. They also offer the best safety and privacy for your Facebook account, so you do not have to bother about losing your Facebook account. When you visit their website, decide on the price listing you can afford and click on Order Now. They will then request your Facebook Post URL. Email Address and your Phone Number. Fill them and get started.

The advantages of Famoid are that they obtain their likes from Real accounts, it is safe to use, the payment methods are secured, and they have a lot of packages. The disadvantage, as I said earlier, is that they take a longer time to provide real likes, and the likes gotten are likely to drop after some time.


  1. Follower Packages

This is known to be one of the oldest social media service providers, and it is one of the best places to buy Facebook likes cheap. Follower Packages, like Famoid, need you to fill in your plan and price before placing an order with them, and they will provide you with your required Facebook likes.

The types of packages they can provide for you depends solely on your budget. Do not be afraid of losing your money because Follower Packages offers a guarantee for the outcome and provide you premium Facebook Likes.

Meanwhile, if you have any problem with Follower Packages, you can chat them up in their 24-hour live chat support as they have a customer service team to serve you with the very best.

The Follower Packages is another option to try out if you want to buy Facebook likes. Their likes are quality and not fake.

How to Get Started on Followers Package Website

You are required to plan your campaign and budget, proceed to place your order from the list of prices, and be patient while they carry out your order. Follower Packages claims to serve thousands of customers every week, and they are one of the trusted industries in this line of business. You can visit their website. The pricing for Follower Packages begins from;

$25 as they offer 500 Real Facebook Likes for that price.

Others include

  • $40 for 1000 Real Facebook Likes,
  • $75 for 2000 Real Facebook Likes and
  • $80 for 3000 Real Facebook Likes.

One interesting factor about Follower packages is that they offer quality likes, and they provide only premium likes. Also, the results are diverse depending on the Real Facebook Likes they guarantee. For instance, the $25 for 500 Real Facebook Likes delivers in about 2-4 days while the one for $80 for 3000 Real Facebook Likes delivers in 5-7 days.


best place to buy Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes generator


  1. Fastlykke

Fastlykke is also known as the best place to buy Facebook Likes. They guarantee a fast turn when increasing your Facebook Likes, increasing your engagements, and what you plan to do with your Facebook account.

The exciting aspect of Fastlykke is that you can buy real active likes instead of others that provide automated likes. Also, you do not have to get yourself all worked up and disturbed because your Facebook account will never get banned or blocked.

Fastlykke process and reply to your offer in the space of a day, and they will check out your order to serve you better. Fastlykke is also one of the most recommended sites to buy Facebook likes from.

How to Get Started on Fastlykke Website

With Fastlykke, you can pay via PayPal, American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover card. You can visit their website when you open it. Their price listing also varies like the previous two mentioned. For the first price listing,

  • $20 can get you 500 Facebook Likes.

You can get this done when you follow the steps below:

  • Enter your Facebook Page URL below the price listing of your choice.
  • Click Add to Cart and pay before your order is carried out.

Other price listings you should expect when you visit this site include;

  • $35 to get 1000 Facebook Likes,
  • $68 to get 2000 Facebook Likes,
  • $99 to get 3000 Facebook Likes,
  • $130 to get 4000 Facebook Likes,
  • $150 to get 5000 Facebook Likes,
  • $205 to get 7000 Facebook Likes and,
  • $250 to get 10000 Facebook Likes.

Advantages of Fastlykke are that they have high retention rates, Geo-Target, no password required, money-back guarantee, and different packages. The disadvantage includes the high price.

  1. Venium

While using Venium, you can be sure to get Real Facebook Likes for little money. They also claim to be able to acquire country-specific likes for your Facebook account. Their packages differ and vary based on price and quality.

In the beginning, what they do is to share things linked to your business on their Facebook Page, which quickly aids in spreading your Facebook account to 15 million of their fans.

Venium claims they can get a high conversion rate with 72% of individuals discussing your page. Their major focus is on keywords, boosting your page, and hashtags.

Most importantly, they have a strong security system that prevents Facebook from banning or suspecting your account.

You can pay either in US Dollars or in Euro, and the medium for payment is only through PayPal. Based on US dollar currency,

  • $14 will bring you 250 Facebook Likes,
  • $24 will give you 500 Facebook Likes,
  • $44 will give you 1000 Facebook Likes, and
  • $104 will provide you with 2500 Facebook Likes.

Once you click on Buy Now via PayPal, an option will pop-up that requires you to enter your Email Address and your Facebook Page URL. Then the next thing to do is to click on Buy Now. Note that clicking on Buy now will direct you to PayPal for you to make your payment.

  1. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost is regarded as the most trusted place to buy Facebook likes cheap. Packages you can get from GetRealBoost start from $12 for 200 Real Facebook Followers.

They also guarantee their subscribers 100% results when they subscribe to any of their packages. However, they cannot achieve this within a short period as enough time is needed to see to the success of this. Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong package when you are selecting any of the packages.

You can visit their website when you type One interesting thing about GetRealBoost is that its guarantee for Real Facebook Likes is life-time. When you open their website, they will need you to enter the following details;

  • Facebook Page URL
  • Email Address

Then you go ahead and click on Buy Now.

Other price listings include;

  • $20 for 500 Facebook Likes,
  • $28 for 700 Facebook Likes,
  • $34 for 1000 Facebook Likes,
  • $66 for 2000 Facebook Likes,
  • $98 for 3000 Facebook Likes,
  • $148 for 5000 Facebook Likes,
  • $200 for 7000 Facebook Likes, and
  • $250 for 10000 Facebook Likes.
  1. SocialViral

The sixth company on the list is SocialViral. I have used them for two of my FB accounts, but one is not performing well, and I do not know why.

As the name implies, Socialviral makes you go viral within a few minutes when you enable their services. Also, you want to be sure that you do not give out your login details for any reason. If the team requests your login details, it is a sign of something fishy, and you must decline the request.

Also, if you must use SocialViral, do not integrate their service into your official account. I create a new account on Facebook and integrate their serviced so that if they account is hacked, I lose nothing.

I also advise you to monitor your account activity often, especially via your registered email address.

  1. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is good. I tried their services to increase a friend’s Fb likes. It worked well, and I might use their services personally.

Also, I do not recommend giving the login details to your original account. The company may be hacked or exposed to attacks that provide your Facebook account details to unauthorized access.

If you must succeed when using SidesMedia, you need some cash because the service is not free. I prefer the premium package, and I get to discuss with the team to send me humanised Facebook likes. Of course, my friend needed the likes to run an ad campaign on Facebook.

Other places to buy Facebook Likes from include:

I could list more sites to get auto likes for FB, but I have to try their services first. Then, when the services are commendable, I will include in this compilation of sites to get natural Facebook likes.


The sites listed above operate differently but with the same goal of achieving high and Real Facebook Likes. Your budget and choice of the site are what you should consider. This is to avoid making the wrong decision.

Boosting your Facebook likes is very important. This is because Facebook’s organic reach has been reducing slowly since the past decade. After reading this post, there is no doubt that you would not know the best place to buy Facebook likes.

Take advantage of these places to buy Facebook likes from and begin to increase and expand your engagements.

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