How to Politely Ask For Money Using the Donation Scam

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Polite Way to Ask for Money Donations

There are many polite ways to ask for money donations, but this will help you get more donors. Taking up specific Projects require more money, and for you to get the money, you’d have to ask for monetary donations. When you ask for money donations, it does not in any way make you a beggar but a sincere person in need.

Moreover, this sincerity would expect you to come up with a polite way to ask for money donations. You wouldn’t just walk down and request for money donations just like that from anyone; they’ll snub you so bad or, better still – tell you that they have nothing to give, although they own the world.

asking for donations money pot

A Money Collection Pot

This being said, this piece is the right guide that will expose the best polite way to ask for money donations, be it on how to ask for money online or how to ask for monetary donations in person. I guess you must have read how to convince someone to give you money without stressing yourself. It will teach you some persuasion techniques that will aid you in this post.

The activities will be highlighted in ‘actions,’ which means that as a donee or beneficiary, you are expected to follow this action to understand the general technique of the polite way to ask for monetary donations.



First Action to Take when Asking for Money Donation

The most important thing that every recipient who intends to ask for money donations; whether online or in-person, should do is to plot a well versed and convincing lines of reason.

This is what most persons fail to do, which often makes them lose face. Experientially, approaching a donor, although having a reason for your approach, will leave your request mission wagging tempestuously. Even after learning a few techniques on how to ask for money online or how to ask for cash in person, omitting this first crucial step will mean acidifying the entire cause.

polite way to ask for money donations blog post image

Asking for money donations

When my organization, a children-inclined development center, needed external funding from donations to explore a high-tech residence, situated about 500 miles away with the children that signed up, the first action almost rendered the entire plan void. It almost led to a complete collapse of the program. This would never have spoken well of the organization regarding the fact that the informed parents were very much aware and happy about the development.

In essence, to successfully build-up for the objective, being rhythmically sound is necessary as it will enhance the polite way to ask for money donations.

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The Second Step to Politely Ask for Money Donations

Understand the target donor

Now, understanding your target donor is very important for this cause. For instance, you wouldn’t be expecting a student to donate big, would you? This is one of the actions that resuscitated the objective set up by my organization; understanding the target donor.

Some donors will require time to study your approach. They’ll predict the reason for your plan even before you attempt to persuade them. Individuals such as this are the toughest to win into being your donor.


Third Action

This action is a multi-task action. Its sufficing result determines whether or not the targeted donor would play along. The insinuation here is that you may fail to impress the targeted donor or succeed in winning their hearts with your polite way to ask for money donations.

There are three primary phases to undergo here, they include;

  • The Introduction
  • Reason for Approach
  • Manner of Request



This is the first phase that determines whether or not your target individual will blame you when you are gone. Here is when the practiced phrases, clauses, and sentences come in. This means that if your speeches were not well-versed before now, you might fumble so severely.

You may be pondering over what I mean by ‘practiced phrases, clauses, and sentences.’ Well, I will move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent the idea put forward here.

When introducing yourself to the target individual, specifically how to ask for money donations in person, you should consider beginning with words like;

  • “Hello”
  • “Mister”
best introductory phrase for asking for money donations

Message Opener


If you are beginning with phrases, you should consider phrases like;

  • “Hi, nice to meet you.”
  • “Lovely to meet you.”
  • “I’m fortunate to meet you.”

You are initiating phrases such as these works as though you are using charms on the target individual. As a polite way to ask for money donations, telling your name or organization name to the individual goes next.

On the other hand, how to ask for money online thinly differs from this. This is so because the interactive motif goes missing when asking for money online. Therefore, in the case of how to ask for money online, you’d have to focus solely on creating a cohering write-up with a heartfelt opening line.

If the ‘header’ carries a well-known recipient name, things will work out well. Your request works based on how trustworthy your request details tarry. The header is in quotes because an individual might mistake your sincere request for scammers whose intentions are to cheat one of their money.



Reason for Approach

At this point, you may have heaved a sigh of relief regarding the fact that the individual you’ve halted, met, or contacted has chosen to listen further.

Clearly stating reasons to the individual is the next in line. The only convincing way I could make my target individuals consent reluctantly to the donations request for my organization was my use of printed scripts. These scripts are a graphical representation of what would be done. I also narrated the impact that the cause would have on the children in our society. This, therefore, mean that in every donation, there must be an apparent reason why it is to be so. It could be for orphanages, the hospitalized, and even your school fees, etcetera.


Manner of Request

There is nothing more spectacular in asking for donations that being well-mannered. If one is to task a team to search for donors, one would also have to screen the team members thoroughly on this aspect.

Whether the donors would be online or in person, it is in the best interest to be well-mannered. Just like when composing asking for money text messages, it should also follow the same pattern.

The polite way to ask for money donations is not just about how critical or apparent the reason for the donation request is, but also on how you’d incite pity from the target individual.

Again, the constant expression of gratitude matters. Even when the individual may not be a possible donor, it is prudent to be regularly thankful.


Polite Ways to Ask for Money Donations Online

This guide on the polite way to ask for money donations, whether on how to ask for money online or how to ask for monetary donations in person, provides you with an additional way to consider your request an utterly polite one.

Overcoming Fear

It is okay to feel some unrest when taking this cause. But then, the fact that you are polite eases the perceived no-hoper you deem yourself and your campaign to be. So, why not set yourself up in a room with a mirror to serve as a reflection of you as a target donor.

On how to ask for money donations online, remind yourself that internet users are ever ready to be donors. No one sees a good cause and opts to neglect it.

As polite as you may want to be, let go of fear, or it will cause you to act impolitely at times without you being conscious of it.


Clarity of Persuasion

Think of how best to be clear with your description to the target public and individual. Since we are dealing with politeness, transparency is a big fan.


Readiness for Rejection

As vicious as this may be, it is a fact. Politeness does not help here anywhere because an individual’s mind that is set on not becoming a donor is set.

Not that they do not want to, it could be that they are occupied with money-demanding issues at that moment.

Despite suffering a rejection, do not feel that it is unusual. There is nothing wrong; it is just the right target individual at the wrong time. Yeah, because everyone, as earlier noted, supports profitable campaigns such as yours.

You can learn how to overcome rejection and always be ready for rejections when sending out your donation proposals.




  • Stay clear from speech breaks, which in turn produces daunted descriptions that may appear as though there is no iota of seriousness or criticality in the donation demand.
  • Never force a donation cause on any targeted individual.
  • Avoid exaggerating the reasons for being in need.
  • On how to ask for money online, never mail anybody. As the case may be, email spam filters may even push your message to a bin folder, which nulls your sincere and polite way to ask for money donations online.
  • If it is on how to ask for money donations in person, do not use foul words or censored words, no matter the response you get from an individual. This also applies to ask for money donations online.
  • Keep tabs with your target individuals, especially the potential online donors. They may have important questions to ask and also answers to obtain.


Before you ask for money donations, you must have a clear and concise message that would strike the emotions of potential donors. Once you can connect with prospects on a logical and emotional level, you will get donations for whichever purpose you want to serve. Meanwhile, as a student, you can learn to make money and forget about the donation trick.

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