50 Questions to Ask Your Client as a Yahoo Boy

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Howdy, hustler? I understand it is difficult to find the right questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy. And if you do not ask clients the right questions, it becomes difficult to collect bank details or receive money, iPhone, jewelry, etc.

question to ask your client as a yahoo boy

As a yahoo boy, the questions you ask a client must correspond with the yahoo format and must be straightforward. For instance, it is wrong to ask a client about credit card details while convincing him with the dating billing. Why? It makes the client suspicious of your format, and you may not be able to bill him.

In this article, I expose the questions that your client expects you to ask to get their money, bank details, etc. Of course, asking a client the right question can lure him into disclosing even his financial situation.

Meanwhile, if you use dating billing, military format, etc., below are the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy for money.

Questions to Ask Your Client as a Yahoo Boy

In this section, we will divide the questions to ask a client into the various formats. For example, the dating format section will feature the top questions that make a client to pay.

Below are the questions to ask a client as a yahoo boy:

  • Yahoo questions for investments format
  • Yahoo questions for gift cards format
  • Yahoo questions for dating format
  • Yahoo questions for credit card format
  • Yahoo questions for Grant
  • Yahoo questions for oil rig format


Yahoo Questions for Investment Formats

  1. Have you ever invested?

When you contact a client online, find out whether he/she has invested before. It is a question to ask your client as a yahoo boy that tells him that you are indeed a real investor. Also, make sure to include your past investments to spur your client.

  1. Do you prefer BTC investment to real estate?

As a yahoo boy, you must trick your client into believing that you have a fore knowledge of the various investment niches available. Other then BTC, you may ask your client about cryptocurrency like Ethereum and try to find out which of the investment lines he prefers. If he is into real estate, then your questions must rally around real estate so that you can steal the interest of the client comfortably

  1. What do you think about Ponzi Schemes?

Of course, the client will reply that Ponzi schemes are the greatest levels of modern scam. Try to play along, and at the same time disagree with his argument. The client will ask will why you support Ponzi schemes, and you can tell him that you are a great beneficiary of the network. He will ask for proofs, which you will then use tools such as Photoshop to create a fake investment returns receipt. If you want to take this scam to another level, you can even create a website with fake testimonials and claim that you invested there some months ago.

question to ask your client as a yahoo boy

  1. Are you real or fake?

When you ask your client this question, you are merely telling him that you are real. And that you are confirming whether he or she is also real. Of course, your client will say that they are real. And they will also ask whether you are real or fake. What are you supposed to say? Simply tell the client that you are an investor that believes in a better world occupied by entrepreneurs.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

It is a trick question to ask a client, as a yahoo boy, about their financial future. At this point, you’re revealing to the client that you mean business and that you can only deal with people who have visions.

Meanwhile, your client will reply based on the investment he has on ground. For example, if your client is a BTC investor with about 10 BTC, he can tell you that he expects to double the amount of his BTC by the next 10 years. And that he expects setbacks during the 10 years, but that won’t deter him from investing more.

  1. Would you trust my company to improve your ROI?

If the answer is “yes,” tell your client that you see nothing but greatness in him. However, if your client says, “no,” it is obvious that he does not trust you. Now, you must make your client trust you by bringing up financial theories of people who reap from investments. You must also convince the client that he is not investing blindly. Rather, he is just having a rethink towards the path of greatness he is about to follow.

  1. Do you prefer working collectively towards investment goals?

Asking whether they believe in collective working is one of the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy. It will reveal how much the client thinks he can trust and work with you or your fake company.

I even found out that this question is the yahoo question Hushpuppi uses on most of his clients to cash out at least $2.3 million per investment scam.

  1. Do you already work with an investment company?

It is common for some clients to have multiple income streams for making money. Your client could be already be investing and receiving or expecting high returns. But he just wants to add your company to the list, so far you can convince him.

The problem, however, is that your client will highly contemplate whether to enter into a deal with you. But I figured out that for your client to agree to a deal easily, the terms must be juicier.

You don’t need me to tell you that you need juicy terms, conditions, and positive outcomes to lure your client for investment format, do you?

Yahoo Questions for Gift Cards Format

  1. Which gift card services is most convenient for you?

Do not your client whether he has ever transacted with a gift card. Instead, just conclude that he has and ask him which of the gift card services is most convenient and that he uses the most. He will also ask for the gift cards you’ve used recently, but tell your client that you wish you could earn a gift card to buy things in your country.

  1. Do you mind if I have a problem that requires gift card?

You need this question to discover whether your client will be comfortable sending you gift cards such as Amazon and iTunes gift cards. One thing about meeting a client online and asking for gift cards is that you must know the things your client dislikes and avoid them. For example, if your client dislikes when people make too much requests, endeavor to reduce the number of times you ask him/her for gift cards.

  1. I know you love music, would you send me iTunes gift cards to buy songs?

Finding out whether your client loves music is one of the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy to earn a gift card. It will make him think that you care enough about the thinks they like. And they will quickly develop trust for you. If they do not want their love music that much, never talk about it again. However, make them understand that you love listening to good music at leisure. But do not pressurise them for gift cards to buy songs all the time. You can as well ask for gift cards for iPhones, etc.

  1. Have you ever shared your gift card details online?

Your client will most likely say, “no.” But it is an excellent question to ask your client as a yahoo boy to discover what whether they will be willing to share their gift card details with you. If they say that they do not intend compromising their gift data, you might never be able to collect their gift card details.

  1. Why do you like me?

As a yahoo boy, you need to know why your client loves you before you can conclude that he will send you gift cards for free. Once you find out the reason, make sure to work on that reason for them to continue loving you. If it is about your photos, lie that a photographer willingly took those shots when the government selected you for a charity campaign in the rural areas.

  1. Are you sure you want us to get along?

If your client acts as if he will never send you a gift card, you can verify whether your client wants the relationship to stand. If the client likes you, they will agree for you both to get along, and it will become easier to bill the client.

  1. What do you dislike about buying with gift cards?

Truthfully, your client may have nothing to dislike about gift cards. Nevertheless, you must ask about what he or she dislikes about gift cards.

  1. Do you love me enough to send a gift card willingly?

One of the yahoo questions to ask a client is whether they love you enough to share their gift cards. If your client does not love you, billing him will become difficult. And you must make sure that your client trusts you enough to send gift cards, bank account details, etc. You can use the e-gift card to buy phones on AT&T, etc.

  1. Can you be open-minded when you don’t have a gift card to send?

For a romance scam or any other yahoo format to work, your client must be an open-minded person. If he hides how he feels about sending gift cards, your online dating will not last with him. He will always be suspicious of whether you are a true lover or a yahoo boy in need of free gift cards. It is also your responsibility to tell him how you feel about the relationship, and how you’d feel when he hasn’t enough to send a gift card.

Yahoo Questions for Dating Format

  1. What love stories or movies inspire you to love?

Ask your client about the love stories or movies he reads at leisure. If he says he is not a fan of reading or seeing movies, tell him you do. You can as well encourage him to read about romance at leisure. If the client is someone that reads and sees movies even at the cinema, be ready to list a couple of romance stories and films. You can simply search online for the most exciting romance stories and films.

  1. Are you always horny?

Do not hesitate to find out whether your client is horny by asking him this yahoo boy question. If your client says that he is always horny, it means he will request lots of nudes from you. He can even ask you to stay up at night and sex-chat with him or her.

  1. Can you love me beyond sex?

If your client can love you beyond sex, then he will not ask for too many nudes. Endeavor to ask this question to your client for a response. If he loves you for sex, trust me; it is a bad bargain and you will not bill him.

  1. What do you hate most in a relationship?

As a yahoo boy, you must discover what a client hates most in a relationship. If a client does not like it when their lover asks too many questions, endeavor not to bother him with questions. Another yahoo question in this regard is to find out the things your client would love you to do to earn his love and money.

  1. Are you aware of romance scams?

Of all the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy, it is this question that strikes your client the most. When he reads of the romance scam in your message, it will make him want to defend his innocence. He will tell you that he is not a scammer, but someone in search of love online. Capitalize on this opportunity and say to him that you are scared he might be trying to scam you.

  1. Would you be willing to help someone you love?

If your client is willing to help someone he loves, he will be ready to send you gift cards and money. This yahoo question to ask a client means that you are telling him that you might need his help anytime soon.

  1. Will you be open to me?

As a yahoo boy, do not fail to ask whether your client will always be open with you. For example, if your client is unhappy that you can’t have a video call, he must tell you. You can capitalize on these lies to ask him for iPhone or gift cards to buy a phone and data for internet connection.

  1. Which country do you hate most?

You must find out the country that your client hates most as a yahoo boy. If you do not know the country that your client hates, you might mistakenly tell him that you love such a country. Your client may dislike countries such as India, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc. make sure you do not tell them that you come from any of these countries. But you can say to them that you are working in such countries because you need money.

  1. Why do you hate a particular country?

After you find out what country your client hates, ask why they hate the country. If the client hates countries such as India and Nigeria, it is because of the rate of internet scams. But you can just ask to hear his opinion.

yahoo questions to ask a client

  1. Would you love me to come over?

Another yahoo question to ask a client is whether he will love you to come over. If a client wants you to come over, you stand a good chance of billing him.

  1. What plans do you have for me?

After finding out whether your client wants you to come over, ask him another yahoo question regarding his plans for you. Many clients do not usually know what to reply when you ask this yahoo question. And so, they will tell you that they just want to spend the rest of their life with you.

  1. What do you love in a man or a woman?

Another question to ask your client as a yahoo boy is what they love in a man or woman. Of course, the client will not know what to reply to. So, they will not answer the question directly. You can further add that you will not be interested in a relationship that needs only your body for satisfaction.

Yahoo Questions for Credit Card Format

  1. Can you give me your credit card details to use for paying for visa to be with you?

Can your client do anything to have you be with him or her? You should ask your client this question as a yahoo boy to find out his care for you. If he can do anything to be with you, he will willingly send you his bank details and gift cards. Of course, your client will expect you to use the money and process your visa.

  1. What do you do for a living?

It is essential, also, to find out what your client does for a living. If his job description is decent, make sure to ask for a reasonable amount of money. But if he does not earn big, do not make expensive demands or ask for his credit card details. The client will simply cut you off and find another lover online. Nevertheless, if he accepts to give you his credit card details, check the balance, and start shopping.

  1. Do you do internet transactions?

Does your client do many internet transactions? If yes, it is a sign that he will be very strict whenever you request credit card details. But if the client says otherwise, it is a sign that it will be easy to bill the collect his credit card details. You can use the details to buy online, sell it on dark web, or use it for carding.

  1. What is your best credit card service?

A yahoo boy must ask his online client about his best credit card issuer. It could be MasterCard, Visa, etc. I classify this as a powerful question to ask a client as a yahoo boy because it when you find out the kind of credit card the client uses, carding will become easy. You also have to find out whether the credit card carries non-VBV CC details. If the credit card is VBV, it will be too secure for you to card.

  1. Have you ever been phished by a credit card scammer?

If you want to convince your client that you care about their security, ask him whether a credit card scammer has ever called or messaged him with phishing messages. Also, tell him that your friend from once failed a victim and that it makes you scared while dealing with people online. Tell him that even though you do not do many internet transactions, you benefit from the free internet security seminars and webinars from the government.

  1. What do you buy most with a credit card online?

It is important to know the sort of client you are dealing with regarding his use of credit card online. Do not ask whether your client shops online. Instead, ask your client whether he shops frequently or allow people to shop for him. Tell him that how people you love use their credit cards online is of concern to you. And that you constantly read on internet scams to stay up to date with any new scamming format yahoo boys use.

  1. How long can you stay without using the money in your bank account?

First, tell your client that you have not shopped online for a while, and as a result, you lost the urge. It will make the client happy that he/she is dealing with someone that is trustworthy. Now, ask him/her how long they can stay without using the money in their bank account (s). Do not expect a sincere answer. But whatever the client says, accept it and play along. You can also add that you wish you had the money to spend from your bank account to incite pity from your client.

  1. Do you want to start a family with me?

Regarding the yahoo questions to ask a client, find out whether your client wants a family with you. If he is not interested in starting a family with you, he just wants you to share your nudes while he pays you. It also means that he will not give you his credit card details for shipping online. If he wants you to come over and start a family, prepare to collect his credit card details and lie that you want to pay for processing your traveling visa.

  1. Do I look beautiful on profile?

As a yahoo hustler, you must ask your client about your looks on your profile. The client will start praising you of your beauty, and you must tell him that you are flattered. But do not ask this yahoo question more than once, so that the client does not request for a video call.

Make sure to use beautiful pictures because people, especially men, love to give their credit card details to beautiful girls.

  1. What is your date of birth?

Even if you find the date of birth of the client, ask again about their date of birth (DOB) because it is a yahoo question to ask a client. In the same manner, lie to your client about your date of birth. I advise that you keep your age between 17 and 35 depending on the client. The reason why it is important to know the DOB of your client is that you will need it someday after collecting his bank account details. We have some websites that require DOB for transactions, which would be useful for you to shop online with their account.

  1. Can you reveal your credit card details to your lover?

You are aware that many people are good at keeping secrets, and your client could be one of those people. So, one of the yahoo questions to ask a client will be whether they can disclose their credit card details to those they love. 90% of your clients will claim that they can’t hide credit card or bank account details from those they love, whereas they can. Just play along until he/she decides to share the credit card details with you.

Yahoo Questions for Grant

  1. Can you do anything to get free grant?

After a few days of connecting with your client, ask whether they can do anything to get a free grant. If they answer, “yes,” it means that the client can also do anything for you. In the same manner, the client will do anything to make sure he gets the grant before another person does.

  1. Do you play bets?

Another of the yahoo boy questions to ask your client is whether they play bets -football bet, casino, tennis, horse race, etc. If the client says “yes,” it means you will bill successfully. Now, you can start sending him the grant format messages to encourage him to spend money hoping to get high returns. Then create a fake betting website, with fake testimonials and send the URL to them. Also, come up with more excuses to collect gift cards, bank details, iPhones, etc. while they keep expecting grants from you.

  1. Have you ever received grant from the government?

You have to find out whether your client has ever received a grant from government or any wealthy organisation. Whatever your client replies, explain to them that it will be helpful if they improve their income streams by participating in programs that issue grants to people of all classes.

If the client claims that they have been receiving grants, tell them it is time to double-up and earn more. Once again, send them a URL to a fake website that shows fake testimonials. You can create your own website in form of a phishing website to do the job.

  1. Am I always free to introduce you to more grant schemes?

This question is a trick question to ask your client as a yahoo boy. And you are indirectly telling your client that you are someone that benefits greatly from grant schemes. If your client says that you are free, that is a green light that you can seize the opportunity to ask for gift cards, bank account details, etc.

  1. What time of the day are you always free?

As a yahoo boy, understand that you should not always chat with your client regarding a grant format. Also, tell the client that you are not still free, but that you can make time for them. If the client asks what you do, tell them that you are into finding and benefiting from government and organisational grants. You can further ask the client to inform you of any grant scheme near them.

Yahoo Questions for Oil Rig Format

  1. Do you pledge to a charity?

Most Americans and Europeans pledge to charities. You can lie to the client that you survived from charity and that you love charitable people. This yahoo question for client also means that you expect your client to be a giver.

You can then introduce yourself to the client as an offshore oil rig worker. Make sure to send them fake pictures of an oil rig worker. And endeavor to edit the picture thoroughly.

  1. Can you give me something even when I don’t ask?

This question is a trick question, and your client might take several minutes and even hours to respond. In this question, you are indirectly telling your client that you will be expecting gifts from him/her to get out of the oil rig job. If the client replies, “yes,” you are good to go. But the client may also add that they will not know the right time to send you money.

  1. How will you react when we finally meet?

If your client wants to meet with you, find out how they will react. It is one of the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy that makes clients believe you are not a scammer. Already, the client believes that he will see you soon, and probably make love to you if you disguise as opposite sex or gay.

  1. Do you have an email account?

I do not advise hustlers to do the oil rig format using Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. My reason is that clients will always ask for live videos to see your fake, and even your live nude. You can even lie that you purchase time at a cyber café to chat with them. And that you can only use email on your small phone.

  1. Will you send me money to leave this job?

Asking whether your client will send you money to resign from oil rig is a trick question to ask as a yahoo boy. If he/she says “yes,” you can include that you will start the process of resigning immediately. And trust me; no client wants to watch you suffering with long hours of oil rig job, especially if you sent them fake pictures of you working at the oil rig or construction company.


How Do You Ask a Client for More Information?

You can ask a client for more information by teasing him and reminding him of how much you love him or her.

How Do You Answer Client Questions?

To ask a client questions as a yahoo boy is simple. Find out when they are in a good mood and ask your questions.

questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy

A Rich Yahoo Boy that Asks Yahoo Questions

Final Thought

In this article, I have exposed the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy for money, gift cards, iPhones, bank details, etc. It is now your responsibility to initiate these questions to bill your client unlimitedly.

Now, proceed to the best yahoo dating sites and search for clients to bill. Make sure to connect with at least five clients on each platform to increase your chance of cashing out fast.

Meanwhile, you must learn how to hide your identity online while chatting with your client. Otherwise, the client might track your IP to your country and report you as a scammer.


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